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Psychographic Segmentation Marketing

Digital Marketing

How does Psychographic Segmentation Benefits Your Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is about understanding the audience you're targeting. "Every decision is emotional" with this simple sentence Tom Synder, the…

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Content Marketing for B2B Business

B2B, Content Marketing

5 Reasons why Should Include Content Marketing for B2B Business in 2023

Content marketing involves the creation and publication of online material to boost brand visibility across all online platforms. Content marketing…

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Online Marketing Company, Online Branding Agency in India, Online Branding Agency , Digital Marketing Agency,

Branding Agency, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing

Top 5 Things an Online Marketing Company Does for Clients

Imagine approaching an online marketing company without knowing how digital marketing works and seeing the agency cover everything on your…

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Best Digital Marketing Company in India - PromotEdge

Digital Marketing

How to Shortlist the Best Digital Marketing Company in India

Hiring a digital marketing company to create an online presence for your organization or brand is the first step towards…

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SEO Audit Tools to Keep an Eye On - PromotEdge

SEO Audit Tools

6 SEO Audit Tools to Keep an Eye On in 2022-2023

With Google rolling out a new update, you should conduct an SEO audit to make sure your website is relevant…

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Newsletter Marketing | Email Marketing | SMS Marketing - PromotEdge

Email Marketing, Newsletter Marketing

How To Use Newsletter Marketing in Coming Year?

Email remains the core of the business and will still be a relevant marketing technique in 2023. With over 89%…

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Top SEO Company | Digital Marketing Agency - PromotEdge

Local SEO, SEO, SEO services, SEO Strategy

How To Be The Top Seo Company In Kolkata For Its Results-Driven Services?

As an SEO marketing company, the main agenda is to drive results for brands. However, with new Google updates and…

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Image of different color boxes with social media written on it with differnt social media icons

Social Media Marketing, social media marketing company

3 Social Media Mistakes You Must Avoid

To succeed in social media, you need the right tools,  skills, the right social media marketing company and the right…

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Social Media Campaign | Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing

What Could Have Gone Wrong With Your Most Recent Social Media Campaign?

The HubSpot report shows that 77% of marketers rely on social media to reach the right audience and attract them…

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Which is more effective for your brand, Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

Advertising, Google Ads vs Facebook Ads, Paid media, PPC Advertising

Which is more effective for your brand, Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

If you are here, most probably you are contemplating between Google ads and Facebook ads before you decide on a…

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