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      Revealing 4 Secrets To Upgrade Your LinkedIn Marketing Game

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      LinkedIn Marketing

      Even though LinkedIn was launched in May 2003, long gone are the days when it served merely as a professional networking platform to connect job seekers with professional employers.

      With a stable user base of over 500 million users, companies are working hard to grow their business by making connections, building partnerships, generating leads, and increasing their brand awareness on LinkedIn.

      You’ll be shocked to learn that over 51% of businesses have acquired a B2C customer through LinkedIn.

      So if you also want to create a buzz around your business among professional influencers, industry decision-makers, and industry thought leaders, now is your chance!
      We’ve uncovered 4 secrets that will inspire you to reach your target audience on LinkedIn as well as have a positive impact on your brand’s recruitment, credibility, and positioning.
      So without further ado, let’s get the ball rolling.

      1.Optimize your company page into a lead generation page –

      LinkedIn company pages that are well optimized have the potential to convert leads into website visitors.

      A complete LinkedIn profile receives 5x more page views than an incomplete one (source: https://blog.hootsuite.com/linkedin-statistics-business/).

      Start by uploading a brand-defining, high-resolution banner image and company logo. You could use a unique CTA or a snapshot of your office to add some personality to your banner image.

      Moving on to your company description, make sure you include catchy descriptive text that explains how you plan to address your target audience’s pain points, peer recommendations, etc. Identify the keywords and hashtags your target audience is likely to use when searching for your products or services, and incorporate them into your description to make it SEO-friendly. Make sure the text is written in your brand’s voice and sounds natural. Remember to create a hook statement in the first two lines of the description because that’s all LinkedIn displays. If your prospect finds the copy attractive enough, they will automatically click the “See More” button.

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      2. Post media-rich content that engages your audience –

      By regularly posting and sharing relevant and valuable content on LinkedIn, you increase the chances of your article being indexed by Google.

      Your content should be designed to establish your company as an expert in your industry. Therefore, your content should revolve around a topic on which you can add value or provide actionable insights. This way, your content will be perceived as informative, thought-provoking, and original.
      Industry trends, thought leadership articles, case studies, infographics, white papers, slide decks, marketing events/webinars, tips, tricks, how-to’s and lessons learned, job postings – these are all different types of content that work particularly well on LinkedIn.

      If you want to attract attention with your content, you need to break the monotony of text-only posts. Statistics say that video content is five times more likely to start a conversation than any other content type (source: https://blog.hootsuite.com/linkedin-video/), while posts with images experience a 98% increase in engagement (source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/8-ways-increase-engagement-linkedin-company-pages-danielle-thibault/).

      LinkedIn Statistics

      Also, don’t overdo self-promotion in your content. Instead, share meaningful and engaging content from other sites. This helps revitalize your business page and build relationships with other brands.

      3. Invite your employees to link to your company page –

      Get as many of your employees to create and complete their LinkedIn profiles (along with their job titles) as possible. Also, encourage them to become followers of your company page. This, in turn, will improve your company’s inbound link profile.

      You should share news, articles, events, new features, or round-up posts and also urge your employees to share the same and increase engagement on the page to increase your company’s visibility.

      This way, employees will help expand your company’s reach and strengthen your network on the social media platform.

      4. Plan your posting schedule and frequency wisely –

      businesses that post weekly see two times the engagement (source: https://business.linkedin.com/marketing-solutions/linkedin-pages/best-practices#1).

      The number of followers grows six-fold for brands that post once a month, while those that post once a day gain even more traction. However, LinkedIn recommends posting daily to maintain a connection with your audience and keep your feed active. If you follow the advice of a reputable Digital Marketing Company in India, your business must post not less than once per week.

      Regardless of how frequently you post, it would be best if you strive for the maximum impact by publishing your content when it gets maximum traction.

      The time when your intended audience will be most active varies from company to company. However, there are moments during the week when engagement is at its peak, such as lunch hours and during commutes to and from work.

      A recent study by Hootsuite suggests that the best time to post on LinkedIn is 7:45 a.m., 10:45 a.m., 12:45 p.m., and 5:45 p.m. A successful B2B brand should take advantage of Wednesdays, while in terms of B2C brands, Mondays and Wednesdays are ideal. On the contrary, according to Hubspot, posting Tuesday through Thursday, typically between the hours of 8 a.m. to 2 p.m on LinkedIn, can give you success.

      Nonetheless, we suggest you try out different posting times and analyze the CTR to identify when your audience is most likely to be active. Also, if you want to save time and post consistently, you must set up a posting schedule. 

      Wrapping up 

      LinkedIn undeniably holds immense potential to help your business grow by connecting with the right human resource, prospective clients, and professional bodies.

      Its audience consists of an entirely different demographic with professional motivations. Therefore, only a well-designed marketing strategy supported by a Digital Marketing Company in India can help you leverage LinkedIn to its maximum potential.

      We at PromotEdge assist our clients in excelling and expanding beyond the horizons of their vision and competition. You can trust us with the ideation, management, and execution of your company’s promotional activities.

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