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      Is SEO Still Relevant in 2024? Yes It is

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      Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of helping your website to appear on the results page of search engines like Google and Bing. SEO also requires the knowledge of ever-changing search engine algorithms.

      What makes SEO challenging is its constant updates and many unknown factors. People are often confused by page rankings as search engines aren’t always candid about their algorithm updates. So, the question of the hour is all this effort worth it? Is all the time spent researching the right keywords, carefully placing them in title tags, headers, and meta descriptions, and creating great content really worth the results?

      Between 2018 and 2024, there were 36 small and major Google updates related to the algorithm of SEO. The featured snippet update, helpful content update, spam update, and latest core algorithm update, changed how we see and interact with results. 

      So, SEO is Dead?

      Well, before any judgment just look at some stats. Do you know how many people search every day?

      According to the latest report, Google processes over 8.5 billion searches per day. Google search engine is visited 89.3 billion times every day. As searchers begin their marketing journey by searching about the product and learning about the features and collecting knowledge based on it, we can say SEO is not dead. 

      However, for brands to find success in SEO, it is important that the right SEO strategies are implemented. As an SEO company, we understand more than SEO, the strategy behind search engine optimization is more important than ever. So much so that it has now become an essential component of successful digital marketing campaigns. The difference between attracting tons of website traffic and getting lost among the billions of other sites on the internet is seen as a result of this. Then why are some people questioning its importance?

      While Google algorithm updates like Helpful Content continues to reward high-quality content, some marketers possess a notion that as long as they post efficacious content, SEO won’t matter. Not just that, SEO will take care of itself without a strategy! One thing they are yet to understand is while quality content is great for building customer trust and getting traffic, it won’t happen on its own. As one of the best SEO companies, we create an SEO strategy that works for your business, and we begin the process by researching high-intent keywords, content optimisation, and fixing technical issues. 

      So, Is SEO Still Relevant?

      1. Organic Seo Saves Money And It Provides Long-Term Results

      Google wants to put content on the first page which is most relevant to searchers, and what one expects from the query. If error-free and quality content with appropriate keywords is published, and technical SEO is maintained, it can become a gold mine for lead generation. 

      2. SEO Keeps on Giving

      If the content is crawled and indexed it will continue to attract traffic at no extra cost– provided the maintenance for tracking the performance of the trophy pages. If one is looking to boost ROI, there is no arguably better marketing strategy than SEO. Considering, you update content for websites, when the SERP position dips. 

      3. It Helps You To Get Closer To The Audience

      How many times we all have scratched our heads to write the best copy and create a thought-provoking image, only for it to disappear into the digital abyss? So, when you ask whether SEO is still relevant in 2024, we need to think about the user experience one gets when one visits the website. 

      It allows businesses to communicate with potential customers on a one-to-one basis, as the website is the store where your consumers are interested to explore. With SEO, you are targeting the right demographics with the right questions and solutions.

      SEO Trends of 2024

      1. Use Relevant Keyword

      No, we are not in favour of keyword stuffing. Nowadays search engines process keywords differently than they used to. Old practices, such as keyword stuffing are met with penalties from Google. But keywords are still relevant in ranking well in SERPs. The more relevant the keywords are, the more qualified the traffic will be. Make sure to add a mix of small and long tail keywords along with LSI keywords which ensure you don’t repeat the same keyword too many times in the content. With relevant keywords, it is important to use keywords with high search volume, which ensures it targets a wide range of audiences. 

      2. Create Webs of Content

      With Google’s helpful content update, it is important to keep the focus centred on value-adding content creation. It is important to have tens of original content pieces centred around a broad topic. That doesn’t mean all the content will have similar intent and information, diversification of content around the same keyword is important. 

      3. Improving Technical SEO

      Check page loading speed, image optimisation, title meta description update, checking canonical issue, the header tag, site structure, structured data, sitemap.xml, robot.txt, and indexing issues to make sure your readers can quickly access the content and easily navigate through the website. 


      In summary, SEO is still hugely relevant in business today – but the way the SEO game is played now is just different. For starters, the increase in social media activity and social media marketing has lessened the need for SEO skills for those with big advertising budgets. But those who can’t afford to pay for advertising like start-ups or small businesses need SEO to make sure their audience sees the content. This makes the answer to the question “Is SEO still relevant?” a resounding yes.

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