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      Digital Marketing Tips to Grow Your Ecommerce Business Online

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      Utilising effective strategies of digital marketing for ecommerce is necessary in the post-COVID world. While the past decade has seen an inclination towards online buying and selling, the onset of the pandemic increased its prominence.

      The estimated global ecommerce sales in 2021 were recorded as $870.8 billion, which is an increase of 14.2% from 2020. While the numbers are promising for aspiring ecommerce sellers, one downside is growing competition.

      To surpass competitors and make your ecommerce brand stand out, you need a sound digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing harnesses the power of social media, search engine optimisation, creates buyer journeys, email marketing, online ads, and much more. Thus, it is imperative to collaborate with the best digital marketing agency for ecommerce to build brand recognition and conversion.

      Tips for using digital marketing for ecommerce

      Before selecting one among the top ecommerce marketing agencies, you must have an idea about the strategies they might use. It will help you understand how a digital marketing team will work towards boosting your ecommerce business:

      1.     Creating customer awareness through social media

      A online marketing agency will first analyse your target market. Once they know who your potential customers are, they can create an awareness campaign.

      Several tools help track the people interested in your online ads or visiting your website. Information points like their gender, location, how they landed on your web page are easily accessible. Such information points help the digital marketing agencies to create a sketch of an ideal customer.

      One of the most effective tools to create customer awareness is social media. It is currently the perfect medium to interact with customers and understand buyer persona. With the help of features like live hangouts, chats, polls, and comments, brands receive realistic ideas regarding customer response. Such interaction not only creates conversion, but also helps you know what changes to bring to serve the customers better.

      2.     Focus on-page content optimisation

      Strategies of digital marketing for ecommerce is incomplete without a proper search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. It is a process to drive organic traffic to your ecommerce website, which is possible when a website is doing well.

      One vital SEO strategy is on-page content optimisation. Such content includes product names, descriptions, images, blogs, and more. Content that is engaging and easy to read helps customers quickly understand your products and analyse their needs.

      Every page includes a unique title tag. Content like title tags is necessary headlines that help users search and find a page with relative keywords. Every page also requires meta descriptions that are short summaries. When your website shows on the search engine, the metadata is a quick information that shares what you sell.

      3.     Don’t ignore email marketing

      Email marketing is one of the oldest yet most effective online marketing strategies. New age ecommerce marketing agencies should not ignore the power of this tool.

      You might be surprised, but a study in 2015 by Forrester Research stated that around 17% of online marketing happens via emails and contributes to roughly 24% of revenue.

      While Facebook posts and Instagram reels shorten our attention span, emails offer an intimate experience. When you reach out to somebody’s email address, you have more chances to grab their attention.

      Additionally, space is not limited when applying this digital marketing for ecommerce strategy. Compared to social media, emails let you share more information and attract customers.

      Promotions, newsletters, blogs, discounts, and many more things can be conveyed via email. So, increasing email subscribers will continue to be an excellent tool for ecommerce marketing.

      4.     Offer personalisation

      Will you find it surprising to know that personalisation can increase your revenue by 6% to 10%?

      Personalisation is digital marketing for ecommerce strategy where an agency works towards catering to customised solutions. These are tailormade options for an individual to fit their requirements precisely.

      A customer’s tastes and preferences can be analysed by the products they purchase. Sending reminders about discounts or deals related to products previously purchased is an easy way to generate conversion.

      Since it is easy to access the buyer’s journey, personalisation becomes easier to cater to. Rather than waiting for customers to look for what they want, if you present the same in front of them, they are likely to make impulsive purchases.

      5.     Reward loyal customers

      Any digital marketing strategy is successful when customers make repeat purchases. One way to make sure this happens is by creating a loyalty program for repeat customers.

      Loyalty programs involve strategies that motivate and interest a customer to keep purchasing. Incentives can be in the form of reward points, cashback, discount coupons, free shipping, free products with purchases, and more.

      6.     Have an innovative approach

      It is tough to make digital marketing for ecommerce strategies work in a competitive market. Every ecommerce brand must have a unique selling point (USP) to make customers choose them over others.

      But what do you do when you sell similar products like hundred other competitors? You require excellent marketing strategies that make you stand out in such scenarios.

      If your products are not unique, you have to market them to make them look better than the rest. The most prominent market players like Amazon or eBay do not sell things you cannot find elsewhere. However, customers find them more reliable when they sell the same products by using innovative digital marketing strategies.

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      As an ecommerce seller, it is impossible for you to create innovative digital marketing strategies to generate conversion. You have to hire the right agency to help you grow your online presence and increase your sales.

      Promotedge is a digital marketing agency for ecommerce that can help you build your brand. We analyse your requirement, target your audience, and apply the right strategies to create brand recognition and conversion. Collaborate with us today to take your online business one step ahead and outrank your competitors.

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