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      How To Get Success While Scaling Google Ads?

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      Think about this: you are running a Google Ads campaign, and everything is going well. You are pleased with your 2x revenue, and now you want to scale it to 4x, but if not done well, it can lead to losing money on ads. Sounds scary, right?

      Well, if you want to grow and unlock profits from accounts that are performing well, you must know when and how to do it. It is important to know when your account is ready to scale, as scaling prematurely can backfire on you.

      So, if you are trying to scale success in performance marketing while running Google Ads, then you are at the right place. In this blog, as a leading PPC marketing agency, we are going to tell you how to know if your Google account is ready to scale, how to achieve successful creatives, and how to scale successful strategies.

      How To Tell If Your Google Ads Account Is Ready To Scale?

      If you are running Google Ads for quite some time, then you must know starting a new campaign is easier than scaling it for success. So, before applying any scaling-up strategies, it is vital to ensure your account is ready for them.

      As a general rule, you should ensure your Google Ads account should:

      • Consistently meet cost per acquisition (CPA) and return on ad spend (ROAS) goals, with trustworthy conversion tracking.
      • Consistently meet the spending amount.
      • The Google Ads account is generating lead/sales quality standards.
      • The ads should have clear buyer personas and ad creative/audience targeting optimized.
      • How To Scale Google Ads Creatively?

      Once you are assured your Google Ads are ready to scale, the next step is to know you have to win in creativity to make your audience engage and interact with the ad. When you have winning creative, be it display ads, video ads, etc., and you are seeing conversions, you may want to put these ads for search campaigns too. This can be done entirely by creating new assets or creating entirely new search ads.

      So, the checklist for creative ads is:

      • The video completion rate is higher than 30%
      • High view-through or conversion rate
      • Landing page visitors

      When you translate the visual creative into an asset, it allows you to express the core theme of the ad within the character limit. Video ads are a great way to put your product and the brand in the front and center. It doesn’t look pushy to the consumer; rather, it relies on cheeky language such as “try”/”demo” language.

      How Can You Translate Video Ads Into Text Ads?

      As a PPC management company, we scale ads while using one creative in multiple formats. This helps in repurposing what your consumer already prefers and enhancing the chance of customer engagement through various touchpoints.

      So, for instance, if you want to translate your display or video ad into a text ad, you can use the terms already used in video ads, use sitelinks and price extensions, lean to the language that the brand is already conveying in video ads, for recall value, and consumer understanding they know the brand.

      Turn text ads into video

      So, if you already know great text ads which have high engagement can be converted as video ads. Take the core message of the ad, and translate it into a video ad. 

      The success of translating visuals into video relies on the following factors such as:

      • Know your audience and understand what grabs their attention
      • Using video and audio mediums to thier full potential
      • Maintain the core tone of the ad and language of the text ad 

      To scale ads whether you are using Performance Max, or creative campaigns leveraging different types of creatives can help you communicate with your prospects and reach more of the market. 

      Tips for Successfully Scaling Your Strategies

      There are multiple paths that a PPC account manager can take for running successful campaigns and scaling up performance. However, we have identified the top 5 ad scaling strategies that have the highest impact on performance:

      • Bid management
      • Bid adjustment
      • Ad testing
      • Keyword optimization

      Bid Management

      Bid management is one of the fundamental parts of scaling up your Google ads. For better bid management, always remember to bid higher when ROAS is above your target and bid lower when ROAS is below your target.

      Apart from that, review your bids every 14-21 days, and try to make changes in your performance review on the same day of the week. This helps simplify your bid strategy and allows you to make big changes on the same days of the week.

      Bid Adjustment

      Bid adjustment is taken into consideration based on the following factors:

      • Device preference (mobile, laptop, tablet)
      • Audiences (e.g., remarketing)
      • Day of the week (or time of day)

      To manage bids, one must consider these factors and then review the performance on the campaign level. To test the performance of the ad, check the ad group level and set device adjustment accordingly.

      Ad Testing

      Ad testing is the process of creating new ads to test their performance against existing ads. As the saying goes, “the winner always repeats itself,” so if you already know what is working for you, you can clone the process of bid adjustment and bid management to help optimize ads.

      As a general rule, pick any one of your campaigns to prove which structure will work best for you from your old archives before applying it to scaling your performance. This is one of the processes that a PPC ad manager has to continuously do to ramp up the pace of better optimization.

      Keyword Harvesting

      It is important to add new keywords unless they belong in the same ad group. One mistake to avoid is using similar keywords too closely in a single ad text, and whenever you are adding a new keyword, make sure the bids are the same.

      So, Why Consult PromotEdge for Performance Marketing?

      As discussed in the blog, scaling up your ad is crucial, but it is like walking on eggshells, where one mistake can impact your previous efforts. So, to avoid such instances, it is best to trust professionals and experts who have experience.

      As a PPC management company, we work with some of the well-known brands in the industry, and our scaling strategy is an intersection of equal parts subjective and objective signals. Want to scale your Google ads? Then, make an appointment with us.

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