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      5 Reasons Why Should Include Content Marketing For B2B Business

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      Content Marketing for B2B Business

      Content marketing involves the creation and publication of online material to boost brand visibility across all online platforms. Content marketing includes everything from e-books, blogs, white papers, infographics, videos, and podcasts. A report from leading digital marketing companies in India indicates that 70% of marketers now invest in content marketing, and 77% prefer an immersive content marketing approach.

      Content is known to be “king” in marketing, and there is enough evidence to prove the same. A brand cannot make an impact until and unless they share stories through any form of content. In this, blog post we will learn how content marketing works and how it can impact business in the upcoming year.

      How Does Content Marketing Work?

      Content marketing works in many ways to improve brand visibility and create brand awareness. One of the most powerful ways is working on on-page content for SEO, or search engine optimization.

      Search engines are run by Google bots, which are known as web crawlers. It works on Google algorithms, which read and categorize every page and website on the internet. The web crawlers read the content and based on the information, they index a particular website based on the information. The search engine aims to provide the most relevant information to consumers based on the search queries, and the algorithm uses the keyword for this.

      As keywords impact the search queries, it is a smart SEO strategy to create all content around keywords, which makes the brand easy to reach the target audience. The mechanics of implementing this are pretty easy, all you need is to finalize generic and brand keywords that resonate with your product and services, and then place them on website content, blog pages, and marketing copy which are read and indexed by a search engine. So, when a consumer searches for that keyword, the search engines will include your website on the result page.

      As website content is included in the search result, it depends on the content to inspire the consumer and convert them into leads or sales. As Humans are programmed to indulge in stories, creating content as a story about the product for the consumer, have a better impact in capturing an audience.

      What Are the Benefits of Content Marketing?

      Here is the checklist for your brand to make an impact on a larger audience through content marketing. Some of the ways brands reap benefits through content marketing are:

      Creating visibility and awareness about the brand

      If you have launched a new startup, and most people don’t know about it, how will you boost sales? Well, that’s why one should start by marking brand awareness and then shift to a deeper level of the marketing funnel.

      Here is an example of how brand awareness works,

      SERP result



      No matter how small or niche your market is you still would have competitors, and standing out between them is the goal of marketing. So, if you want all consumer searching for the keyword to click on your website, you must create valuable content, that showcases the products and services of your company.

      Generation Of Valuable Leads

      If you can build recognition through compelling storytelling, you can convince consumers to move down the sales funnel. This is because content marketing is not limited to showing the product to an audience, rather it works on the functionality of the service/product. It depicts how, when, why, and where the consumer should use them.

      The information that stands out from all the digital noise and clutter, and focuses on solving the queries and problem statements of consumers, will gently nudge the visitors to become valuable leads.

      Nurturing The Lead Toward Sales

      In a digital marketing company, the leads which have either shown interest or the clicks that are generated through search engines are nurtured for later stages of the marketing pipeline. Creating campaign and strategies through compelling content in the form of infographics or videos engages the audience, and move them through the sales cycle and marketing funnel.

      Creating Trustworthiness Among Consumer

      When content has thought leadership, and credible authority, consumers always prefer it for gaining valuable information. In a world, where attention span is decreasing every day, it is important to engage the consumer with the right content.


      Adding content matter experts to the team, using information from research papers, conducting surveys, and including the data in content has better chances of engagement than thin or fluff content. As businesses cannot manage it all, it is advisable to outsource to the best digital marketing company in Kolkata.

      Closing Sales

      When it comes to closing sales, your content must speak for itself. The content added on the website must include key facts and selling points of your product that drive the decision of the consumer. Often, a simple blog or customer testimonial on the website convinces the consumer to book a demo service or make a final purchase decision.

      How PromotEdge Promotes Content For Brands?

      PromotEdge values content marketing, by providing engaging content for websites, on-page blogs, and off-page SEO, it creates brand awareness and drives visitors, gains clicks, which helps in creating leads and boosting sales for B2B brands. To know how we create a content strategy, and how it makes an impact for business, book a consultation call today by calling us at 9836334345 or mail us at info@promotedge.com

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