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      Digital Marketing For eCommerce Business

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      Roi-Focused Ecommerce Digital Marketing Agency In India!

      Get your e-commerce business noticed and capture authentic, valuable leads with PromotEdge. With our integrated marketing solution consisting of brand strategy, creative communication, creative designing, web solutions, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, and audio-visual services, we create full-funnel marketing for e-commerce businesses to drive growth and boost sales.

      Why Promotedge?

      • Tailored eCommerce marketing strategies and campaigns
      • We create communication line, brand identity, and marketing strategy for organic and paid to generate more leads
      • From wireframe to code, we design and develop e-commerce websites for a seamless navigation, and user experience.
      • With 8+ years in the industry our portfolio speaks volume consisting of over 10 ecommerce website design and development.


      Getting visitors to your website doesn’t translate to increased business, which is why our effort is to create touch points and create remarketing strategies to nudge and continue influencing the audience after they have left the website. We help you understand your customers better, how they make purchases, and map the buyer journey.

      What Makes Promotedge One Of The Best Digital Marketing Agencies For Ecommerce Businesses?

      At PromotEdge, we understand the essence of digital marketing for eCommerce businesses. Being one of the leading eCommerce marketing agencies in India, our goal is to grab the attention of our target audience by communicating stories that resonate with them. PromotEdge is one of the top Kolkata-based eCommerce marketing agencies in India, we make use of several digital marketing channels which ensure success for your eCommerce business in this competitive digital age.

      Here Is What We Can Do For Your Ecommerce Business


      eCommerce Website Design

      Website design is a crucial factor to consider when it comes to eCommerce websites. An interactive website with responsive UI and UX can take our business to the next level. We assist in the design of websites that incorporate various essential elements. These elements include an easy registration form, a dedicated landing page for products, a user-friendly payment gateway, and efficient customer support services. A great eCommerce web design ensures a better experience for the customers which can potentially lead to an increase in sales. At PromotEdge, our web designers design eCommerce websites with a result-driven tactic.

      eCommerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

      It is the process of optimizing online content to generate quality traffic from search engine results. We will make your eCommerce website optimized for search engines. We plan both on-page and off-page SEO strategies for your eCommerce business. As a top eCommerce marketing agency, our process begins with searching for the right keyword, and framing SEO strategy before our clients aspire to be at the top of search engine result pages.

      eCommerce Content Marketing

      It’s no secret that content marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your customers. We create engaging and valuable content (Social Media and Search Engine) for your eCommerce business which would effectively communicate with the audience. The content that we create helps to build awareness and nurture your business’s image.

      eCommerce Email Marketing

      Email marketing is one of the oldest and most effective marketing strategies for eCommerce businesses. As a digital marketing agency for eCommerce, we use it for retargeting and enhancing revenue 10x by personalising the mail for your customers. The purpose of email for an eCommerce business goes beyond simply driving product purchases. It extends to reminding customers of your brand’s presence and value proposition.. It is one of the most valuable tools an eCommerce business can use to keep in touch with customers about their orders.

      eCommerce Social Media Marketing

      Social Media gives a massive boost to e-commerce businesses. With the help of social media, we can increase user engagement for your products which results in instant purchases and boosts online sales.

      In the current era, no eCommerce business can succeed without a well-planned digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing for eCommerce businesses outranks traditional marketing methods very easily. At PromotEdge, we ensure lucrative returns for your eCommerce business.

      Performance Marketing for eCommerce Brands

      Performance marketing for eCommerce is utilizing strategic digital advertisement tools to drive online sales. Businesses like eCommerce which are digitally native brands cannot go without performance marketing as the business is to sell or buy products online. It is a digital marketing strategy that prioritizes achieving tangible outcomes. The budgeting and optimization decisions of the campaign are solely based on its performance.

      PromotEdge is one of the leading eCommerce marketing agencies which has performance marketing services for eCommerce. We adopt a tech-agnostic approach to omnichannel which is essential for staying ahead in the marketplace.

      eCommerce PPC Management

      When you are running an eCommerce business, PPC is an effective marketing tool to get your brand discovered and boost sales, also creates FOMO with coupons and discounts. We are a top eCommerce PPC management company. Our approach is based on data-driven strategies. These strategies are designed to align with the goals of your business when running campaigns.

      We understand the goal and agenda of the running campaign. Then we use our resources and tools to create creatives, and ad copy, plan the bidding budget, and create niche targeting for your brand. Our aim is to deliver results that align with your campaign goals.

      Our Ecommerce Marketing Process & What Is In It For You.

      Attracting the right traffic, nurturing ideal prospects, and generating traffic– are some of the challenges that eCommerce business face. Being a service-based company and a prominent eCommerce digital marketing firm, our process involves identifying gaps in your business. We strive to understand these gaps thoroughly before implementing strategies to drive results to your website. That’s why our eCommerce marketing strategies and campaigns are tailored to the needs and requirements of clients.

      Our process to do cross-channel marketing that includes both organic and paid marketing tools. Using optimisation techniques and methods, we help clients to achieve results in measurable metrics. It includes CTR, search campaigns, Google shopping conversions, website traffic, and Google shopping conversions.

      Why Should You Hire Promotedge As An E-Commerce Marketing Agency?

      Our cross-channel marketing strategy helps attract the right traffic for your e-commerce website and nurture ideal prospects. As a prominent digital marketing agency, we thoroughly analyse your business and identify the gaps to provide you with tailored marketing solutions. Be it website development, PPC, social media marketing, or search engine optimisation (SEO), with our 360-degree approach, we use all the tools and expertise to help you achieve your desired goals.

      Your Trusted E-Commerce Marketing Agency

      Convert More Prospects into Customers and Drive More Sales – ContactUs


      Why is Digital Marketing Important for an E-commerce Business Growth?

      Digital marketing for eCommerce is one of the important aspects of marketing your business. As eCommerce is a term coined for buying and selling of products online, it is crucial to have a better online presence for brands. From PPC, social media marketing, and website development to search engine optimisation (SEO), as digital marketers we use omnichannel strategy to build your business strategy.


      The advantages of working with an e-commerce marketing agency.

      An e-commerce marketing agency brings skills, knowledge, and expertise in marketing strategies that help drive sales and improve your business. With a professional e-commerce marketing agency, you can quickly tap into their experience and expertise to drive faster results and quality leads to the website. The agencies are efficient and have transparency in reporting that keeps you aware of marketing strategies and improvements on a monthly, or quarterly basis.

      How much does it cost to hire a digital marketing agency for my e-commerce business?

      The cost of hiring a digital marketing agency depends on the services you are choosing, and whether you are choosing independent services or a packaged deal. Along with that, there are costs of resources and maintenance that a company takes.


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