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      We create a brand experience based on the pillars of design, technology, and marketing. With a digitally focused approach, we build impactful marketing solutions.


      Foundations Guiding Our Excellence.

      Creative digital marketing agency


      Branding results in sales and premium pricing.

      Positioning a product at the right place, at the right price, and for the right target defines effective branding. To us, branding is a daily exercise that we approach in a distinctly 'desi' way!

      As Digitally Desi practitioners, we prioritize understanding ethnicities, local gaps, cultures, and consumer behavior. We then design communications that resonate with the target audience and make a lasting impact.

      Our funda (‘goal’) is to understand your dhanda ('business') and create a brand-building wave. Our design strategies ensure that you stand out creatively in front of your audience.

      digital marketing agency in Kolkata


      Technology helps you scale and reduce costs.

      We are technologically pro, dedicated to making you digitally grow. We track to attack the right audience with our digital marketing tactics, tools, analytics, and design software. Such tools enable us to spread awareness by creating a stir and going viral, enticing and engaging your audience to generate inquiries, leads, and eventually sales.

      With these techniques, we enable you to be in constant touch with your clients at a minimal cost. From informative and corporate websites to complex e-commerce web portals, our expert UI/UX designers, coders, developers, and website servicing professionals consistently align with the latest technology.

      We blend technical know-how with creative yee-haw to develop magnificent websites that add value to your brand and elevate customer experience.

      Marketing agency in Kolkata


      Marketing is what, when, why, how, and where a company 'sells.'

      Businesses come in different shapes and sizes, each with its own unique story to share and diverse audiences to reach. The inherently distinctive marketing requirements prompt us to add a desi twist to our strategies. Our marketing edge lies in understanding each locally rooted Indian brand and what they stand for, enabling us to strategize ideas and make them stand out.

      This is why our marketing fundamentals are identified as Digitally Desi. We dive deep into the business pool to make products and services look relevant and cool. Through an in-depth study of markets and audiences, we provide the best solutions to keep ships sailing without the chance of failing.

        Our Ideas Your Edge   • Our Ideas Your Edge •   Our Ideas Your Edge   • Our Ideas Your Edge •  

      Our Ideas Your Edge  • Our Ideas Your Edge •   Our Ideas Your Edge   • Our Ideas Your Edge •  


      Where Ideas Take Flight, Designing Tomorrow.

      Branding Agency

      Brand Strategy

      Navigate the competitive landscape with right strategy for your brand.

      Creative design agency

      Creative Designing

      Creatives that inspires the audience to make a move or Crafting visual narratives that represents your audience.

      web design company

      Web Solutions

      From wireframe to code, get your web designed and developed by us for a seamless navigation, and user experience.

      Digital Marketing Company

      Digital Marketing

      Make your brand noticeable in this crowded digital space with our creativity and technical understanding

      Audio visual agency in Kolkata

      Audio Visual

      Scripts, shoots, to cuts & edits, we weave stories that captivate your audience, and represent the brand across media channels.


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      Exceptional Results.


      Saurav Agarwal



      Vinay Kumar Agarwal

      Strategic Business Head


      Sreya Daniels

      Brand Strategy & Creative Designing


      Sayantan Guha

      Creative Designing & Content Production


      Vikash Kumar

      Digital Marketing


      Benjamin Sardar

      Project Manager, Web


      Rupa Jaiswal

      Human Resources

      Join our Dynamic Team and Shape the Future of Marketing Excellence!


      Journey into Ideas Unveiling Tomorrow's Insights Today.

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      Got Questions? Explore FAQs for Insightful Answers.

      Where is PromotEdge located?

      We are headquartered in Kolkata, India, with multiple servicing offices across the country.

      Drawing lessons from the COVID-19 experience, our digital footprint ensures omnipresence, enabling us to be accessible in alignment with your timezone, while maintaining round-the-clock operations.

      How old is PromotEdge?

      PromotEdge, founded on April 8, 2015, recently celebrated its 9th anniversary. Our team boasts a blend of seasoned leaders with 10+ years of experience and creative freshers.

      How big is our team?

      Our team currently consists of 53 members and is expanding rapidly. As a digital-first integrated marketing agency, we collaborate with various agencies and individuals, combining specialized skill sets to provide comprehensive 360-degree solutions.

      How do we charge?

      At PromotEdge, we tailor our pricing to suit your unique business needs, project scope, and goals, ensuring a personalized approach to maximize value and results for your investment.

      Why choose PromotEdge

      As an integrated marketing agency in India, we work with you as a partner and not as a vendor. We associate with you as an extended department and depending on your requirement recommend effective solutions. By offering end-to-end marketing solutions, we are Your one-point agency association. With your inputs and our direction, we become a goal-driven combination.

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