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      Choosing a Digital Marketing Company in India That Suits Your Need

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      What does the best digital marketing company in India look like? They have a great online presence themselves!

      If you have stumbled upon this blog, you know that you’ve reached out to a platform that can make your content reach your target audience.

      Well, if that’s not convincing enough, below, we list some of the factors to consider when selecting the perfect digital marketing company in India.

      Choosing the best digital marketing company in India

      Here are some basics to find out when looking through the list of the best agencies:

      Testimonials and reviews

      What’s the first thing that comes to our mind when we see a product we’d like to buy online? We go through their specifications and then their reviews.

      When scrolling through the official website of a digital marketing company in India, make sure you go through their testimonials and reviews.

      Along with reviews from real people, see if they have featured accomplished projects to know what they can offer you.

      Find out the brands they have previously worked for and your awareness regarding those names. It will give you an idea about brand recognition you can expect by collaborating with them.


      You might not know how a digital marketing company in India works, but you should know what to expect from them.

      What you are looking for has to match with what the company can offer. Some of the common services to expect include:

      • Social media marketing
      • SEO
      • Content marketing
      • Pay per click
      • Website development
      • Mobile app development

      When the specialisation offered by an agency aligns with what you require, you can expect a 360-degree solution.

      The best digital marketing company in India will offer you a free consultation to help you clear your doubts and give your business the direction it needs.

      Industry experience

      How long the company has been in business and how big their team is, have a lot to say about the overall company experience. However, one thing that beats these two aspects is the industry experience.

      For example, if your industry is healthcare, you might have to adhere to guidelines when creating a brand presence. Selecting a digital marketing company in India with prior experience in your industry is always favourable. They will have the upper hand when building your brand and know what might work and what might not.


      While building your online presence is necessary, you must consider pricing to stick to your budget. There are high chance of not knowing the average cost quoted by a digital marketing company in India.

      When consulting a few agencies, get an average estimate against your requirements. Most agencies offer packages that include several services. They are likely to be cost-effective and bring great results.

      Follow your instincts

      When you come across a digital marketing company in India you wish to collaborate with, see if what they present is appealing.

      Do you like their website layout? Do you like their content? Does the company have a great social media following? Do you find their posts engaging?

      If the answer to these questions is positive, you’ve pretty much found what you’re looking for!

      Assign a task

      If you are not convinced by reviews and testimonials or do not want to depend on your instincts, assign a project to one company before committing to long-term collaboration.

      Once you have a meeting with the agency, they will likely give you a rough idea about how they would proceed. It will help you understand what they are capable of and if they can serve your purpose.

      For starters, you can ask them to create a content marketing post or a digital PR campaign for your businesses. Let them pitch ideas to you for the same, so that you can analyse if they can deliver what you require.

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      Questions to ask a digital marketing agency

      If your knowledge is not remotely related to how a digital marketing agency works, it could be difficult to clarify doubts. You can put your best foot forward by knowing the right questions to ask the agency.

      On the contrary, you might have hundreds of questions to ask but miss out on the significant ones. To avoid both these situations, it is best to know what to ask the agency.

      Here are some questions that will help you determine if you are choosing the best digital marketing company in India:

      Do you have samples of similar campaigns?

      Ask the agency to show you campaigns or pieces of work that has made an impact. A successful portfolio is usually all you need to be convinced of the quality and efficacy.

      Who will be in charge of my project?

      According to your requirements, you might need different departments of the digital marketing agencies to work on your project. Ask the agency how they plan to strategize and complete your project and who could you reach out to when needed.

      How long are your clients associated with you?

      If a digital marketing company has clients working with them long-term, it reassures your faith in their service. Also, you must find out if your requirements need long-term association. Suppose the answer is yes, ask them why and analyse if the reason is justified.

      How soon can I see the results?

      It is trick a question because even the top digital marketing company in India cannot answer accurately. However, what matters is the confidence and the conviction that lets a digital team estimate how they can cater to you.

      If your business belongs to a competitive market, it will take more time to bring results. So, it is best to ask this question to know what you can expect.

      How can we measure the ROI?

      Every digital marketing agency in India has to share results to let the client measure the return on investment. If the agency you consult cannot offer you the same, you might rethink collaborating with them.


      PromotEdge is a growing digital marketing company in India with clientele including names like Tata Steel, Vikram Solar, and many more. We’re determined to offer you a 360-degree solution to increase your digital presence by applying the best strategies that offer conversion and create brand recognition.

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