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      Step-By-Step Guide: Backlink Building Tactics For Long Term SEO Game

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      Did you ever notice that whenever you searched any SEO-related keyword, you would find at least one Backlink blog ranking on the SERPs? How often have you found yourself scratching your head trying to figure out why? This is because, as of right now, Backlinko currently features 315,695 backlinks, according to Ubersuggest.

      As unfortunate as it may sound, we no longer belong to the Golden Age when all it took to earn a bunch of backlinks was creating a few blog posts and posting them on article submission sites.

      Whenever SEO specialists devised methods to trick the search results, Google would counteract them to curtail such tactics.

      Do we mean to scrape the whole idea of creating backlinks? Clearly, no! 

      In fact, the evergreen process of backlink building, if done right, can bring immense, long-term value to the table.

      With that in mind, we have compiled a comprehensive guide on the best methods to earn high-quality backlinks that will benefit your business, your customers, and SERPs.

      So, let’s get down to business.

      What does backlink building entail?

       As the noise of competition builds, backlinks (also referred to as “inbound links,” “incoming links,” or “one way links”) represent a vote of confidence for the content linked to on your website from another granting page.

      It serves as compelling evidence of value to Google.

      Link building entails acquiring external links from other relevant third-party sites to your website with the help of a blogger outreach team.

      A backlink may originate from a social media site or a directory, but most often, it comes from a blog post or the content of another website.

      What makes a backlink high-quality?

      Following are some indicators that provide insight into how high-quality a backlink is:

      Domain Authority of the linking site:

      Good-quality links from reputable sites offer a much higher value than unauthorized sources. In general, a domain ranking of 60 to 100 is excellent, 40 to 50 is good, and below 40 isn’t desirable.


      A backlink related to your website’s theme or the niche in which you are involved is of utmost importance.

      Outgoing Links: 

      A backlink from a website (domain) or web page that links to hundreds of other URLs will have a lower value than a website with a few but appropriate outbound links.

      Link Location: 

      The most helpful links are editorially placed somewhere in the middle of the page, not in the footer or sidebar.

      What is the influence of an effective backlink portfolio?

      In the past, getting more backlinks would have resulted in your website ranking higher. But then came the Penguin Update in April 2012. The algorithm was designed to target and penalize manipulative sites that purchased spammy or irrelevant links to boost their search rankings.

      A premium backlink woven into exceptional content is an airtight recipe to climbing up the Google ladder as both your domain authority and page authority are elevated in today’s world.

      Getting high-quality backlinks can virtually build your domain authority, and guess what? Domain authority accounts for 30% of Google’s ranking algorithm. Thus, domain authority is the best indicator of how well your website will perform in SERPs.

      Besides that, a good backlink portfolio is synonymous with faster indexing and enhanced referral traffic.



      Sure-fire ways to acquire high-quality backlinks

      Find Broken Links

      Broken links can lead to 404 errors that negatively impact page quality.

      Look for broken links on high-DA websites relevant to your brand or industry using the Chrome extension called Check My Links.

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      Upon gathering sufficient data, contact the website owner to tell them about your findings.

      There is a good chance that efforts such as yours will be appreciated as well as rewarded. Therefore, do not forget to pitch your links after you receive a response.

      Guest Posting

      As long as your work is compelling and closely related to the blog’s general theme, other bloggers will feel more inclined to feature your work on their website.

      Here’s how guest blogging works – when you submit a piece of content to another website and include links to your social media, blogs, products, etc., your audience base widens as subscribers of other bloggers join your audience.

      You are also creating relationships with bloggers while you pitch them for guest blogs. It is, therefore, possible that the blogger might be interested in including external links to your site.

      Remember to go with websites with a better domain score and higher ranks on the search engine results pages.

      Emphasize on content types that are known to generate backlinks

       95% of web pages do not have any backlinks, according to Backlinko. The reason for this is that most content goes completely unnoticed.

      Nevertheless, you can use the following content formats as a guide to help you compose a unique and compelling content. The list includes:

      • Videos
      • “Why” Posts
      • “How to” Posts
      • Listicles
      • Quizzes
      • Infographics

      Make the most of the latest news and trends

      Journalists and bloggers constantly seek out high-quality and exclusive information.

      If you’re quick enough to intercept a news story, issue, or trend, you could secure links from numerous news sites and media outlets, as well as gain publicity for all the right reasons.

      Therefore, keep an eye out for any changes occurring in your industry or sector, current topics that may require your input or just general trending topics that you can capitalize on.

      Publish Ultimate Guides 

      Ultimate guides captivate the audience with their exhaustive coverage of topics in 5,000 to 10,000 words.

      Google rewards long-form, well-researched content with high rankings.

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      Comprehensive guides like these act as a one-stop solution for every crucial nugget of information relevant to the subject.

      Opt for the skyscraper technique

      As a result of the Skyscraper technique initiated by Brian Dean of Backlinko in 2015, his organic traffic jumped by 110% in 14 days, and the number of backlinks increased substantially.

      The method comprises three steps:

      Find the most relevant content in your niche that has accumulated the maximum number of high-quality backlinks.

      Refresh the content and make it up to date. Expand the content by adding more relevant details. The content can be thoroughly described by providing detailed descriptions of the list items, life hacks, and other information. Suggest 25 possibilities if you see popular materials proposing ten solutions.

      Promote it on websites that have linked to the original article to see if they are willing to replace it with your post (since yours is far more valuable).

      A few final words

      We hope this blog has helped you pick up some inspiration for revitalizing your backlink strategy.

      Building links can take time to bear fruit.

      Even though it might be frustrating to have to wait months for your strategy to pay off, remember that a watched pot never boils. It would help if you instead focused on things such as quality content, easy navigation, an appealing call-to-action, etc., instead of staring at your list of backlinks.

      It’s worth noting that high-quality backlinks carry the most value, but you may also gain some momentum through medium-quality links. However, steer clear of low-quality/spammy links at all costs.

      Reach out to us for a one-to-one consultation if you’d like assistance with your backlink portfolio or any other aspects of digital marketing strategy. The PromotEdge team is here to help!

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