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      PPC Agency or PPC Specialist: Which Is the Right Approach for Your Business?

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      Digital marketing is now one of the core strategies for any marketer. With the surge of internet users around the world, it is time we say if you are not leveraging the power of internet marketing, then you are falling behind! That being said, let’s get into one of the most effective and value-driven marketing strategies, which is PPC marketing. PPC, which stands for Pay-Per-Click is an effective marketing strategy for running campaigns that results in better visibility, and get impactful results in a shorter span of time. As the name says, in this marketers pay for every click on the ad.

      A well-run PPC marketing requires strategy, cost planning, keyword research, and experience. We know if you are running a business, it is not possible for you to do everything, and that’s why you require experts. Well, here the debate comes, should you hire a PPC ad agency or hire an in-house PPC specialist? Choosing the right approach will have a high impact on your business and making the wrong choices can be costly. So, let’s get into the blog and understand which approach is better for your business.

      PPC ad agency vs PPC specialist

      The cost misconception: ppc agency vs in-house

      There is a big misconception about the cost of hiring a PPC Specialist vs hiring a PPC agency around marketers. As cost is one of the deciding factors in making these decisions, let’s understand the difference between them.

      According to Indeed, the average salary of hiring a PPC specialist is 28,000. This figure varies depending on the location, experience, and industry. Along with that there are added expenses such as insurance, health benefits, and incentives.

      However, PPC marketing agency cost is totally different. The cost will be quoted only for the provided services. It typically consists of a monthly charge and a startup fee. Some agencies charge flat fees, hourly costs, or a fixed percentage on the ad spend. The benefit of an ad agency is that you do not need to think about the added expenses as with a PPC specialist.

      Beyond cost: expertise and specialisation

      As anyone who has been in the industry in the last decade would know, it has changed dramatically. The marketers have started wearing more than one hats: traditional marketer, creative director, copywriter, videographer, SEO analyst, project manager, and more. Keeping up with the latest trends in the industry results in continuous effort in specialisation and investing in courses.

      More often than not, your in-house team is running PPC, SEO, email campaigns, and social media marketing. As we all know “jack of all trades, is master of none”, in this it is easy to miss out on Google updates, or the latest industry trends.

      Whereas, agencies are run by teams of people who are specialists. There is a dedicated resource for trend mapping, finding customer insight, strategizing PPC ad campaigns, budget planning, and all other members you require in a team. Other than that, they have experience with challenges, and opportunities, and know how to navigate each of them. Rather than setting up a campaign, and then moving ahead with another task, PPC marketing companies track data, optimise if required, and also experiment to get better results.

      Setting priorities

      One of the difficulties with in-house PPC marketing is if you do not have a dedicated team of PPC experts, it is easier to get the priorities stuck in the loop of other requirements. For instance, you are launching a new product and want to run a digital campaign. You are almost going to set up and schedule the campaign, when someone from senior gives you the task to create a deck on the upcoming trade fair, being on high priority this gets pushed behind. And before you realise it, you already missed the right moment to run the campaign, and it’s too late to get the results you were expecting.

      With an ad agency, the campaigns are not forgotten or neglected. With their client’s understanding, they create a well-balanced strategy before time so that when the time comes the campaign can be run with ease.

      Benefits of hiring in-house ppc specialists

      We have seen some of the challenges of PPC specialists in-house, but we cannot shrug off the fact that they are unfit for marketers in the long term. One of the benefits of PPC specialists is they are easy to reach out to.

      Your PPC specialists are just down the floor, and for any convenience and inconvenience you can reach out. Moreover, being part of your organisation they sit in all the meetings and have internal insights which can benefit in running the campaigns.

      When to choose ppc marketing agency vs ppc specialist?

      PPC advertising adds substantial value to the marketing efforts of a business. The choice must be taken not from which is better, but rather from understanding your internal marketing team. Do you already have a specialised social media team, email marketing team, design team for creatives, and SEO specialists? Then hiring PPC specialists would be just an addition to the already existing team. You can collaborate with an agency that will guide you through the marketing process.

      But, if your marketing team doesn’t consist of a digital team already, then investing in creating a team from scratch might not be profitable right now!

      A PPC ad agency that already has resources, and expertise can supplement your insight at a cost-effective rate to bring forth the best results.

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