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      How Can You Drive B2B Traffic With Organic Results

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      If you are running a B2B business, you must be aware that B2B shopping is nothing like B2C, which ends in a spontaneous purchase. B2B business takes several decision makers, higher authority, and a lot of reviews before one makes a choice.

      So, how can you be sure the organic results coming from SEO services, are driving conversion, or just clicks? To resolve this query and how organic results impact B2B business, we have curated this blog.

      When you outsource your business to an SEO company in India, they address the challenges that position the brand in front of the right target audience for clicks and sales.

      For, say you have a business in Pan India, but you want to focus on local SEO, a city like Ranchi with good buying prospects, The SEO Company in Ranchi, will follow a few Search Engine Optimization strategies to get organic results.

      1. Create an SEO-driven landing page

      A B2B marketing funnel consists of the top, middle, and bottom stages. The final stage is sales, but before the sale, the optimization work on different points. The touch points are consumer interaction with the site for buying decisions to finalize.

      Generally, B2B consumers do not make many Google searches before buying a product. They tend to go to landing pages for direct sales. This is why it is extremely important to put informational queries on the website through blogs.

      2. Google’s People Also Ask Suggestions

      A lot of consumers look for answers in the “People also ask” section in Google Search page results. It impacts the searching journey of a visitor and gives more ideas. The search results are dynamic and it changes on what is recent and what most people are searching for.

      The SEO company focuses on the right keyword and works on quora answers or blogs to feature in Google snippet of the “People Also Ask” section.


      To Know more, visit: How To Improve Your B2b Customer Engagement?


      3. Keeping Close Eye on Competitor’s site

      B2B consumers search about different companies before finalizing the purchase. It means your brand name will be searched a lot with competitors’ names.

      An SEO company treats the brand name as a keyword and then optimizes the site. It is a time taking process and must be done with consistency, as the same is probably done by the competitors as well.

      It is important to consider in B2B business, the brand name drives the consumer. They look for reputed companies with good market reputation. The organic results help in proving the brand value by being one of the top results on the search result page.

      4. Monitoring Search-driven buying journey

      As an SEO service company, it is important to monitor the conversion of consumers and track their paths from information page to sales. When putting an informational page on social media, do not forget to put the right conversion strategy, it can be anything from a call to action to the sales page, or brochure download, and you must invite the visitor to the sales funnel.

      You can ask them to signup up for free trials, webinars, or schedule a demo. If the business is product based, you can the consumer for email Id, to provide the information regarding the latest deals or products included on the website.


      Converting a consumer is always difficult organically. It becomes challenging in B2B business as the visitors are not ready to commit on their first visit. However, an SEO company in Ranch understands the goals and puts up the right strategic solution for generating visitors and leads.

      PromotEdge is one of the leading SEO companies in Ranchi, India. We have worked with different B2B niches and looking forward to providing a tailor-made digital solution to brands in different business spectrums. To get in touch with PromotEdge, you can call us at 033 4008 8333.

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