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      How Important Is SEO For A Strong Local Strategy?

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      It is estimated that more than 63,000 Google searches are made per second, which adds up to 5.6 billion searches per day and nearly 2 trillion a year. Of these, local searches are estimated to be 46%. Therefore, the need for SEO is essential in your digital marketing strategy. SEO is considered the most viable and cost-effective means to establish contact with potential customers and increase your reach. At this point, businesses are realizing (or trying to realize) the role of SEO services and the benefits that SEO can provide to improve their business ranking vis-a-vis website searchability and product rank. In the next 20 seconds, I will help you understand why your businesses cannot do without a workable SEO plan.

      Local SEO also attracts organic traffic

      Your website traffic is more dependent on organic traffic Google owns 92.26% of the search market followed by Yahoo, Bing, and more. Therefore, with the lion’s share of search resting with Google, keeping a close watch on its guidelines becomes essential.

      YouTube is the second most popular search engine. Over 2 billion people visit YouTube once a month.

      Local SEO holds a significant position on the search engine. Searches that end with a ‘near me’ or ‘close to me’, ‘near my location’ have garnered better results as they readily answer the searcher’s demand. 

      The entire traffic generated from these searchers is directed to your website. Optimizing the website with SEO-rich content and building trust through authentic and informational content will attract the reader’s attention and bring them closer to the funnel.

      The goal of any website is to earn the trust of the visitor with credibility. 


      However, before reaching your website, what must experience SEO services ascertain? 


      Optimize Google My Business following the latest guidelines


      Authenticate your business presence with Google My Business verified page presence linked to your website that showcases genuine reviews from customers. Keep your contact information and operating hours information up to date. The pandemic had disrupted your hours, mention that you are now operating normal hours and mention the exact time.

      Ensure that the Google My Business page is shared on all the channels that feature your business on social media. Maintain consistency with name, address, and telephone number. Ensure your business listings are mentioned e.g., you are a listed company with the Chamber of Commerce, etc.

      Once done perform an SEO audit of Google My Business, Google search console, On-page Audit, Citation Audit, Competitor Analysis, and Website Audit. All these are SEO performance factors that will help you get an idea of how well your optimization score is and where you need to put in greater effort.

      Work on the internal links with help from experienced SEO services.

      A website that is clean and easy to navigate is the strong foundation for an impactful user experience. The more easily your page is found, the greater is the user visitation. Google is one search engine that weighs the authority of a website over time judging the following features.

      Organic links that come from high-quality sites (you cannot expect them overnight and they take time).

      Create a website experience that is not intended for search engines alone but builds a great user experience.

      Use machine learning technology that better adapts to data learning and offers quick and relevant answers to search queries. 

      Prioritise on-page SEO. Keep informed about on-page search ranking. It gives you insight into the user’s search intent and the results are delivered accordingly. Optimize the entire website page content and on-site elements like Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) in high-quality content. Ensure title tags are not missing, they are original and not poorly written.

      Pay attention to meta descriptions as they affect the click-through rate (CTR), the resulting quality, and insight into what the information contains. 

      Use compelling headlines, header tags, intelligent keywords in high-quality SEO content with user engagement.

      Ensure a mobile responsive website


      The mobile search takes a lead of 61% as people find this most convenient. Consumers are looking for products and services online and brands who are looking for the most cost-effective way to reach consumers will find SEO useful. 





      SEO strategies are evolving as consumer needs grow more demanding. Robust SEO strategies will emerge with stronger plans to beat the challenges. The future role of SEO will become more and more critical to brands and their future. Start early to position your brand firmly on the search engine with help from SEO services that help to strengthen your local strategies.

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