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      The Impact of SEO on Kolkata’s New Business Growth

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      There is no denying; Kolkata the land of great leaders, poets and vast culture is growing exponentially in business terms. The current gross GDP of Kolkata stands about 150 billion, the third largest GDP in India after Mumbai and Delhi.

      The scope for expanding the business is only broadening all thanks to the digital revolution. With the convergence of Digital India, not just Kolkata every other city, town, village is going global. As Nobel Economics prize winner Milton Friedman said “The Internet is the most effective instrument we have for globalization”. Internet can bring your business new heights and open gate of possibilities.

      With the unfolding of a whole new era, there also emerged host of SEO company in Kolkata. The service that they can provide your business can help you find newer business avenues and connect well with your target audience keeping their needs in mind.

      We shall further dive into the unique prospects that SEO can bring to your business but first let us know about what is SEO?

      SEO is a subset tool of digital marketing that optimizes your websites and content and helps them rank higher in organic search results on a search engine platform. Their advantages are a lot and they can create new scopes for your business in the following ways-

      Strategic and Datum Keyword Research that Can Suggest New Business Avenues:

      It involves a lot of planning and plotting (nothing like daily soaps though!). Planning and plotting revolve around your company’s functionality and what it does. Take an example of good SEO service providers in Kolkata. Their digital analyst and expert will first understand your brand and know your USP’s.

      Keyword research can actually give your business the right inputs on where they can expand their business. Not sure how? Take a look

      You are a tour operator based in Kolkata and your SEO provider is doing a detailed research on keywords and their volume. The person will break locations where the company offers tours say Rajasthan, Ooty, etc into sub categories like sightseeing, hotels, activities, etc. After that a detail keyword research goes on these topics. The required results are derived and now the expert can find out about what other things people are searching beside what your company offers. This can be things like inclusions of flight tickets within the tour or car service from the airport itself. These things may sound insignificant but they can make a big difference. Brand segmentation is what sets you apart from the competition and create own identity driving good sales. However, SEO service providers can only suggest you these things to include. The decision always lies with you.

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      Giving the Potential Customers What They Want and Even More:

      The principle reason of any business is to drive sales catering to the customer needs. Your search engine rankings matter a lot in generating traffic and leads. When a person is searching a keyword, he or she is mostly to click on the sites that appears in the intermediate page. This automatically generates larger traffic and if they find your products and content compelling, they even get converted into customers.

      But how is it done?

      A thorough research on keywords can give you the advantage of striking the right chord with your audience. People come on the internet to find their needs and solutions. When you are exactly addressing those answers and possibly doing it with better and unique content, your user experience and organic ranking gets elevated.

      Inclusions of Catchy Headlines and Copies

      The ‘Father of Advertising’, David Ogilvy once said,On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.

      What makes you click a link in a search result? The headline, right? Headlines are a key factor for more clicks on a site. When your blog headline or site title is attractive and at the same time keyword rich, you can expect more people visiting your site. This means more engagement from potential customers.

      Call to Action Icons on Blogs and Relevant Pages

      CTA or Call To Action are small clickable icons that attracts people to take an action. It is a very powerful SEO tool that enables a potential customer to further enquiry or buys a product. For business owners it’s a great tool to make customer’s take action by buying a product. There can also be e-letters subscription or enquiry or may be chat support CTA that helps a company know about customer’s interest and requirement.

      Interlinking Can Help Increasing Session Time:

      Interlinking means when SEO experts are linking other relevant blogs from your site to a single blog on a particular topic. Top SEO company in Kolkata will execute this technique for audience to grasp full experience and at the same time have an overview of the company’s deliverability.  They also spend more time on the site which may result in a possible conversion.

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      Breadcrumbs Can Create Long-Term Relationships with Customers:

      Breadcrumbs are the segmentation in sites that gives the user the facility to navigate through what they are looking for. They are a great way to increase user experience. Viewers get a systematic view with the presence of breadcrumbs. But you may ask how it is helpful to your business? Well, it has a long-term impression on customers.  When people find your site more interactive and easier to use, they will come back in your site again and again. It impacts in creating a positive image of you.And in the long run will create brand loyalty.

      P.C.: Carwale

      Breadcrumbs are easy way to navigate through a site that can create long term relationship with your customers.

      Meta Description Gives an Overview of Your Business

      The description that you see beneath the page title in SERP is meta description. They are useful to your business because they kind of summarize your business in short sentence and gives the viewer what they can expect from you. Search engines may also pull excerpts from blogs or other description within your site in meta description. This happens according to what the user is searching. Another useful SEO tool is review schema that showcases rating of your site. It is very attention grabbing and effective in driving traffic.

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