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      SEO Mistakes to Avoid After Google Core 2.0 Update 2021

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      As each year passes, Google releases a variety of updates that range from tiny tweaks to major alterations, each with its implications for both consumers and brands. In most cases, these amendments are relatively insignificant and go unnoticed.

      More often than not, when Google prepares for a major update, they notify webmasters, site owners, or content producers ahead of time to give them time to update their sites.

      Google algorithm changes have a clear purpose and pattern. Search engine algorithm updates are developed to improve user experience and to serve users with the most relevant information as quickly as possible. Each Google update aims at weeding out shoddy content and giving prominence to content that fills this gap.

      There have been several core updates to the Google algorithm in the last year, rewarding relevant content, and link quality, along with numerous other changes that can influence a website’s ranking.

      Having said that, let’s take a moment to reflect on some Google algorithm launches, updates, and refreshes that have impacted the SERPs dramatically over the past few months. Next, we will take an in-depth look at the July 2021 Core Update and determine the way forward.

      Page Experience Update June 15, 2021

      This suggests that your site’s rating now depends heavily on how quickly and smoothly users can access and interact with your site. To update this algorithm, consider the following criteria:
      • Loading
      • Interactivity
      • Visual stability
      • Mobile-friendliness
      • Safe browsing
      • Https
      • Intrusive interstitial guidelines

      Product Reviews Update April 8, 2021

      As a result of the update, in-depth reviews will now be rewarded over thin reviews (such as a single product review, a group of products, or a service review, for example). Google updated its product review algorithm to promote content that is more innovative and insightful than conventional website templates.

      Passage Ranking Update February 10, 2021

      There may be a single sentence on a page that contains the necessary information to answer one’s question. To answer a given query, the passage-based ranking will now pull relevant excerpts from that indexed page. What does this update mean for the content creators and SEO ninjas of the best SEO companies? Publishing long-form content covering several subtopics on one parent topic with proper headline formatting (H1 and H2) will result in improved ranking on the search engine.

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      All about the July 2021 Google Core Update 2.0


      The June 2021 Core Update is the first in a series of Core Algorithm Updates aiming to improve “page experience.” Regardless of geographic location, language, or industry, all websites were affected by the June 12th update.

      Even though Google claims that all core updates take approximately two weeks to roll out, the June 2021 Core Update took noticeably longer than anticipated.

      A second part of the update officially referred to as the July 2021 Core Update, has been released. This official announcement was made via the official Twitter handle of Search Liaison, and the details of the update are similar to those of other Core Updates.

      Even though many of the best SEO companies were anticipating this update in July, we doubt most of us anticipated it on the first of July. It’s unusual for Google to release separate updates so close together.

      It was originally intended for the July Update to launch along with the June Update. But Google informed Search Engine Land that not all of the changes planned for the June 2021 Core Update were ready for release on June 2. Instead of delaying the entire update, the company decided to release everything ready in June and save the rest for July.

      Major Findings of June 2021 Core Update:

      • The changes in keyword ranking have caused a lot of websites to experience either an increase or a decrease in traffic.

      • The majority of the changes were observed on Friday, June 4, and Saturday, June 5, 2021, according to Semrush.

      • The categories of websites that have experienced the most volatility following the update include travel, tourism, real estate, live entertainment, health, animals, and science. Desktop and Mobile search results both underwent similar changes.

      The Core Update 2.O For July 2021: Our thoughts

      Broad updates like the June 2021 and July 2021 are designed to deliver on Google’s mission to efficiently deliver relevant and authoritative content to searchers. These changes may result in boosting content that was previously under-rewarded, which implies some websites will witness traffic drop and others will experience traffic rise.
      It is best to feed Google’s algorithms with easily accessible, well-organized websites that include relevant and authoritative content.

      Due to the close proximity of June and July 2021 Core Updates, it is possible for any changes felt in June to reverse in July now that more updates have been released.

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      Here’s how to survive the potential storm caused by the July 2021 Core Update 2.0

      • Unless you’re doing something that violates Google guidelines, you should wait for the update to fully roll out across Google’s data centres and to settle before making any major changes to your website. Algorithm trackers may show significant fluctuations following an algorithm update. Many websites are experiencing spikes and drops in their organic ranking positions, which can cause even the best SEO companies to panic.

      • Make sure you monitor sites that are gaining rankings and try to understand why they are doing well. Compare patterns with those that have experienced drops

      • Fix and avoid existing SEO mistakes.

      • Write a comprehensive description of the topic along with original information, report, research, or analysis.

      • Your website content should serve as an all-encompassing resource for a user’s specific search query.

      • For further insight into the impact of this core update, examine the Google Search Console and analytics data over the next few weeks.

      Final Words

      The user experience is becoming increasingly critical over time.
      When everyone loves a particular website, Google will eventually attempt to make that site rank high.
      Conversely, if Google finds that users are having a terrible experience on a website, that website won’t rank as high as it otherwise would
      The PromotEdge team hopes that this update served you and your business well.

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