How To Create SEO Strategy For Website Redesign And Migration?

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How To Create SEO Strategy For Website Redesign And Migration?

It’s great if you have decided to purchase a new domain or update and improve your existing web design, but for this you also have to do some necessary planning to avoid SEO issues which can potentially affect the brand’s online presence or even negatively impact sales which are driven from search. Redesigning a website or migrating it, takes a lot of planning and strategy and if you don’t take necessary SEO precautions, the results can be highly unsatisfactory.

To avoid unsatisfactory results, here are some of the tips which will help you redesign your site and CMS immigration with the rankings and SEO preserved –

  1. Check out your old site – The URL’s must be taken into consideration if you are migrating from your current CMS. You have to check whether your URL is accessed, identified and reported. Ignoring this step will result in drop of SEO rankings as you need to migrate your addresses. You can use Google Webmaster for this and also have to export the URLs into Excel because it is required during the migration process.

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  • Set 301 redirects – You have to setup temporary 301 redirects because it will redirect your old site’s pages to the new one. You can setup manual 301 redirects on the important pages in order to avoid errors. Your current rankings will be transferred to the new site.
  • Change the domain – You have to create a new domain for your website because if you create a new account for your website and even log in the account of your old website and enter an address of your current site, no one will be able to reach you, either ways.

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  • Monitor the rankings– You have to analyze the keywords and see which keywords welcome more visitors on your site and which are not. Use Google Analytics to track your rankings and figure out the weak sides of your website
  • Choose pages with highest traffic – Special attention should be given to those pages which have inbound links as they help to promote your rankings. What inbound links does is, it directly sends people from other websites to yours. Also during the process of migration, the structure of your URL might change which might lead to loss of inbound links. You can use Google Webmasters to know the most connected links and then you can download the document in CSV format.

The key issue with any redesign or migration is the loss of organic search traffic that occurs when established domain equity is lost. Businesses can make use of this steps to create a comprehensive SEO strategy for their website redesign or platform migration.