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      Top 15 Free SEO Tools And Extensions To Boost Your Organic Traffic

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      SEO tools are incredibly useful when it comes to keeping you updated with invaluable data and stats related to your website. They make it easier to analyze your competitors, identify your weaknesses and discover untapped areas for improvement.

      In today’s blog, we have compiled a list of the best SEO tools and extensions that are 100% free, fast, and easy to use.

      Keep in mind that we have not randomly selected these extensions. They have been tried and tested by our team of SEO Ninjas, who depend on these free tools on a daily basis. So that leaves you with no reason to not add these free SEO tools and extensions to your web browser right away.

      For your convenience, we have categorized these tools as per their different functionalities. Furthermore, at the end of the blog we have revealed our 2 most favorite all-in-one SEO tools that we cannot do without.

      Let’s get started.

      Free SEO Tools and Extensions for:

      a) On-page SEO

      1. SEOInfo – SEOInfo alerts you about SEO-related technical errors while navigating pages of a website. It displays information on errors such as invalid canonical links, AMP pages, HRefLangs tags, pages or resources blocked by robots.txt, errors in images, CSS or javascript files, etc. It also focuses on performance data such as page speed and file size which is a crucial part of SEO.

      2. SEOquake – It is a Chrome Extension by Semrush to perform SEO metrics and conduct an SEO audit for a specific page. Its most useful feature is that you can analyze the pages directly in the Google search results. The diagnosis report breaks down the on-page SEO elements into a variety of information related to SERPs, backlinks, website traffic info, indexed pages, domain age, Alexa rank, Google Index, Bing Index, and so on.

      3. Beam Us Up – Beam Us Up enables you to crawl your website and audit more than 100 technical SEO issues that may be hindering your SEO on site performance. This tool is quite beginner-friendly. The Beam Us Up tool shows you errors such as broken links, pages within your website, or status errors if any. You may filter the results by error type, and export the same to Excel, CSV, and Google Drive. It also suggests corrective measures to fix the issue.

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      b) Keyword Research

      4. Keywords Everywhere – When you type a keyword in Google, Keywords Everywhere will suggest you a master list of other keywords that are worth targeting as well. It also provides free search volume, CPC, and competition data for the searched keyword right there in Google itself, without you having to switch to another tool.

      5. SEOStack Keyword Tool – It helps you find a ton of long-tail keyword ideas rapidly and without any hassle. It scoops out all the autocomplete suggestions from multiple search engines such as Google, Youtube, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, etc for the seed keyword typed. You can pass on the keyword data to a CSV file.

      6. Keyword.io – You may use this tool without even creating an account. It is among the best alternatives to Google Keyword Planner as it generates up to 750+ long-tail keyword suggestions in the blink of an eye. Many of its suggestions will tally with Google Keyword Planner as they are all extracted from Google Autocomplete or Google Suggest.

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      c) Rank Checking

      7. SERPTrends SEO Extension – This is a must-have tool for all the SEO and SEM specialist out there when they want to perform a spot check of their competitors for the most crucial keywords. SERPTrends SEO Extension gives you information about which website ranks where for their respective keywords and when you conduct multiple searches, the extension shows you how many positions the website has lost or raised compared to your previous searches.

      8. CanIRank – It is the first SEO software powered by AI that gives actionable insights and recommendations to improve your google search engine rankings. It goes beyond giving you data about keyword’s ranking difficulty. It will assist you in finding terms where your website is already competitive and has the maximum potential to win a rank in the search results.

      9. Fatrank – You can track your ranking positions in any country across multiple websites and for unlimited keywords using Fatrank. If you rank in the top 100, Fatrank will let you know your exact position. This extension will serve as a savior after Google has declared a major algorithm update.

      d) Technical SEO

      10. PageSpeed Insights – Over 60% of the searches are done from smartphones, which makes it important for you to check your website’s loading speed. If it takes too much time to load, it will negatively impact your conversions and rankings. Pagespeed Insights will check the speed and usability of your site on mobile devices as well as a desktop and give you a performance score from 0-100.

      11. Redirect Path – It will show you all the redirects between the URL you entered and your final URL that is broken or working correctly. The extension flags up 301, 302, 404, and 500 HTTP status codes and also client-side redirects like Meta and Javascript redirects, bringing potential issues that may otherwise go unnoticed.

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      e) Link Building

      12. Hunter – With Hunter’s 50 free credits per month, you can find out important contact information such as the email addresses associated with a particular website. You can also get hold of names, designation, phone numbers, etc. There is also a Google sheet feature which allows you to conduct bulk checking.

      13. Ninja Outreach – This blogger outreach tool is all about prospecting, relationship management, analytics, and reporting. Typing a simple keyword will display tons of online influencers, bloggers, and business lead for your target keyword in any niche. You may narrow down the results based on metrics including location, social media follower counts, domain authority, contact information availability, etc. You can outreach them via customized email templates or social media, asking them if they would like to collaborate and promote your brand to their audience.

      f) All-inclusive

      14. SEO Minion – SEO Minion is an on-page SEO analyzer, broken links detector, Google rankings checker, SERP previewer, and a Google location simulator.

      15. MozBar – This is one tool our expert team that provides SEO services in Ranchi swears by. MozBar gives instant SEO insights about search engine page results (SERPs), backlink profile, page and domain authority for any page that exists on the web. It also allows you to set page elements, markup, and HTTP status. This tool comes in handy especially when you are researching potential competitors.

      Wrapping Up

      Well, if the long list has overwhelmed you, no worries. PromotEdge is among the premier SEO companies in Ranchi that has earned a reputation for providing cost-effective, trackable, and quantifiable result-drive services.

      We are confident in our ability to improve your website’s visibility with increased traffic.

      Having said that, we know that our list doesn’t cover all the best SEO tools and extensions out there. So we would like to hear from you. Which one do you use the most and which one in our list did you get to know about for the first time? We will love to see your comments pour in below.

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