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      What Are the Five Pillars of Social Media Marketing?

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      With over 3 billion people on social media today, social media marketing offers great credibility to scale your business. An average person spends around 2 hours on social media every day. So, leveraging platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., to market your brand is an important initiative to take.

      Pillars of social media marketing

      Like any other marketing technique, social media marketing is also based on tools that can make you more visible.

      Having a strong foundation becomes necessary, which is why we will discuss the five pillars social media marketing depends on:

      1. Social media strategy

      The foremost thing, to begin with, is considering business goals and objectives. Thus, without making a full-proof plan, you might be shooting in the dark and not know what to expect.

      Most businesses use social media marketing to create brand awareness, while others depend on it to drive traffic and sales. Social media allows you to publish content, engage an audience, build your community, and generate leads.

      2. Planning and executing

      Once you have a strategy, you need to plan and execute what you want to present to your audience. Social media marketing requires consistency, and publishing engaging content is the only way to make people aware of you.

      Several aspects come into consideration to make you relevant to your audience. Thus, the kind of posts you create, the publishing time, and the content information are some essential factors that determine reach.

      Your content needs to be attractive, informative, and interactive. Images and videos are the two most important ways to connect to people online. However, when promoting your business or selling products online, you need to have a strategy for every post you make.

      3.  Quality content

      Social media marketing depends entirely upon the kind of content you produce, and how it is relevant to your audience. Sharing informative content that people require and the exclusivity that you bring can make you stand out. The content you share not only has to be informative but also sharable and actionable. Your target audience must be intrigued to learn more about what you do and purchase your products and services.

      Having authoritative knowledge of a subject and engaging your audience through social media platforms requires effort. Thus, it is crucial to depend on digital marketers who can determine what can work for you to put your best foot forward.

      4. Analytics

      Determining how your social media marketing strategies are responding is equally important to continue what you do. There will be times when some of your posts get better reach than others. So, the constant evaluation of what works and how to improve the ones that don’t is essential.

      Social media platforms offer the fundamental analysis of such data. All you need to do is use the analytics tools available to get an in-depth analysis, compare each platform, and post consistently.

      5. Understanding your audience

      You will find more people engaging with your content as you grow your social media presence. Their reactions in the form of likes, comments, reviews, and tags will give a better idea about customer preferences.

      These interactive actions will help you understand the conversations revolving around you. Monitoring social media conversations will help you know what your customers or target audiences think. Moreover, such information enables you to modify social media marketing strategies to make them more impactful and credible.

      Final thoughts

      Social media marketing is a significant part of digital marketing that can scale your business through awareness, reaction, and conversion. Promotedge can give your business a massive social media presence by putting the five pillars of SSM to best use. Connect with us today to grow your digital presence, build a community of your own and generate leads.

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