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      How Our Organic Marketing Made Viva The Leading ACP Manufacturer In India

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      How Our Organic Marketing Made Viva The Leading ACP Manufacturer In India

      When it comes to construction, building materials are selected based on quality, affordability, and reliability. Among the plethora of companies in this industry, the selection process is often lengthy, involving multiple decision-makers, and the journey from lead to conversion is a lengthy one.

      So, when Viva ACP, a leading ACP Sheet Manufacturer, aimed to become a household name in the industry, they faced challenges in organic growth. Some of the challenges they encountered included not ranking in the top 5 for brand keywords and relevant keywords related to their business, experiencing low website traffic, and lacking sufficient organic sessions on the website.

      As an integrated digital marketing company in Kolkata, we understood these challenges, and here’s how we strategised and marketed the brand to become one of the top 3 ACP sheet manufacturers in India.

      Challenges Faced by Viva ACP

      Competitive Landscape

      The building material sector is saturated with leading brands, especially in the niche category of Aluminium Composite Panels. It was crucial to dominate search engine results to be the preferred choice among customers.

      Technical Complexity

      Implementing an SEO strategy required addressing complex issues such as website structure, speed optimisation, canonical issues, XML sitemap, broken links and mobile responsiveness. Overcoming these technical challenges was crucial to improving search engine visibility and user experience.

      Content Quality and Relevance

      Creating high-quality and relevant content that resonated with the target audience while addressing industry-specific topics was a pressing issue for Viva ACP.

      As a digital marketing firm, we audited the website and understood the challenges hindering Viva ACP’s success in the building material sector. Despite being in the industry for over 20 years, they were lagging in digital transformation.

      Digital Transformation of Viva ACP

      Investment in Content Marketing

      We realised that the content published on the website was not adding value to users, and it was not optimised for keywords. As an SEO company in Kolkata, we began by identifying high-volume keywords relevant to the business and optimizing the website content to expand Viva’s reach. Through targeted sharing and a content strategy, we aimed to foster community interaction and broaden the brand’s digital footprint.

      SEO Optimization

      Recognising the pivotal role of search engine optimisation in improving visibility, PromotEdge conducted a comprehensive SEO audit of Viva ACP’s website. By optimising on-page elements, enhancing site structure, and optimising meta titles and descriptions, we strategically integrated keywords into on-page content to ensure Viva’s web pages were optimised for search engines and user intent.

      Gaining Quality Backlinks

      One effective marketing strategy to increase website value and attract quality leads is gaining high-authority backlinks. Through off-page SEO activities such as guest posting, promotion through PR, and building an online community in social forums, we helped Viva ACP acquire backlinks from reputable sources.

      Technical SEO

      Customers expect fast-loading websites. If a site takes more than 8 seconds to load, they may move to a competitor’s site. Therefore, optimising website performance, adding appropriate plugins for enhanced performance, and ensuring website security were essential. Through technical SEO, we monitored website structure, loading speed, canonical issues, broken links, and uncrawled pages to improve customer satisfaction and align with Google’s technical SEO guidelines.

      Results and Impact

      The synergies of implementing technical SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and content marketing yielded significant results for Viva ACP.

      Increased Organic Traffic:

      Viva ACP experienced a surge in organic traffic, increasing from a mere 1500 to up to 8000 within a year. This was achieved through keyword mapping, creating better content, and optimizing it for relevant keywords.

      Enhanced Online Visibility:

      The brand’s visibility and presence in search engine result pages improved, leading to higher brand awareness and recognition among target audiences.
      Increased Organic Sessions: By optimizing page layouts and improving content quality, we increased organic sessions by up to 200% in just a few months.
      Established Authority: Viva ACP solidified its position as an industry authority, with content assets and backlinks contributing to a positive online reputation and trust among customers and stakeholders.


      Viva ACP’s success story highlights the transformative power of organic marketing when executed strategically and collaboratively. By leveraging technical SEO, off-page SEO, on-page SEO, and content marketing expertise from PromotEdge, a leading digital marketing firm, Viva ACP not only became a market leader in the building material sector but also established a strong digital presence that continues to drive sustainable growth and success.

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