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      6 Ways Instagram Reels Transformed Social Media

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      Knock Knock! Have you been lazing around and smiling stupidly while scrolling down social media mindlessly? We all have been there. But did it ever appear to you that your life or business would have been so much different by now, had you jumped into the Instagram Reels bandwagon and engaged with your audience? If not, think it over.

      Instagram capitalized on the soaring popularity of video-based content across multiple generations and dropped the bombshell on August 2020 by launching Instagram Reels to rival TikTok.

      IG Reels are an action-packed video feature of 30 seconds that includes audio, effects, and video editing tools in a 9:16 portrait format.

      Almost any person associated with a social media marketing agency will tell you that even though Instagram Reels are a huge hit amongst netizens, it has shaken up the entire social media ecosystem.

      1 Billion. Yes! You read it right. 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram have already embraced Reels. So this leaves you with no excuse to not integrate IG Reels into your business marketing strategy.

      But before we dive deeper and understand the reasons for the success of IG Reels, make sure to keep a close eye on an interesting revelation about Instagram that we have made somewhere between this blog.

      6 Reasons why Instagram Reels have been a Game-Changer:

      1. IG Reels are easy to create and consume –

      Creating video content comes with a lot of investment concerning time, money, and production. But Instagram Reels with its next-level editing tools make creating videos a breeze. Your smartphone is all you need to craft a low-budget yet short, impressive, and addictive marketing video for your business. Since people these days have short attention spans online, reels are also super quick to consume and digest as they long for 15-30 seconds only.

      2. Instagram Reels are a wild combination of information and fun –

      IG Reels are a great opportunity for you to bring out your or your business’s playful side and step outside of conventional marketing. You must take advantage of this opportunity by creating light-hearted, short-form video content that connects to your audience like never before. Let your creative juices flowing by experimenting with viral trends and fun challenges. Remember, your content will be considered valuable and perform well only if it has the right mix of education and fun.

      3. Instagram Reels can be monetized –

      Given the trajectory of Instagram stories and TikTok ads, many social media marketing agencies claim that it makes complete sense for Instagram to expand their monetization options by making Reel-style ads a reality. Recent research by a few social media marketing agencies and experts has shown that 75% of Instagram users take action, such as visiting a website or making a purchase, after looking at an Instagram ad. Nonetheless, if you have experience working with Instagram reels, you have a decent idea of which types of posts will translate into successful sponsored posts in the future.

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      Well, remember the big secret we had promised to disclose at the beginning of this blog? Here it is – According to The Wall Street Journal, Instagram has promised to offer hundreds of thousands of dollars to prominent TikTok creators if they ditch TikTok and post exclusively to Reels. If Instagram’s plans succeed, you will get to see a lot of exclusive content from high-profile creators on Reels. Isn’t this so exciting?

      4. The future of TikTok is questionable

      Ever since TikTok has been banned, many creators have flocked to Instagram Reels. Right after a week of the TikTok ban in India (one of its main markets), the daily downloads of the Instagram app has skyrocketed. The lack of security and the uncertain future of TikTok, has brought it to the radar of young audience who anyhow wants to share their content online. As a result, Instagram has gained an active user base that is all set to start engaging with Reels content.

      5. Instagram rewards its users who use Reels –

      Instagram wants to see as many people as possible start using and engaging with Instagram Reels. So it encourages users who use it by rewarding them with audience reach, new likes, new followers, and more visibility. You must be wondering how right? Instagram promotes its supporters organically by displaying their content on the explore page and user’s feed. This, in turn, increases the chances of the content’s discovery and virality.

      6. The content lives permanently –

      Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours as opposed to Instagram Reels that will allow your videos to remain alive on your feed for as long as you want them to be. Once the reels reach your feed, you can share it on your story to maximize audience reach and bag additional views, likes, and comments for a long time from now.

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      Final Words

      The potentiality of IG Reels is too valuable to be taken lightly. Even though IG Stories was launched in 2016, its present-day usage statistics speak volumes of its success rate.

      So, if you want to be ahead of the game, it is high time you re-think your social media strategy and leverage the fact that Instagram Reels are in their infancy. Capitalize on it sooner, rather than later.

      But if you are still seeking help on how to upscale your business with Instagram and create a strong online presence, let us at PromotEdge help you reap the benefits of effective social media marketing.

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