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Annual Report Designing

The annual report/BRSR report offers a comprehensive view of a year’s worth of the company’s business. The annual report designer at Promotedge takes the creative challenge to design a business report that people enjoy reading. It is significant for the shareholders & stakeholders of the company. Our creative designers focus on the ESG aspect to create a report that delivers inspiration and motivation through performances.

Key Elements for Effective Annual Report Designing

ESG Designers

ESG Designers Adding Value

The ESG experts in India speak for the organization’s mission, by creating interactive reports. ESG (Environmental, Sustainable, and Governance) success stories are conveyed through animated stats, illustrations, and original photography, with interactive texts. 

Our ESG report consultant team includes the chairman’s letter, table of contents, business profile, Management discussion and analysis along with a financial statement in the annual report, to reflect the work which has happened in a year.

Strategy of Storytelling | Annual Report Designing - Promotedge

Strategy of Storytelling

Design is about presenting an aesthetic appeal & emotional experience. Successful print designs capture the audience and compels them to engage, think and get absorbed in the visual presentation. A substantial amount of graphic illustrations & design planning is undertaken to present a story in the most interesting way. Being the top advertising agency and graphic design company, our ESG report designer understands the objectives and importance of an annual report design. We create a design that is in line with the brand or company.

Simplified Layout | Annual Report Designing - Promotedge

Simplified Layout

Cluttered free designs are most appealing and attractive. It creates the real connect between a brand’s image and the target consumer. Irrespective of the platform, a simple graphic design is the most essential one. Elegant layouts reflect the brand’s market position.

To make it engaging, readable, and informative, our BRSR designers put headings, subheadings, images in between content, and bold colors that represent the brand. Our team of award-winning annual report designers creates digestible bites instead of a big wall of text, that shares the story of the brand.

Highlighting Core Message | Annual Report Designing - Promotedge

Highlighting Core Message

Annual report designing is focused on highlighting the core message & objective of the annual report. It’s important to highlight the message, while keeping the design in sync with the amount of content.

To make your annual reports compelling, our agenda is to avoid overwhelming the readers with graphs, rather we include infographics, clear designs, to represent the ESG data, created by sustainability consultants in the team. 

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