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      Social Media Marketing Companies in Kolkata: An Ever- Evolving Sphere of Advertisement

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      Social Media Marketing Companies in Kolkata

      The Beginning of an Era

      The never ending growth of social media trends evolved to a point where we consider it as omnipresent now. We, humans, are essentially social animals which made us by default the most intelligent mammal of all time. People of all ages are bound to find their social interest and common connections in social media. Once they are aware about those, it gets very difficult to even move fingers. In the present scenario everybody is actually glued to social media. As a result, the business marketers and owners are taking full on advantages of them. This is the reason social media marketing companies in Kolkata are best describe as a ‘Medium’ that no marketers can ignore or not use. They knows this is the best place to build a brand, review it, change it (if doesn’t work) and reform through a collective effort of people together.

      The Current Scenario of the Era

      Social media marketing has changed marketers strategies and views towards their customers as they are aware of the targeted groups already. The precise targeting not only flourished their business but also made their life easier and happier. Kolkata is witnessing a dramatic growth in their sales.

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      The social media marketing companies in Kolkata are turning all the cons to pros, becoming extremely competitive and not leaving any scope to not to showcase their offerings. Kolkata’s social media marketing companies are playing with their versatility leaving no business sphere intact. Brands are snorting in all the new trends as soon as possible and as fast as possible.

      Brands Absorbing New Trends

      Business owners and marketers are presented with a plethora of options, still they end up recycling same old posts. To avoid making brand’s page and image look like Groundhog Day, innovative ways are always needed to add, if possible every single month. Marketers started juggling with all the social profiles on all platforms and keeping it up-to-dated for all the hungry followers on a consistent basis. The main reasons behind the new includes –

      1. To create a difference and for an extra visibility.

      2. To make the brand more memorable at the same time.

      3. To reach out to more people converting them into potential buyers

      “Brands will need to work harder to capture and retain the trust of their target audience in 2019”— according to Mel Carson, Founder, CEO & Principal Strategist of Delightful Communications.

      The Top FIVE Trends of Social Media Marketing Companies in Kolkata for 2019-2020

      1. Videos Continues to Thrive

      The hard truth about writing blogs and contents are majority of the people do not want to read so much as they lose patience and due to lack of time. But there is a catch. You cannot expect people will watch all the videos just because you have uploaded it. The videos should be catchy, small and most important social media worthy. Videos are available on the go always which makes the viewer save a lot of time. We all know Time and tide waits for none.

      2. Chatbots are Going All Over

      Mimicing conversations by artificial intelligence is the new shizz. They are built with language assistance capacity, giving them advanced ability to understand and interpret what a user is saying. Chatbots are also constantly evolving like social media marketing companies. They’re now able to reply to users not just in text, but also through the use of audio, videos and even GIFs. YUSSS to that! This saves both the parties time too.

      3. Influencers Marketing Influences

      “Influencer marketing uses top content creators, specialized in their respective niches, to help you improve brand awareness, increase traffic, and drive your brand’s message to your target audience.”

      Have you ever bought anyhting after a celebrity has said something? Then you are just being influenced. Taking the idea of celebrity endorsement and combining it with the modern day content driven marketing strategy this influencers came into being.

      The main difference is that the results of the campaign are collaborations between brands and influencers.

      4. Stories, Stories, Stories

      Instagram stories direct followers to the acual profile and also to the feed where the post is available. The stories stays for 24 hours engaging more people than a feed would do.

      Stories are the shortest and quickest way to engage the viewers and to consume the whole idea in one go.

      Engagement is the new most important algorithm that determines the visibilty of the account. This takes place because the stories shows up at the top with a red bold mark which is hard to ignore.

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      5. Messages Received

      Messaging apps for social media marketing are dominating in 2019 trend. People are going beyond public posts. Social media posts to provate messages. This is almost like taking care of all the audiences personally. Replying their comments and direct messages helps to convert audiences to be a potential customer. You can also make closed groups based on your brand to have a good number of potential buyers who will not bounce back.  With the rise of messaging apps, marketing on them may be a possibility in the near future.

      Few top social media trends of the last few years:

      1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHJBNdCWl0U

      2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGFKkg7-Iqw

      3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ihVOeK2TZY

      4. https://www.forbes.com/sites/andrewrossow/2018/02/28/cyberbullying-taken-to-a-whole-new-level-enter-the-blue-whale-challenge/

      Conclusion for 2019-2020 Marketing Innovations

      It’s clear that the future of social media will predominantly be made up of images and videos, so brands really need to hop on that bandwagon if they are going to keep up. So jump into the fastest train of social media and just RUSH to your dreams.

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