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      Search Advertising vs Display Advertising Which Delivers The Best Return?

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      There is a long list of elements which goes into the process of digital marketing. There is a lot of ad format from which you can choose from and also there are unlimited ways through which you can engage your target audience. But when it comes to online marketing, you need to be a master at search advertising and display advertising, since they both are immensely impactful.

      When you master on both search and display advertising, the duo can welcome tremendous positive results and you will realize that when both of it works together they bring better results than when one of it is put into use. So, before you even put search or digital marketing into use, you need to know about both of these channels and their individual unique strengths and in what ways they are beneficial to you.

      Search Engine Advertising

      Irrespective of the fact that how superb your business and how optimized your official website is, it’s very difficult to rank at the top of Google’s search page if you are not a reputed business powerhouse. And that is the sole reason why you should optimize your website for search.

      Search Engine Advertising, also known as PPC, is a paid media advertising which enables your business website to be found on Google’s result pages. This type of advertising is very effective in targeting your audience on Google and let the potential customers find your business and the products or services which you are selling.

      Search engine advertising is not much of a complex process. Take this as an example, suppose you have started a company which sells printed t-shirts and you happen to know that Marvel based apparels are quite famous among youngsters, so you made a t-shirt with Iron-Man printed on it and you want to advertise that on Google.

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      When someone is looking for Iron-man t-shirts online and types on Google, “Iron-man t-shirts”, which is a good keyword, their search result will make your ad appear on the sponsored section of their search result. You see, search engine advertising is definitely effective but you have to craft your ad with quality images, designs and ad copies so that it triggers them to make a purchase.

      With that said, let’s discuss the key benefits of search advertising –

      1. It optimized your marketing strategies and makes them effective

      2. It allows the user to target audiences based on location, interest and intent.

      3. It enables you to have a competitive edge to rank with your competitors.

      4. It analyses how effective and impactful your website is and your calls-to-actions are.

      5. It enables you to make data-driven decisions which ensure your marketing activities are bringing revenue.

      Search engine advertising is perfect for you if your budget is small, you want to generate quality leads, you want more than just organic traffic and when you sell a specific product.

      Display Advertising

      Display advertising is nothing like search advertising since it doesn’t involve searching on a search engine platform. Display ads let you showcase your ad right in front of them without waiting for them to look for you. With Google Display Network ads, your ads won’t just appear in one place but will be showcased across various websites which the users visit. It introduces people to your product or service on various sites.

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      Google provides a myriad targeting options, ranging from managed placements to website groupings based on the types of audiences.

      Let’s take this forward with an example, suppose you purchased a pair of shoes online from “XYZ” brand and throughout many days you will just notice that every website you visit has an ad of “XYZ” brand. That is solely because “XYZ” brand wants you remember them, the next time you are looking for shoes online. That exactly is display advertising!

      Display advertising is beneficial to you in the following ways

      • It is an effective way to build brand awareness. By showcasing your ads on a number of reputed websites you can easily make a great impression.
      • Display advertising offers the perk of showing images on your ads. When your ad has more visuals instead of more text, it attracts more people.
      • There are many businesses which cannot achieve immediate sales and so you can ensure that people remember your brand later when they consider making a purchase. This can be done by retargeting throughout the Google Display Network
      • Display ads enable users to close the gap in keyword coverage and product inventory.

      The key to any marketing success is to know what channel to use and when. The search ads drive high-intent, targeted searches that are likely to convert whereas display ads are used for building brand awareness on several websites.

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