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      5 Must-Know Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Through 2021-22

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      In today’s fast-changing world where technologies grow at the speed of light and consumer behavior is unpredictable, B2Bbusinessesare victimized by Digital Darwinism.

      Marketing professionals cannot stick their heads in the sand, hoping that logical guesses and old methods are going to work forever.

      The start of every year sees a spike in interest in digital marketing trends and innovation with 2021 being no exception. As we reach the middle of the year, don’t let that fascination fade away!

      Let’s examine the top 5 five trends for B2B marketers that will likely pick up steam in the upcoming year (and perhaps beyond).

      1. Augmented reality for B2B businesses will elevate 

      Innovative B2B organizations are exploring Augmented Reality as a way to showcase their product in an impressive manner.

      Adding augmented reality to your presentation allows you to visualize and highlight the aspects of your offer that require special attention most effectively. One of the best-known examples is IKEA, which used AR to let its clients (consumers and businesses alike) visualize furniture in their homes and offices by superimposing it on their surroundings with the IKEA Place app.

      AR is ideally suited to support the B2B buyer’s journey. Augmented reality gives the B2B customer a comprehensive experience of the brand before they commit by allowing them to digitally try before they buy from the convenience of their homes.

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      2. Creating an omnichannel digital presence will become critical 

      Omnichannel marketing implies marketing across multiple platforms including social media, applications, email, blog while maintaining an integrated user experience.

      In today’s omnichannel world, consumers find themselves engaged with a brand through up to six touchpoints before they make a purchase. Businesses that implement omnichannel strategies have a 91% higher customer retention rate than those that do not. The millennial generation is comfortable using a variety of devices, channels, and technologies, but they crave a consistent, personalized experience throughout.

      So brands need to deliver a consistent message across all media channels, whether it’s their physical storefront, social media channels, online, catalogues, etc.

      b2b marketing strategies stats

      Retail Stats

      3. B2B influencer marketing will gain momentum 

      Influencer marketing is word-of-mouth marketing that focuses on partnering with industry leaders to amplify your brand message to a larger market. It elevates your businesses’ reputation and expands the customer base.

      These notable influencers are well-known social media personalities who have prominent followership on their social channels. Stats reveal that 63% of consumers trust influencers’ opinions of products much more than what brands say about themselves and 58% of people have bought a new product in the past six months because of an influencer’s recommendation.

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      Consumers base their purchasing decisions on the relationship they have with influencers, as well as the impact they have on their lives. Increasingly, customers interact with influencers who are in similar niches and have interests similar to their own. This makes it necessary to focus on the type of influencer content that is produced so that the partnership can result in the right amount of exposure, leads, and revenue for your business.

      4. Nostalgia marketing will become more prevalent 

      In medical science, nostalgia is considered to be a psychological resource that people employ when they undergo a vulnerable state of mind during loss, anxiety, isolation, or uncertainty.

      Since nostalgia is less about memories and more about feelings, it acts like a big mental hug which is exactly what the world needs now and in the future of 2021. The results of a survey exploring COVID-19’s effects on entertainment preferences have revealed that more than half of consumers are seeking comfort through old shows, films, and songs. This is because content centered around our fondest memories takes us back to “good old times”.

      Brands can participate in nostalgic marketing strategies by reintroducing a product or service that has been discontinued or forgotten. All they need to do is offer stability and comfort by creating familiar and uplifting content.

      5. Neuromarketing will be on the rise 

      The richest consumer data resides in the brain and any tool that helps companies understand their prospective customers’ brain activity and nervous system on exposure to marketing stimuli are sure to be worth its weight in gold.

      Neuro marketing

      Image Source: watas.co.za

      This data can be used by businesses to determine what type of content their audience finds engaging and what they should avoid. With this approach, you will have the opportunity to tailor your marketing materials, including your website, advertising, email campaigns, and content, to trigger specific neurological reactions that drive emotions or reactions that influence buying decisions.

      The use of biometrics to test advertising, eye tracking with heat maps, FMRI imaging, and EGG imaging are all examples of neuromarketing.

      Wrapping up

      B2B digital marketing trends like the ones mentioned above will become a necessity more than a choice as conventional outbound marketing takes a back seat.

      Careful consideration of these trends will help you find loopholes, rework your marketing strategies, and outpace the competition.

      The most practical and effective digital marketing strategy to ensure your success in 2021-22 is to outsource your digital marketing activities to an agency that you can trust.

      PromotEdge is a digital marketing agency in Bhubaneswar that can help your business get through the challenges of 2021 and beyond seamlessly.

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