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      6 Reasons Why Pay-Per-Click Advertising Is Crucial For The Success of Your Business

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      A recent study has suggested that over 45% of small business owners invest in pay-per-click advertising. Infact, when someone’s search intent is driven by buying motive, paid ads get 65% of all clicks.

      So this blog is aimed at making you realize that if you have not yet considered Pay-Per-Click advertising for your company, you are not taking full advantage of the different digital marketing methods available to you.

      Let’s begin.

      What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

      PPC is a paid online promotional method to reach your potential customers fast and promote your products or services in a controlled and profitable manner. As an advertiser, you only pay when someone clicks or performs any action on your ad.

      Top PPC Benefits: Compelling & focused.

      1. You are in full control of your budget –

      In the traditional advertising scenario, a businessman is required to pay a given amount for placing his advertisement on a billboard along the side of the highway. Irrespective of whether the ad gets 10 views or 10,000 views, the advertisement expenditure remains constant.

      Trust us when we say it feels like watching your money burn.

      As opposed to this, pay-per-click is a distinctively different model. It not only gives you the power to decide your daily and monthly advertising budget but also helps you avoid overpaying for campaigns that did not work out for you.

      Follow these simple tips to make sure you get maximum return on your investment –

      • Start with small campaigns and then increase your budget on the most profitable campaigns.
      • Study the competition analysis report to get an idea of how much your competitors are spending on each ad, which keywords they are ranking for, etc.
      • Use tools like SEMRush to identify the price of a profitable search term and its search volume. That will help you in arriving at an optimum budget for your PPC campaign.

      If it sounds too complicated, we strongly advise you to hire a reputed PPC Management Company.

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      2. Makes it easier and faster to target a specific audience –

      Pay-per-click advertising is similar to casting a wide net but objectively. It places an advertiser’s product or services in front of an audience who is actively and specifically searching for their product.

      PPC allows an advertiser to target his/her ideal customer based on different factors such as time of day, location, devices used, frequently typed keywords, demographics.

      Many businesses that have not-so-good organic rankings are able to win big through PPC. Before you get us wrong, please understand this – achieving high organic rankings with the help of SEO is important but it can take about 6 months to 1 year to work, whereas PPC drives consistent and targeted traffic instantly which improves the likelihood of leads getting converted into high-paying clients. This matters a lot especially for new websites with little or no online visibility.

      3. Allows you to refine and optimize your ads without any hassle –

      You may run a campaign for a couple of weeks and then track the effectiveness of it.

      You can use tools such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and WordStream to your advantage to give you a detailed report on which paid ad is performing better than the others. This way you can lay your strategies accordingly as PPC allows you to make changes, edit, test, or optimize your ads with the right combination of keywords, ad texts, and landing page. It will ensure that the message you are trying to send out reaches the right people at the right time.

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      4. PPC results are measurable and trackable –

      The problem with conventional advertising and marketing channels is the difficulty to track whether your message is reaching the intended audience or not.

      As in the case of PPC, the stats about the keyword performance and effectiveness of the ad campaign is readily available and accurate. This, in turn, helps you determine your ROI faster.

      Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Bing Ad Center allows you to track performance details such as impressions, clicks, and conversions, so you can see what keywords are working and who your site is reaching.

      5. Positively impacts your SEO strategy

      Since SEO and PPC have a lot in common, it is best to use both of these methods in conjunction with one another.

      PPC helps you target keywords with a high conversion rate. You can use these keywords to inform your SEO team about the necessary changes to be made in the SEO campaigns.

      With PPC, you can test the audience’s response towards your title, meta description, so that you can put out the best content on your SEO pages. PPC also helps improve brand visibility which pays off by increasing organic site traffic in the future. This happens because the prospective customer keeps seeing your business appearing in the search results and develops a certain level of familiarity with your company.

      6. Gives you the ability to execute advanced targeting techniques –

      Here, we will be talking briefly about Geo-Targeting, Ad Scheduling, and Re-Targeting. Let’s look at each of them.

      To begin with, Geo-Targeting is among the top marketing technique that PPC advertising grants you to exercise. Unless you are an international firm, the entire world is not your target audience. Geo-Targeting implies choosing which city, state, or country you want your ads to be visible in.

      Next up is Ad Scheduling. It allows the advertiser to specify certain hours or days of the week when they want their ad to be displayed. Ad Scheduling is done to target the customers when they are most active and are most likely to convert.

      Lastly, we have Retargeting. Retargeting is creating campaigns targeting those potential customers who visited your website but did not close the deal with you. You can retarget such customers by offering them an incentive to re-visit your website and complete the purchase process.

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      You never know when the next algorithm update of Google puts you through a blood bath and mercilessly murders your hard earned organic rankings.

      So, if you do not want to miss out on the golden opportunity of positioning yourself atop the industry, reach out to us at PromotEdge without any hesitation.

      We are a Google-certified company with PPC experts who have the required expertise to help you garner the benefits of PPC.

      We take pride in being one of the best PPC management companies that one can possibly partner with.

      Rest assured, you will not regret taking PPC management services from us.

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