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      Why Keyword Research Is The Most Important Part of Digital Marketing?

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      You have to realize this as a fact if your site holds a high rank for specific keywords but still when you’re not able to witness the expected results, you’re not really targeting “good” keywords. One of the main differences between a website that achieves a lot of traffic and organic searches and one which gets none is the type of keywords they use.

      It isn’t much fruitful if your site holds the top spot for keywords that are only being searched a few times in a month. And therefore, needless to say, keyword research becomes an integral process in discovering appropriate keywords which are worth targeting.

      The aim of keyword research in Digital Marketing is not only limited to identifying appropriate keywords related to your business or target customers but also to find those keywords which can welcome plenty of traffic on your website. So, let’s discuss the steps on how to look out for relevant keywords.

      1. Find keywords with high search volume –

      Good keywords are defined according to how many people search for them. This is measured as Average Monthly Volume or just AMV.

      For example, let’s take a site that sells gaming accessories. The site may rank well for ‘accessories for gaming’ which receives 300 searches per month and now if we compare that with ‘gaming accessories’ which receives around 7000 searches per month, it becomes totally clear why keyword research is important.

      The more people that search for a term, the more likely it is that they will see your site. If your site holds a good rank for search terms along with a high search volume, it’s very likely that your site will feature increased traffic.

      2. Evaluate the difficulty to rank–

      We agree with the fact that looking for the ‘competition’ of a keyword is useful, but that is not everything. There would be no point in targeting keywords if the site doesn’t rank highly for those keywords. This is known as SEO difficulty.

      Keywords with a difficulty rating of 0-9 are quite effortless while keywords with a difficulty of around 50 or more are regarded as difficult or maybe not possible at all. So if you find a keyword which is being targeted by domains like Wikipedia or Amazon, which receive a lot of traffic, it’s always better to opt for less competitive keywords.

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      3. Find keywords with high conversion rates –

      Typically, short keywords are difficult to rank for and have a higher competition. These keywords are known as ‘head keywords’. They contain 1-2 words and have high monthly search volume and high competition and keyword difficulty as well.

      Instead of using head keywords you must use ‘long tail keywords’. Long tail keywords contain 3 or more word limit and because they are more specific, they have a higher rate of conversion and CTR.

      Benefits of using long tail keywords are-

      Less Competition –

      The long tail keywords must be specific to the niche or the product or service a business is offering, which means there will be less competition.

      Better visitor target –

      If your long-tail keywords are specific, they will have a better chance of targeting the visitors. If your phrase describes something better, then it will definitely be relevant to the visitors and the traffic will eventually increase.

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      Search intent –

      Long tail keywords can better fulfil search intent which will welcome high traffic.

      4. Competitor Keywords –

      While reaching keywords for your business, take a look at your competitor’s keywords. This helps to understand what keywords they are targeting which in turn will help you to understand the customer base which they are targeting and also what they are offering.

      It gives you a brief idea about their approach and the content they are creating and with that you can also work on your content strategy. Never copy the content, but what you can do is, you can use the gathered information to inspire your own content.

      Keyword research is not just about looking for the words which your customer may be looking for, but more about finding quality keywords which are going to leave a positive impact on your site.

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