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      7 Content Marketing Trends That You Should Need To Know

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      There’s no denying that agility and adaptability are key factors in a successful content marketing strategy.
      This is because content marketing is constantly evolving due to changing audience behavior and technological trends and updates.
      Since we want your business to make the most of this year by prioritizing the latest content marketing trends and using them to improve your strategy, we’ve listed some of the top trends that require your attention.

      Make sure you take note of the trends and valuable suggestions below to stay ahead of the wave.

      1. Personalized content will be in focus –

      Every visitor who comes to your website belongs to a different stage of the buyer journey. Therefore, your content should be tailored to cater to their demographics, priorities, preferences, and objections.
      The reason for this is that consumers like to connect and engage with content that speaks to them on an individual level. Personalization starts with collecting and analyzing as much data as possible to figure out what type of content they find relevant and meaningful. You can take advantage of this trend by using good old email marketing, where you can use punchlines and minimalist content to get them to take immediate action. You can also use FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) personalized marketing to show which product/service of yours has caught other people’s attention lately and give them a sense of urgency by creating smart content with strong keywords.

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      2. Repurposing content will come to a content creator’s rescue –

      Chances are, you’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating high-quality, engaging content that you feel hasn’t reached the maximum number of people. The best thing you can do is to distribute the content across a range of formats to increase your reach and reach a wider audience. This way, you can repurpose or reuse something you already have without having to create something from scratch, just by changing the angle or the way you present it. For example, you can turn your blog posts into eBook or newsletter content, or turn your YouTube videos into podcasts, newsletter/blog content, etc.

      3. User Generated Content will be on the rise –

      People trust people. 93% of marketers agree that consumers trust content created by other customers more than brand-led campaigns. Because it comes directly from the audience itself, it adds to the authenticity of the brand and helps instill a sense of trust. It also helps build and strengthen the community as well as provide free publicity to the brand. As a business owner, you can use this trend to your advantage by starting discussions online. You can also create a fun hashtag for your brand and encourage your users to share status updates and photos, tagging your business in those hashtags. Not to mention, over 70% of users look at reviews and comments before buying a product. So, in response to this trend, collecting good reviews based on customer experiences needs to be on your to-do list.

      4. Podcasts will gain acceptance –

      Podcasts have become the preferred choice of media due to their ease of consumption. You can conveniently listen to any topic while walking, cooking, driving to work, and even in bed. Podcasts for meditation and news in particular have gained a lot of popularity recently. Several reputed SEO companies in Hyderabad suggest that brands should also jump on the podcast bandwagon and leverage this content marketing trend to strengthen meaningful relationships and gain the trust of their customers. They need to invite and interview guest speakers, talk about the latest market developments, share a short story and offer equally educational content.

      5. Voice search will continue to dominate –

      Currently, voice search accounts for nearly 20% of all searches. Gone are the days when users had to strain their fingers to type a search query. Now they simply ask their digital assistant a question without having to look at their smartphone or PC. So how can you make this content marketing trend work for you? The easiest way to optimize your content to be voice search friendly is to target Google ‘s “Featured Snipped” section and use keywords that make your content visible when users make their queries via voice search. You should also have a very comprehensive FAQ page, as this is the most popular place for Google to get answers.

      6. Live videos and webinars will continue to grow in popularity –

      Live videos feel more current than any recorded videos that have existed in the past. They offer business owners immense opportunities to engage their audience. They are a quick and effective medium to convey your brand’s message and educate your potential customers.
      Similar to live videos, webinars are also gaining acceptance. This is an online conferencing tool where businesses share their expertise with the intention of solving customers’ pain points of their leads and bring them down the sales funnel. The ability to ask questions and interact with experts is very attractive to a certain group of people.

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      7. AI-driven content will be the new normal –

      Tools and software like API GPT-3 and Contentyze use AI to extract information shared by social media users around the world and compile it to create acceptable quality summaries, captions, and even full blog posts. Some marketers at the lower end of the scale and SEO spammers will start using such automated content to create something simple. But as AI advances, content marketers and freelancers don’t need to worry much because AI-driven copy will require more content editing than standard blog posts. Plus, now is the time for agencies to re-evaluate what they do and become more innovative to stay ahead of the curve.

      Final Thoughts

      You may have noticed that many of the trends mentioned are a continuation or evolution of existing trends, but all are expected to grow significantly in importance.
      Since the future looks promising, instead of blindly chasing these trends, consider hiring our SEO services in Hyderabad to get your content marketing strategy going as we head. PromotEdge strives to be known as the best SEO company in Hyderabad. If you choose to partner with us, we promise to keep you updated with the latest trends and make your journey unimaginably exciting.

      Also, we would love to hear from you which trend you will be paying the most attention to this year?

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