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      How To Get Started With Online Reputation Management?

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      The online reputation which your business holds is a reflection of how people perceive your business online. Online reputation management is the technique and strategy to control online conversations, eliminate misleading trends and allows the people to find the right and relevant materials when they search for your business online.

      People in this generation are not just visiting the official site of a business or organization to acquire an idea about their reputation, they are now visiting review sites such as directory sites and of course social media. And that is why you should realize that a negative comment or review about your business on those sites or social media can do a lot of harm to your business.

      Online Reputation Management, also called ORM, basically means protecting your image online in order to achieve growth and success. It feels great to have a positive comment about your business online when people appreciate what you do or admire your products or services but you also must realize that reviews are not at all limited to positive only, they can be negative and a negative comment has every potential to hamper your business and customer base.

      Now, let’s discuss effective tools for the entire process of Online Reputation Management.


      It helps the local businesses to track their online reviews. Reputology is not restricted to Google and Facebook reviews only, it can also be used to track industry-specific review sites and helps you to respond to the reviews. It is highly effective for multi-location businesses which want to keep reviews of each of their locations in one place.

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      Awario makes your reputation management simple. The tool will track your brand’s mentions across all the major social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and lets you respond to those reviews. The tool also offers sentiment analysis which notifies those mentions which require your immediate attention. The sentiment graph in the dashboard gives you a graphical presentation of the number of positive and negative comments. Not only that, but Awario also helps you to find those people stealing your content through copyright infringements. It also offers complete competitor analysis.


      Grade.us is a fantastic tool that enables you to have more positive reviews by automating multi-channel review acquisition campaigns through text messages or e-mail. It also keeps track about your new business reviews and lets you respond to them from the app.


      Brandwatch is a great social listening tool which delivers impeccable features like image recognition, API access and trending topics. The tool is capable of doing a demographical analysis of the people who are mentioning your brand on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and also other local social media sites as well.

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      Review Trackers monitors the reviews of your business in over more than a hundred websites. You can set up e-alerts if you want to receive notifications about crucial reviews. Not only that, but ReviewTracker also collects people feedback and analyze which aspect or products of your business they are talking about most.

      These five tools will definitely help you to a great extent to manage your brand’s reputation which in turn will deliver a rough idea what the customer thinks about your business and on what portions you can make rectifications.

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