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      Annual Report Designer vs ESG Report Designer: What are the Differences?

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      Businesses in this era have become very transparent and liable. They’re focusing more on providing the perfect designs for the annual and ESG reports. PromotEdge, being the top advertising agency and graphic design company, works with a professional annual report designer who understands the impact of a company’s financial and non-financial performance.

      Society and the Governing bodies are also influenced by these statements. However, most people don’t know that there are some key distinctions between an annual and an ESG report designer. In this blog, we’ll let you know how they are significant and what makes them different from each other.

      Annual Report Designer


      Annual Report Designer

      Annual reports are designed to represent a company’s comprehensive activities throughout the year. These are produced to give the stakeholders and other important people an idea about the organization’s financial performance throughout that particular year.

      It doesn’t only include the company’s financial data, but also its achievements, challenges, and future organizational goals and objectives. It contains information, such as profits and losses, revenues, etc. All design companies need to take care of producing these statements with great care.

      This is where an annual report designer comes to the rescue. They create designs for a top advertising agency and graphic design company. It assists the organization to convey this delicate information clearly to the stakeholders and other authorities.

      They have strong design skills and can easily grasp the company’s financial data. Accordingly, they prepare excellent transcripts with the facts and figures available.



      Key Responsibilities of an Annual Report Designer

      Creating layouts and Selecting Type-Settings

      The designer creates layouts and typographies that are easier to interpret and engaging. The type-setting should match the agency’s brand guidelines.

      Choosing colour plans

      They choose a colour program that is contingent on the brand and creates a sense of connection. The continuity should be throughout the report.

      Come out with custom illustrations and infographics

      To explain complex data in a simple way, the designer has to develop custom illustrations and infographics.

      Preparing charts and graphs

      The designer creates unique charts and graphs to communicate the data to the shareholder without any hassle.

      ESG Report Designer

      An ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) report is becoming more significant with each passing day. It gives the stakeholders a sense of transparency. They get assured that these reports are positively impacting the territories, Society, and administrative bodies.

      An ESG Report Designer is responsible for efficiently and effectively communicating the aforesaid information to the shareholder. Other than good listening skills, they should have mastered adaptability and strong design skills. It helps them to convey the facts and figures more productively.

      They must also have a vast understanding of the company’s sustainability goals.



      Key Responsibilities of an ESG Report Designer

      Prepare a sustainability record

      The designer has to create a compelling and continuous report. It should convey the organization’s sustainability efforts in a visually appealing way.

      Selecting color plans

      The designer chooses the right color scheme to represent the company’s sustainability goals in the best possible way. Also, there should be a sense of linkage throughout the statement.

      Using proper imagery

      The imagery should be applicable enough to lure and engage the stakeholders. The designer must ensure that.


      In this article, we concluded that both the annual and the ESG report designers contribute to a company’s success. While an annual report designer focuses on communicating financial information, the ESG Report Designer helps the authorities interpret sustainable facts. One can contact Promotedge, the top advertising agency and graphic design company to avail of these services.

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