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      How Voice Search Impacts SEO?

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      Voice search is an emerging trend and people are now using voice searches more than ever. Voice search allows the users to browse and consume information on the internet without scrolling through different sites on desktop and smartphones.

      So, how does voice search work?

      During voice search, the user has to ask the question or queries out loud, rather than typing them. Smart speakers and other virtual assistants are changing the way we live and of course, the way we search for queries and information online. Just for example, if you ask ‘best SEO agencies in Kolkata’, your voice search-enabled device will show you the results. Many reports have predicted that more than half of all searches will be done via voices in the next few years. In 2016, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that around 20% of mobile searches were via voice.


      Voice search is an effective method to use when the users are busy and are not able to look at their phones. During that time all they have to do is just ask the question loudly to their device.

      Browsing has now become more convenient than ever and for digital marketers and SEO companies in Kolkata and other major cities of India, voice searches are changing the way to approach SEO.  

      Impact on SEO:

      Digital marketers will know that Google changes its search algorithm more than 500 times in a year and it is quite obvious that these changes affect search results and SEO strategies. Voice search also impacts SEO. Virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri, answers to your queries with a short and compact sentence, usually from a news source.

      Voice searches are made to give the most relevant search results to the users. So, in order to get a website or information noticed, SEO agencies in Kolkata and other major cities of India, have to work on optimization more, keeping in mind the pattern used by voice search.

      Digital marketers have to make sure that the content which they are using is conversational and easy to understand. It will be helpful because it meets the pattern of voice search. Blogging will always be a pivotal part of making voice search successful.

      Here is how you can optimize your site or write up for voice search

      Interrogative statements

      It is essential to make use of interrogative statements. These are the type of short queries that start with what, where, how and why. As the users are looking for quick responses to their queries, the query will be in a conversational way.  


      As per many reports, more than 60% of all searches come from smartphones/mobile devices, and out of that around 20% are using voice search. Make sure that the website content is optimized for mobile devices.

      Local SEO and ‘Near me’ strategies

      Local SEO and ‘Near me’ strategies work like wonder for voice search since most of the questions asked via voice are short inquiries. For example – ‘Which is the best restaurant near me?’, ‘Gas station near me’, etc.


      Voice search is definitely the future of browsing and you must ensure that your website is properly optimized for voice searches. You can approach SEO companies in Kolkata, as they can make your website voice-search friendly.

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