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      How Digital Marketing Can Launch Your New Clothing Brand Into The Spotlight

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      Digital Marketing For Clothing Brands

      The revenue of the apparel market in India is projected to reach US$105.50bn in 2024 and the growth anticipation is to grow annually by 3.81% CAGR (2024-2028).

      Source (https://www.statista.com/outlook/cmo/apparel/india)

      And with these staggering numbers, it is quite evident the fashion industry is growing and so new market players are expected to enter the industry. Be it ethnic, athleisure, street styling, couture, sports, or lingerie, the categories are endless, and so do the competition. To carve out a unique identity in such a cluttered and unorganized market is difficult without the right marketing strategy.

      As we say, fashion marketing is not about doing the same thing again and again, it’s so much experimentation, finding that chemical X that turns your business just from a startup to a household name. With our lineage in fashion marketing such as Style Bazar, we indulged in depths of insights, and data to get what the customer was expecting from the brand and how we can bridge the gap between the business and consumer which has helped us to grow the brand from only a few hundred followers to 10K in less than 5 months! Here is our insight on how to launch your fashion brand through digital marketing and get all the eyeballs on the brand.

      What are trending digital marketing strategies for clothing brands?

      With more people shifting to online purchases over offline for fashion, the marketing strategies are designed to boost sales through digital marketing. In the last couple of decades, we have seen large fashion brands be it Jacquemus’s CGI for social media or H&M going digital in 2018 to improve the shopping experience of consumer in their mobile app. We have seen old and new brands competing online to get viewer’s attention and engagement. This is where a partnership with the right digital marketing for fashion brands works.

      1. Website Development

      Before you indulge with any digital marketing agency to start with the marketing strategy it is important to have a website. As a startup, we understand you might think wouldn’t Instagram and Facebook shops are enough to get your clothing brand started. Why do you need a website under your clothing band name? Well, Instagram and Facebook are just platforms where you put a shop, but if just like TikTok, the app gets banned or just crashes, it will take years of effort, which is why creating a website is like owning a digital space, it won’t go away from the web, and anyone can find it anywhere in the world.

      Choosing a digital marketing company for a clothing brand that has website development and design services, will help you in designing a seamless website with UI and UX that enhances the shopping experience of a customer.

      2. Social Media Marketing

      Today consumer touchpoints have become more complex. As per our insight, anyone scrolling through social media apps such as Instagram does purchase through purchase links on the platform. It decreases the hassle of going on the website searching for the exact product and then making purchases.

      This brings us to the point of using the power of social media in various ways.

      User-generated content

      Your socials are incredibly powerful tools for fashion, luxury, and small and mid-cap clothing brands. However, to fully leverage its potential you must connect with your target group. To keep your audience engaged stay on top of the trends, and use relationship marketing, i.e., creating content with them in which they are engaged with your product.

      For this, encourage your customer to share photos of wearing your brand’s apparel and then repost them on their social channels, add giveaways, put a contest, and connect with them in comments and DMs. Outsourcing the social media marketing to a credible digital marketing agency for clothing brands helps you to manage your business while also ensuring your brand is marketed well with timely delivery of UGC content.

      Influencer Marketing

      Influencers have large and highly targeted customer audiences that follow them on social channels. As the name suggests, the influencer does have the capability to “influence” their fans to buy certain products and services. For example, if “Virat Kohli” wears a clothing brand that has 267.4 million followers, the sales will skyrocket the next day.

      But we understand as a digital marketing agency in lifestyle marketing that in the starting phase getting such mega influencers is tough, for which you can collaborate with a huge number of micro-influencers who already have targeted niche audiences, nano influencers, and macro influencers. This helps in creating awareness for the brand and gets the business penetrated to the right audience sub-set.

      3. Search Engine Optimisation

      Need a black hoodie with a white print? Where to search? Well, the answer is Google it! If your brand is not coming to the top of the result for the targeted industry-relevant keyword, your business will fall behind in sales to its competitors.

      In fashion brands, SEO plays a huge role. Today, to elevate the shopping experience of users Google has shopping results, where the website, the exact product and price do appear, helping users to have a seamless shopping experience.

      To be in the top 3, your SEO efforts do matter! Investing in search engine optimization is one of the smartest marketing moves you can make. SEO with the right strategy can deliver ROI up to 500% and more. With over 8 years in the industry and being ranked as a top SEO marketing agency, we have upfront planning and extensive keyword research to make your website easier to find for prospective buyers.

      Also, if you have a tight budget SEO can be a great kickstarter for your digital marketing plan when you have just launched your fashion brand.

      4. Performance Marketing

      Performance marketing allows you to be conscious of the CAC, ROAS and ROI. By strategically targeting niche audiences, you not only optimize your marketing budget but also maximize its impact. Within performance marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising offers dynamic marketing, enabling you to strategically position ads across search engines and various websites, paying only when users engage. For fashion brands, PPC strategies encompass a diverse range, from Google Ads to captivating display campaigns and compelling remarketing efforts, strategically tailored to resonate with potential customers, leveraging their search queries and online behaviours.

      5. Email Marketing

      Email marketing remains one of the oldest yet most relevant tricks in marketing strategies. As of 2023, more than 347 billion emails are sent and received every day, with the number expected to climb to 376 billion by 2025. Capitalizing on email marketing enables you to inform your audience about the latest offers, and new launches, and also aids in remarketing. Anyone who has previously visited the website and added items to their cart but left without completing the purchase can be reminded about their abandoned cart through email campaigns.


      When it comes to launching a new clothing brand, today’s digitally savvy consumer demands more than just products; they seek experiences. With GenZ having the highest purchasing power and driving sales through digital mediums, fashion brands need to create relationships with their customers through storytelling, or just bringing something beyond the old narrative. With PromotEdge as your digital partner- the possibilities are endless to let your clothing brand grow from scratch.

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