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      Best Digital Marketing Agency For Real Estate Industry

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      Digital Marketing for Real Estate Industry

      What role does digital marketing play in the real estate business?

      The real estate industry has immensely benefited from digital marketing. From generating new leads to completing sales, this industry is highly dependent on digital marketing agencies that specialize in real estate marketing.

      Real estate businesses need a strong and reputable online presence to be successful in this vast industry.  With the help of digital marketing services, a company can expand its reach and focus on its target audience.

      Also, since a real estate project is an expensive deal, digital marketing is a form of marketing which is budget-friendly and less expensive than mainline marketing. We recommend digital marketing for every real estate company in India. Avoiding digital marketing for real estate means losing out on many lucrative opportunities. This industry has witnessed transformative results through digital marketing in recent years and so it is quite justified to say that digital marketing is the future of real estate.

      Those days are long gone when people used to rely on local agents and newspapers for seeking information regarding the best properties. Today, in this generation, people are embracing the power of the Internet like never before. This is why, digital marketing is the real game changer in real estate.

      How PromotEdge can help in real estate?

      PromotEdge is a premier digital marketing agency that specializes in real estate based in Kolkata specializing in creating a user-friendly website, SEO services, Pay-per-click advertising, Content creation, Social media marketing, audio-visuals and much more.

      Search engine marketing/Paid Ads 

      Digital marketing real estate is competitive, and in this paid marketing is a way of drawing your traffic to the site to market any home or condo that you have listed on your site., PPC is not inexpensive, it costs a particular bidding amount on a keyword each time your audience clicks. Our performance marketing team understands the consumer funnel and creates campaigns that lower expenses and create better results in a short period.

      Search engine optimisation 

      Clearly, real estate marketing begins with “best real estate projects near me” or something related to that on Google Search. If you skip SEO, you are missing out on the audience who is interested in your services. As a real estate digital marketing agency in India, we conduct ‘keyword research”, create content strategies, and do technical SEO, that eventually leads to higher traction and traffic, eventually leading to lead generation. We set up Google Analytics, so we can keep track of all the metrics as they relate to your content and website’s visitors over time.

      Website development 

      Our professional web designer and web developer will create a user-friendly website that is SEO-optimized and is also suitable for mobile browsing. We truly understand that the real-estate business is extremely customer-centric as there is a lot of information and insights that people want to gain before taking any action, we incorporate all the essential information about the property along with a modern website design.

      Blog Content 

      Being a leading real estate digital marketing agency, we will post quality blogs and articles on the real estate company’s website. Posting quality blogs is a fantastic way of boosting your SEO game. One of the most important digital elements of a real estate company is posting valuable content. The blogs and the articles will be based on some crucial information and the most pressing frequently asked questions by site visitors and potential property buyers.

      Social media marketing 

      Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others can prove to be immensely helpful for pushing the popularity of the brand online. We offer social media strategies and content that act as a lead generation tool for real estate companies.


      Audio-visuals are a productive form of communication that can help real-estate businesses in numerous ways. We all know that the subject matter of real estate contains too much information but with the help of audio-visuals, the matter can be explained quickly and can be more easily absorbed by the audience. At PromotEdge, we offer cost-effective and efficient audio-visual services to our real estate clients.

      Being a leading real estate digital marketing company in India, our focus is to capture the attention of property buyers online and successfully turn them into leads. We have experience working with some of the reputed real estate companies in India like – Unimark, TATA Housing, DTC, The Signature, Rajat, and many more.

      Contact Us For Real Estate Marketing Services

      End-to-end real estate sales solution with PromotEdge

      Growing in an already competitive market requires clear strategy and planning before one aspires to be a market leader. While the path to success is difficult, the utilization of the right marketing tool assists in the execution of the strategies.

      CRM for Real Estate Marketing

      Customer Relation Management (CRM) is a management software that brings all your marketing tools– into one place. We utilise a highly data-driven CRM for residential, commercial, and rental properties that help to manage the entire process from capturing leads till they became customers.

      Online portal

      Building a profile in online portals such as magic bricks, housing.com, and Justdial can help you to get better responses and leads as most people look at these portals. We help in profile creation, optimisation and running paid campaigns for better visibility.


      Chatbots are added to websites that are highly effective for keeping your clients hooked to the property they are invested in. What is the most likely hour, your target audience is looking for a space? Well, most people do search during their lunch hours, but more than that, they look for properties in the late evening after work. In this, 3D virtual tour, answering their most concerned questions through the chatbot can help your lead to know more about the property, so they can approach for sales.

      Email Marketing

      Email marketing is one of the most effective tools for lead generation and re-targeting, and boosting sales. Our email marketing strategy helps your clients to know about updates and news about recent developments, sending personalised listed properties that fit the needs of the searchers, and updates on discounts and offers.

      We make your real estate business present on the right platforms

      In real estate marketing, the network defines the net worth. To gain a network, you need to present on the right platforms, where your audience is searching for you. As a digital marketing company for real estate, we map out all the platforms which are beneficial for your presence, so you gain quality leads and get an edge ahead of your competition.


      Facebook still has more users than any other digital marketing platform. By being present on Facebook, we help you connect with groups and communities that help you gain traction. Organically, we build profile pages, publish posts, create an event, and engage with people through groups. We set up your Facebook page that helps create a database for Facebook leads, get contact details from new clients, use Facebook events to invite followers for open houses and community gatherings, Facebook Messenger to connect with clients.


      Instagram is a visual platform, which is great for homebuyers or commercial buyers to visualise how it will look in the future. It is utilised for teasing upcoming listings, posting “walkthrough” videos, behind-the-scenes, and announcements for open house events. We create Instagram business profiles, and our creative team understands the brand’s voice to create communication between your brand and prospective clients.


      In real estate marketing, YouTube helps buyers to get a better understanding of location, type of house available for rent, and neighbourhood and gives you more time to share all the types of listing you currently have. Our audio and visual production unit helps in scripting, shooting, and editing of videos for YouTube, and then using the videos on your website, or at third-party listing sites.

      Customer Reviews on Google My Business

      Letting your services and business talk about themselves is a great way for establishing your reputation. Customer feedback and reviews are just that. Leaving reviews on Google My Business, Listing sites, etc.


      How can digital marketing benefit real estate agents?

      The right digital marketing strategy can help realtors to generate leads, create a customer database, and ultimately increase sales through a targeted effort and customised strategies by real estate marketing agencies.

      What are the key digital marketing strategies for real estate agents?

      Key digital marketing strategies for real estate agents include the creation of a user-friendly website, social media marketing, search engine optimisation, third-party marketplace listing, email marketing, paid advertisement, and audio and visual for YouTube marketing.

      How can I effectively use social media for real estate marketing?

      To maximize real estate marketing on social media, define your audience, optimize profiles, share visually appealing content, engage with users, leverage user-generated content, utilize hashtags, run targeted ads, collaborate with influencers, and regularly analyze and optimize your strategy.

      What type of marketing is most effective for real estate agents?

      While various marketing strategies can be effective, a combination of online and offline tactics tends to yield positive results. Online methods such as social media marketing, email campaigns, PPC campaigns and search engine optimization (SEO) work well alongside traditional approaches like networking, referrals, and direct mail.

      How can I get leads in real estate with digital marketing?

      To generate leads through digital marketing in real estate, we focus on tactics such as targeted advertising, PPC ads and search engine optimization (SEO) to improve online visibility, create compelling content, offer valuable resources like lead capture forms, leverage email marketing campaigns, and boost engagement through social media posts.

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