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      4 Powerful Tools To Optimize Your Social Media Conversions

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      Social media is undoubtedly one of the strongest platforms for branding. Though, at the same time, it is important to understand that it is a real challenge to turn your users into potential leads and customers. To achieve that, one must be using the right tools which in turn will optimize the social media conversions.

      According to some research, it is revealed that more than 30% of the traffic on websites is contributed by social media platforms. Needless to say, social media is a fantastic platform to reach the target audience and build a positive online reputation for your business. Things might change to an extremely positive extent if you start building a robust social media conversion strategy now.

      There are many types of tools available in the market right now to increase social media conversion, but we have listed some top four tools which are highly effective, let’s talk about them.

      1.SE Ranking 

      You have to find the right keyword and plan your social media content which will include using keywords in the hashtags, and titles, and optimizing your social media profile with relevant keywords because just like any other search engine, social media platforms can also be searched.

      So what SE ranking does is, it lets you have the best keywords for SEO and PPC services. It generates a list of keywords along with their monthly search volume, rankings, suggestion bids and KEI. SE ranking also has the ability to bunch thousands of keywords into some clusters for dispensation across websites.

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      2. Sumo 

      It is necessary to capture consumer data and provide the customers with a better experience which in turn will result in more conversions. You need to use a perfect lead capture tool in order to turn your visitors into conversions and leads.

      Sumo is a perfect lead capture tool which provides a number of tools to track your social media counts on your content, better understand the user behaviour and turn them into traffic. Not only that, but Sumo’s Social Share also makes it easy for users to share their contents.  The tool merges with Google Analytics so you can track where all of your website visitor traffic generates from.

      3. Planoly 

      It’s definitely not just enough to create great content and consider everything is done, you need to have an attractive and eye-catching Instagram account and for that, you need thorough planning. A proper Instagram account promotes community interaction, social media objectives and also your sales mission.

      Planoly is exactly what you need to create an amazing and exciting Instagram account. It helps you to schedule and auto-post your posts and stories on Instagram and also manages all those comments which you need to respond later. It also includes a brief analysis of your account such as, the number of likes, comments, followers, followings and top posts.

      4. Finteza 

      An in-depth analytics of your social media campaigns will help you to analyze the effectiveness of those campaigns and helps you to understand what you exactly need to do more.

      Finteza does that by framing an overall picture of your marketing efforts. It is basically an advanced analytical tool that provides the user with a brief report on the number of clicks, impressions, and CTR for campaigns or individual ads. The tool provides a detailed in-depth analysis of how users interact and respond to your campaigns and the performance of your conversion channels. It also helps you to analyze the traffic quality and other metrics from Google, Facebook, etc.

      Social media is absolutely vital in this digital era. So you have to utilize these top four tools to witness an incredible social media conversion. The main thing is to focus on your social channels, engage your target audience, set your goals and optimize your website.

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