Before building brands,
we build Trust & Transparency

Top Digital Marketing Agency in Kolkata - Promotedge

Our Journey


  • Promotedge was converted in a Private Limited Entity
  • Forayed into government sector for the first time
  • Major scaling up plan for 2019-20 started implementation


  • Shifted to a larger commercial facility in Salt Lake with a team of 30+ people.
  • Catered to more than 100 clients, national and international, with big corporates like Tata Steel, Vikram Solar and many more.
  • Started catering to international companies.


  • A team of 15 was working round the clock simultaneously across all verticals.
  • A client base of 40+ companies was being served.
  • In house audio visual department was started.

Mid 2015

  • Started operations by hiring a single designer in a rented room.
  • Had no client base or portfolio to showcase.
  • Won the first account Rishta foods, the largest FMCG of Odisha, in the first month of operations.

Our Intentions

The Mission of Promotedge - Best Digital Marketing Company in India


Our company’s sole purpose is to nurture and deliver ideas. Synergy driven holistic brand experience creates lasting impact.

The Vision of Promotedge - Best Digital Marketing Company in India


To be the coolest and most reliable brand in the domain of strategic marketing management services.

The Values of Promotedge - Best Digital Marketing Company in India


Adventurous Inquisitive Analytical Friendly Perceptive Bohemian Relentless Honest

Our Management

Mr. Avik Guha, Director of Promotedge

Avik Guha


Mr. Saurav Agarwal, Director of Promotedge

Saurav Agarwal


Mr. Sadhak Mandal, Digital Marketing Head of Promotedge

Sadhak Mandal

Digital Marketing Head

Our Core Values

Core Values


Core values are what defines a company and give it a higher purpose. These are the values that guide everyday decisions and make it easier to steer the company through difficult times and emerge triumphant. In fact they are the foundation on which a company is built- a foundation that grows stronger the better its employees internalise and practise them in everyday life. With a clear vision and goal in mind, we have successfully identified the core values that are meaningful for us – values we seek to steadfastly support by hiring the best talent who are in sync with these values. Read on to know our core values better.



Yes, for us, our clients are an obsession. And we are proud of it. We are always thinking of our client’s interests and hold them dearer than anything else in the world. In the real sense of the term we represent our clients and do everything we can to safeguard and promote their interests, rising above teams and contracts to solve any client issue. Never hesitating to venture on-ground and into the market, we invest in user research to glean data that helps comprehension of human behaviour and isolates unidentified needs. For us it’s clear – making our clients successful is the sole reason for our existence.

Impact-driven long-term thinking


While we are constantly thinking of and for our clients, we think beyond today and see the bigger picture. Not just living in the now, we have a loftier objective and undertake missions that are high on impact. Our decisions are taken based on long-term repercussions and outcomes and seek to create long term value for our clients and society as a whole.



Sitting on something is not our style. If anything needs to be done to produce results we never procrastinate and put it off. Rather, we act. And we act immediately in a decisive manner best suited to serve our client’s interests. While we acknowledge the importance of analysis, we prefer to take action even if it is based on insufficient information than waste precious time.

Focused on excellence


Excellence is the mantra we live by. It’s what drives us and keeps us motivated. Adhering to the highest quality and excellence parameters, we tolerate no compromises from our teams and expect the same from our peers. After all, our work is our identity – an identity that is sure to get mired by mediocrity. That is totally unacceptable for us and so in this pursuit of excellence we place a magnifying glass over the tiniest of details and take care of it.



As Winston Churchill aptly put it, ‘The price of greatness is responsibility.’ We strongly believe in this – that to be a great company we have to take responsibility for our actions and their results. And this responsibility is not confined just to our successes but to our failures as well. Only once we do this can we deliver the results we aspire to.

Proclivity to take risks


Sticking to the tried and tested is not our forte. Neither is playing safe. Because we believe that if we do not take risks and try the new we will neither learn nor succeed in our quest to deliver value to our clients. That’s why we love to experiment, to explore the new, to stretch the boundaries to find innovative solutions that work.

Practise judgement


Risks often pay off. And just as often they don’t. This makes it vital for us to have a highly developed sense of judgement, to be able to evaluate and take the right decisions in the best interests of our clients and our company. Even in a scenario where there is neither 100% information nor 100% supervision.

Dare to disagree


While whatever we do is in the interests of our clients, opinions can and often do vary. But if we believe in our idea or viewpoint we back it to the hilt. Through this process of ‘debate, decide and deliver’ the best solution emerges and we wholeheartedly commit to its success.

Knowledge is the key


The importance of knowledge can never be over-emphasized. For us, knowledge is power and we share it with our clients, employees and fraternity to facilitate innovation and arrive at meaningful and effective solutions.

Transparent and honest


Subterfuge or deceit is not in our DNA. Transparency and honesty are values we hold very dear and strive to protect at all times in the best possible manner. The challenge lies not in questioning the best of plans and standing up for what we consider is right. It lies in staying polite and respectful in the midst of a difficult, open and honest dialogue. A challenge that we eagerly accept and overcome.



Whatever we do, we do it with a high level of integrity that spans thought, purpose and action. Indeed it is integrity in our actions that earns us the invaluable trust of our clients. We make sure we live up to our promises, relentlessly pursuing our vision, mission and goals. Or core values are unerringly abided by, be the times good or bad.

Understanding and Empathy


Though often overlooked, we are well aware of the vital role empathy and understanding play. After all, we cannot demand to be understood unless we are ‘understanding’ ourselves. While making promises, we remain aware that our clients and partners believe us and are relying on them. Added to this is the realisation that our colleagues are working tirelessly. This spurs us on to do our best.



Nothing can be achieved alone. Success, big or small, is dependent on many factors, not the least of which are all the people involved in achieving it and the efforts they have put in. We understand this and appreciate it no end. That’s what keeps us humble, that’s what keeps us progressing and safe from delusions of grandeur.

Keeping employees happy


People are what makes or breaks a company. It is the one asset that is truly invaluable and reflects our ability to attract and retain the best talent. There can be no alternative for talent that makes up strong teams who deliver. Teams matter more than the individuals who build it as happy teams win more. And for that a cheerful and conducive environment is imperative. Exactly why we spare no effort to create a cheerful ambience and workplace that brings out the best in people and subsequently the teams they make up.