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      How To Use Newsletter Marketing in 2024?

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      Email remains the core of the business and will still be a relevant marketing technique in 2024. With over 89% of marketers of digital marketing companies recommending it as their primary marketing strategy, it is evident you cannot skip email marketing while taking your business to next level.

      The success of a newsletter depends on the ability to build and nurture a loyal subscriber. As email marketing is the oldest trick in the marketing handbook to reach the target audience, it is important for a digital marketing agency in Kolkata the trends of a brand newsletter to reap the benefits of email marketing in the upcoming year.

      Top Ways To Improve Engagement in Newsletter

      Here are some strategies you can apply to get effective results in email marketing:

      Integrating Interactivity

      As short videos have replaced images in Instagram, the same way static emails are replaced with diversified content. In 2024, if your content is not engaging it won’t make a cut into subscriber’s primary inbox.

      Interactivity in emails includes elements that allow users to enjoy the content without moving to another site or leaving the inbox. Some of these elements include:

      • The video that users can play
      • A carousel of images to swipe
      • Sliders to manipulate users for engagement
      • Gamers that users can play.

      As a digital marketing company, one needs to curate content that is relevant to the brand. For instance, during the launch of a new product, videos or sliders are a great choice. To inform about any event that happened for the product, carousal, and video is a better choice.


      Storytelling in Newsletter

      “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell”-Seth Godin

      The quote is true in view of current trends of storytelling in email marketing. As B2B, B2C and e-commerce are leveraging the benefit of the newsletter, storytelling is what keeps the audiences engaged and hooked while they loyally wait or the next update through the mail.

      Today consumers are more focused on what businesses stand for, rather than just the product. Storytelling around the content of a newsletter through integrating interactivity will have a large impact than static emails.

      Deliverability of the mail is heavily dependent on the content of the mail itself. As digital marketers in a digital marketing agency, we all are always looking for ways to connect with the audience to keep and convert into sales.

      To curate the right story for the audience, you need to address the pain points and then hit them with the product’s features. Through storytelling, the marketer target to evoke emotion in consumers and motivate them to take action.

      Personalize the Newsletter

      If you want your audience to get engaged with the newsletter and increase the opening rate, the best medium is to personalize the content of the newsletter. Personalization enables you to customize the newsletter according to the subscriber.

      Here are some o the methods that you can utilize to personalize the newsletter:

      • Using the Subscriber’s name in the mail
      • Segmenting audience based on interest
      • Creating relevant CTAs

      Make Sure The content is in Alt Text and Plain Text Set Up

      When you are creating a newsletter for your audience, as a digital marketer and content strategist, you should always make sure the content is in alt text and Plain Text set up.

      You will run into issues if the content does not load properly or the alignment is improper in the emailer. Alt text is the text that appears when the image doesn’t load properly and provides normal text instead.

      It describes what the image was about, and ensures you won’t lose the interest of the subscriber. You can add an alt tag to the HTML of your newsletter. While the plain text is the basic version of the email that you can send to the subscriber when the email doesn’t load.

      Verify The emails are legal complaint

      As security and privacy are basic hygiene of online content creation, you need to make sure the emails are legally compliant. If you don’t want your emails to violate the legal requirements for emailing prospects, you must include an unsubscribe button on all emails.


      This leads to brand awareness…. or just giving weekly updates to your loyal customer, there is no audience group that you can’t target with an email newsletter. With flexibility in content, you can pick any relevant content for the newsletter.

      Our approach to email marketing at PromotEdge consists of the email newsletter. As a leading digital marketing agency in Kolkata, we indulge in trend practices to give growth and generate a result for brands.

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