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      A Guide To Finding The Right Digital Marketing Agency For Your Business

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      Digital Marketing is one of the fastest top 10 growing sectors in the world along with India where people are consuming more and more digital content daily – on mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers at work, and more. Compared to other metros in India, Kolkata has been slow to digital marketing. But the recent figures are impressive. Kolkata is increasingly using Google to find information online. They are using Social Media heavily; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube are not unfamiliar terms for the Kolkata crowd any more.

      The facts are that digital methods of communication and marketing are faster, more versatile, practical and streamlined digital media marketing has tremendous potential. Digital marketing is picking up in Kolkata, the start-up trend is picking up at a fast pace in the city of Kolkata, with a new breed of young and innovative start-ups evolving. The strongest case for incorporating a digital element into your marketing is that digital media forms are quickly overtaking traditional forms of information consumption.

      There are many digital marketing agencies in Kolkata, however, finding the right digital agency for any business is a tough one. Everyone claims that they are the best and also I have come across many blog posts and Quora questions about the top and best digital marketing agency in Kolkata. Some blog post gives a ranking of digital marketing companies in Kolkata but no one gives the details of how they came up with the list of top digital marketing agencies in Kolkata.

      Here are a few blogs and Quora questions –

      I felt that people are spamming or trying to influence visitors in some way. The bloggers mentioned above may have some criteria, however, I have contacted one such blogger and they asked for payment to list our website. I am shocked to know this and this incident forced me to write this blog.  I have tried to answer on Quora most generically and to give a genuine answer with a disclaimer.

      According to me, the website must publish the factors of ranking for the Digital agencies so that the doubt in the mind of the people must be cleared. We don’t claim we are the Best digital agencies in Kolkata, however, we are the fastest-growing creative agency providing ROI-driven solutions for our clients and providing services like digital marketing, branding campaign, brand identity, creative design, web solutions, video creation and online advertising solutions. In a short period, we have clients like TataTubes, TataAgrico, KRChoksey, DTC Group, Rishta Foods, Panda Foods, Lingraj Granites, SAI International SchoolGupta Power, Utkarsh India and more. PromotEdge follows a simple rule for performance how much value we have added for the clients. We are an ROI and goal-focused organization. We also started working on Performance-based as it gives more satisfaction to our clients.

      While choosing the best agency suited for your business needs get the answer to the following question

      • Clearly define your Needs & Expectations
      • Do they understand your Needs?
      • Go Meet the Team
      • Be very clear with the deliverables
      • Do their services match the price?
      • Is there a contract?
      • How often do they report?

      I hope this helps you in finding a suitable Digital Marketing firm in Kolkata for your digital marketing need.


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