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      Some unusual myths about Social Media

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      As social media gains popularity everyday, businesses have come to realize that without it, there is difficulty in surviving in the online space. Well, the social media marketing is all about organic & paid social media. But to understand both of them & make optimal usage of this part of digital marketing, we must know certain myths behind them, which we are to avoid.

      It’s all about the content & conversation

      Yes that is a myth. A Research from Crowdtap revealed that 64% of about 3000 people, who were surveyed found their shopping inspiration from social media. Upto 40% of all the users were actively planning to make a purchase of products they have seen on social media. In short, it is all about commerce.

      Social Footprint increases with organic reach

      It is a myth. In fact, organic social media reach has been declining gradually. A survey by EdgeRank from shows a decrease of 60% in organic reach in the periods 2012 to 2014.

      Loads of Likes = Greater organic social reach

      Another myth. Large brands with more 500,000 Facebook likes have only about 2% organic reach hit. This is expected to reach near zero in the near future.

      Organic is more authentic than paid, hence more effective

      Another whooping myth. A survey by Clutch showed that upto 59% of marketers believe that paid is more effective as it helps achieve their business goals.

      Using only organic or paid is good in social media

      An enormous myth. According to the above mentioned survey by Clutch upto 86% of both B2B, as well as, B2C marketers use both of them in a combination that they feel is optimal.

      Only a handful of big businesses use the organic way & not paid social media

      Again a myth, as the same survey by Clutch (mentioned above) show that around 13% of larger organizations follow this technique of using only organic social media.

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