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      Google Ads Or Facebook Ads: Which Is More Effective For Your Brand

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      If you are here, most probably you are contemplating between Google ads and Facebook ads before you decide on a new PPC campaign. You have heard about Google ads and Facebook ads, but you are still flummoxed to take a decision. As a PPC marketing agency, we are here to help.

      According to Meta’s investor report, Facebook has the most social media users in 2022. Out of which, as per the report, 98% of marketers prefer Facebook ads. While Facebook is generating leads and conversions, it is important to consider Google Ad network, as it is still the biggest in the world and yes the most powerful one too.

      Facebook Ads is an advertising platform where paid social media ads campaign run, while Google ads run on search results and display ads. They both work on the pay-per-click (PPC) method, but they both run on different platforms and target different audiences in their buying journey.

      Although these two ads platform is each other’s competitors and pitted against each other, it is important to understand both of the platforms bring different results to marketers.

      In this blog, we will understand the difference between Google ads and Facebook ads, and at what stage of the customer journey a PPC ad agency should opt for Facebook or Google ads.

      1.   Understanding The Campaign Goal

      To understand which is effective for the brand, you need to understand what you want from a successful ad campaign. Is it creating brand awareness, generating leads, re-targeting, sales, or something else? Once you are aware of the answer you can decide for choosing the platform.

      In Google, the consumer needs to have a problem so they can search for a solution, in which they can get aware of the product. So, for re-targeting, or sales, Google ads are the right platform for brands. While Facebook ads run on the Facebook feed page, which means if you are not even aware of the brand you can get knowledge about the product.


      For instance, if you search “water cooler” the search will align consisting of paid ads, that convert the target consumer into leads and sales. As someone has searched with the intent of buying the product.

      While Facebook caters to consumers who are at the top of the marketing funnel, it will target you as a consumer even if you are not searching for the product or are aware of the product.

      2.   Budget

      The main focus of an ad campaign is to create ROI, which means if you have to spend a dollar for an ad to show it to the audience it must generate more than a dollar. It is easier to get better ROI from one platform than another.

      So, with Google Ads, you need to research keywords and look for keyword competition and keyword price. As a marketer you can opt for a long tail keyword or a relevant keyword, however, it doesn’t guarantee results. If the competition on a particular keyword is high, it will lead to a high price, as a PPC marketing agency we recommend, on a small budget it won’t be a fruitful investment.

      With that same amount of money, you can get better results on Facebook ads. Here you can track the campaign’s insight to get data on what strategies work with the target audience and delve deeper into the demographic, gender, and psychographics of the target audience.

      3.   Stage of Buyer’s Journey

      As mentioned earlier, each buyer goes through different phases in the sales funnel. Starting from unaware to most aware. The buyer’s journey plays a part in the selection of a platform to market the brand and run ads.

      For earlier stages where the brand is focusing on awareness and creating a buzz in the market, running Facebook ads is the cost-efficient decision, while when the buyer is aware of the product and ready to take a decision or wants to know about prices, then Google ads is the best way to reach the target audience.


      For running an ad campaign on Facebook, you must create your “lookalike audience” which is essentially your buyer persona, which helps in decreasing mistakes, it will show ads that match your description.

      For running a PPC ad campaign on Google, you must focus on keyword and the right call to action as consumers learns about the product when they are aware of the problem and looking for a solution.

      From the above analysis it is clear, that although both are competitors, they are both beneficial for the brand at different stages of the consumer journey. At PromotEdge, we research the audience and track consumers in the sales funnel to curate tailor-made ads for brands. As a PPC marketing agency, we strategize the time frame, cost, and platform to run a successful ad campaign.

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