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      How To Be The Top SEO Company In Kolkata For Its Results-Driven Services?

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      As an SEO marketing company, the main agenda is to drive results for brands. However, with new Google updates and recent changes in marketing patterns, if your company is not crunching the right numbers it can fall behind in the race to become the top SEO company in Kolkata.

      Having learned about the power of digital marketing and online search, a lot of companies hire “search engine experts” to generate results and rank on SERP pages. However, with each update of Google, many ranks have fallen and risen for years. The marketing agency who have the right knowledge about SEO and knows the strategies behind marketing a brand on search engine ensure a stable ranking.

      In 2023, SEO might not only mean “maintaining a rank” it can mean so much more than that. So, today in this blog we will discuss, what are the factors that make an SEO company on top of results among various digital marketing agencies in Kolkata.

      1.   Pay Attention To New Trends

      As A SEO company in Kolkata, you must keep track of new trends emerging in the market to give the best results for brands. Most SEO trends are not fleeting like social media trends, so if you won’t pay attention you might miss jumping on the bandwagon. It is evident, if you won’t make changes in the SEO marketing pattern it will eventually impact the results and pattern of consumer behaviour with the brand.

      Some of the trends that you must keep an eye out for next year:

      Valuable, People’s First Content

      With Google’s new update to create value for people searching for information, it is important to generate unique and authentic content for brands. Long-form content, which focuses on detail about a product/service will work better than short-form content. Any blog below 1000, might not captivate your audience.



      Google puts snippets of information for easy understanding of a topic. Google ranks passages that can be understood easily by a search engine. This is relevant in long-form content.


      In 2023, link building will play a major role in determining the value of a page. Quality link building will become more relevant than quantity. Link building must be done from a high-domain authority website which creates value for the brand.

      Video Integration in content

      TikTok changed the course of viewing and consuming content online. The video became an easier way to communicate with the target audience. Video Strategy will impact SEO results.

      Looking Beyond The Race For Number One

       SEO is currently so much more than ranking on top results. Google SERP has other elements to such as Google snippets, ads, and questions and answers in the “people may ask” column. These parts will also help you get the user’s attention.

      2.   Set Goals For 2023

      As an SEO company, you must strategize the right marketing strategy for brands which will be measured through goals. You must set relevant goals for the upcoming year which align with overall marketing goals for brands and businesses.


      The goal would depend on how long the brand is in digital marketing and what customers they want to target. There are multiple goals that a brand can leverage from the right SEO marketing. They can get visitors, increase traffic, get leads, and sales, and improve the loyalty of consumers by subscribing to your newsletter.

      When goals are set you can track performance from SEO tools such as Google Analytics, and Ahrefs, and make transparent reports for clients to show their ROI.

      3.   Conducting SEO Audit

      If you want to rank on top o SEO companies in Kolkata, you must be aware of the strength and weaknesses of your company. Analysis of how well your company is and its current performance will give insight regarding what is working for the company and what needs optimization.

      Look at your ranking, leads, sales, conversion, and other relevant data along with technical aspects to determine anything that needs to be improved or fixed.


      SEO helps in achieving success for the business and brands. It is not a separate entity, rather it is the core of marketing that amalgamates every aspect which is visible on search results. Off-page Seo, on-page SEO, and working technical SEO are the key elements that an SEO company must work on to generate results.

      PromotEdge is a leading SEO company in Kolkata, and we understand optimization, data tracking, and working on quality drives results for brands. Contact us, or book an appointment to know how to create the right SEO strategy for result-driven SEO marketing.


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