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      Quality Backlinks vs. Quantity Backlinks – What Is More Important in SEO?

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      Linking building is an SEO tactic that digital marketing companies swear by. Adding quality backlinks can make your website have the credibility it requires to rank up on Google quickly.

      Backlinks add authority to your website and make Google algorithms accept your authenticity and exclusivity. While the quantity of backlinks matters, quality triumphs as more important. Here we will tell you why!

      Quality Backlinks vs Quantity Backlinks

      With every update, Google expects more sophistication than before. It is primarily why quick ranking SEO techniques have taken a backseat and are replaced with quality instead.

      Previously, websites required a certain quantity of backlinks to make them visible on Google, but the focus has shifted to quality backlinks.

      Google algorithms look through what kind of sites you are being linked to and what websites you link. If a website has good organic backlinks and you add them to yours, their links add worth to your website.

      On the contrary, websites that are not safe to use or come from disreputable sources, and linking them could pull down your scores as well.

      Google consistently ranks websites that are trustable. Most websites that rank on the first page when typing a keyword are considered trust-worthy sites. Much of this depends on the backlink profile that requires a certain quantity and quality of incoming links on the homepage, inner pages, blogs, etc.

      It is practical to say that the quantity of backlinks does matter as it is a legitimate concern to rank on top. However, the quality of the links is more important as if they are not from trustable sources, they will do more harm than good.

      How many backlinks one website should have?

      Here are some ways to determine the number of backlinks your domain requires:

      1.     Keyword difficulty

      Keyword tools give us a clear idea of how difficult a keyword is to rank on a search engine. Depending on factors like volume, keyword difficulty, length of content, etc., you can analyse how challenging it is to rank a piece of content.

      If your niche is competitive and you mandatorily need to use keywords that are tough to rank, your dependability on backlinks automatically increases. For example, if your keyword difficult is less than 5 for more blog posts, 10 backlinks are enough to rank. However, if the keyword difficulty is 50 or above, the content piece will need 100 backlinks to rank.

      2.     Domain authority (DA)

      Quality backlinks are generated to make your domain authority improve. So, your current website DA will give you an idea about the number of backlinks you need. For example, if you have just started your website, you will require a strong backlink strategy. However, if you already have high DA, you will need fewer backlinks on each page. Thus, you can only focus on quality backlinks and not quantity.

      3.     Competing websites

      To outrank competitor websites, one needs to go through a detailed analysis of their website reach. SEO competition varies from one industry to another.

      If your business brings something new and exclusive, your chances of ranking become easier. Whereas if your industry is highly competitive, your SEO strategies require more effort. In this case, both the quality and quantity of backlinks must be high.

      4.     Consistency

      Growing a website is similar to losing weight and maintaining it is like following a balanced diet. At first, there is an extreme amount of effort that goes into bringing the website to a position where it ranks. Once it has a significant amount of traffic and generates leads, you need to work towards maintaining the results consistently.

      You can tone down the quantity of backlinks to a specific number once your website is in a good position. However, you can never stop creating quality backlinks as it might ruin the efforts made so far.


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      Final thoughts

      As a digital marketing agency, we are well-versed with incredible SEO techniques like backlink generation. We understand the right amount of backlink quantity and handpick the perfect ones to make your website stand out. Collaborate with us to give your website the edge it has been missing to generate traffic and leads.

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