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      How Can Emotional Intelligence Impact Digital Marketing Strategy?

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      Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Digital Marketing Strategy

      Emotional Intelligence (EI) has emerged as one of the important factors that dictate the success of a brand. Even though it’s the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and as Elon Musk has already stated “By 2029, AI is probably smarter than all humans combined,” – the human element still remains indispensable! 

      It’s because infusing emotional intelligence into digital marketing tactics can deeply affect customer connection, brand perception and the final business outcomes to quite an extent.

      For example, Nike is targeting both athletes and regular people by providing clothing pieces that are tailored to fit various body shapes and sizes  – they believe, “If you have a body, go enjoy fitness and movement,” – which shows that the company knows its customer base very well and is directly promoting the natural beauty and value of a person.

      Indeed, the only chance for companies to remain visible and achieve any success in the situation of marketing is to be flexible and adaptable. Being an entrepreneur, you can do it yourself, but as the demand for new trends in the digital world increases, the necessity to work with a reliable digital marketing agency becomes unavoidable. 

      Emotional Intelligence – How Does It Impact Marketing Strategy?

      Emotional intelligence in marketing goes deep down to the emotional level of a person which helps the marketers to find the points of triggers that influence consumer behaviour. Through knowledge and identification with the feelings of their target group, marketers can elevate their communication and make it more effective. 

      That’s why, emotional marketing is a way of tapping into these behavioural patterns. It is very effective in gaining attention and leaving a lasting impact on the target audience. 

      Here’s how catering to emotional intelligence can impact the digital marketing strategy of your brand: 

      • Improving Brand Perception: 

      Emotional intelligent marketing campaigns create strong brand ties with customers by arousing positive feelings and impressions associated with the brand. This gives a brand a positive image and an edge over the competitors thus an elevated brand value and preference.

      • Increasing Engagement and Conversion:

      Content that emotionally grips the audience can keep the attention of the people, and also makes the people interested in the brand and helps them relate to it on a deeper level.

      • Building Long-term Customer Relationships

      EI opens the door for marketers to create and maintain long-term relationships with customers by approaching them with emotional support every time new needs and preferences develop.

      • Crisis Management and Reputation Building

      Emotional intelligence comes into play during times of crisis or controversy either by responding and managing things calmly or by involving themselves in such situations. Through showing empathy, openness and accountability companies can diminish the reputational threats, return trust and come out stronger after difficult times.

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      Exploring The Power Of Emotional Intelligence In Digital Marketing

      AI and automation in marketing are gradually gaining ground because of the ever-growing adoption among the common masses. It is also helping the digital marketing workflows to be more systematic and efficient. 

      However, a new wave of technology breaks the mould of a closed conversation and is extending the gap to connect with the segmented audience emotionally. 

      Emotional intelligence in digital marketing builds genuine connections with potential customers. While the AI can be productive and has the highest accuracy in data analysis and automation it still can not create such experiences that contribute to engaging clients and building long-term relationships.

      So, how to touch the rational and emotional soul of the consumers to ensure long-term customer experiences and brand loyalty? Let’s find out: 

      1. Assess Your Self-Awareness

      Are you aware of your strengths and weaknesses? If, not it’s nearly impossible to understand other people’s feelings as well. Therefore, you must accept your own emotions first.

      This is the time when you want to highlight the product or service you are selling. Make sure that the audiences you are targeting should care more about who you are and what you sell.

      Self-awareness is the key to having EQ in your campaigns. And, you can start by asking these questions to yourself:

      • How do people see your company/brand?
      • Why will people like your products or services?
      • Do people have any issues with you?
      • What should be your core values? 

      Any experienced digital marketing firm will always say knowing yourself is the most effective approach to getting in touch with your customers directly. Inquire from your current customers why they favour you and what you can perfect. Surveys can be conducted among the customers to find out the satisfaction level or a pop-up form can be created to gather customer feedback on your website.

      1. Understand What Motivates Your Campaign 

      Every marketing campaign that ends up successful is based on a goal. When you come up with a target, you are actually stating the motivation behind your campaigns. 

      Do you want to increase your lead generation? Grow your email list? Or, reduce customer churn?

      Whatever goals you may have, the main purpose of the marketing efforts is to meet those objectives. When you are genuine with the audience about what you are trying to accomplish, you can easily see things from the audience’s perspective.

      Emotionally oriented campaigns are not the ones with tunnel vision. It is not about ascertaining at any cost. Rather, it cherishes your audience’s feelings and builds a better reputation for your brand. 

      Once you are aware of your identity and aspirations, you can be on the same page with the person you are communicating with and can avoid possible pitfalls in the future. 

      1. Utilise The Power Of Emotional Storytelling With Visuals

      Human beings are highly visual species and can be stimulated a lot through visuals, which makes them an effective medium for conveying emotions. Therefore, a professional digital marketing company always believes in employing powerful emotions during marketing through beautiful pictures and videos that can get the audience’s attention. Be it a happy, funny or sad movie clip, highly emotional visuals will linger in the subconsciousness and help your content to be shared.

      Take Coca-Cola for example. By using the techniques of strong visual appeal and story-telling, this company aims to evoke powerful emotions in the audience. “Share a Coke” campaign by Coca-Cola is an example of product personalisation where their product packaging was customised with individual names and affectionate terms. 

      1. Be More Empathetic With Your Consumers

      Empathy in marketing requires you to understand what your audience feels and to position yourself in their situation. The best way you can be an effective empathizer is by going through an empathy mapping exercise. Social media, email marketing and customer support are three channels that can serve to ask a large audience questions and to conduct surveys.

      Through the process of understanding consumer behaviour beyond their wishes, you should put in the work. Discover them and their cells – what drives their actions. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild and share it with your potential clients to get honest, unbiased reactions.

      PromotEdge: Taking a Human Approach to Digital Marketing

      PromotEdge, a leading digital marketing company in Kolkata and India, is spearheading the amendment of the virtual marketing surface through the application of emotional intelligence (EI). Through the integration of EI into its marketing strategies, we generate relationships that are real and emotionally engaging; hence, the consumers find us very relevant.

      We believe in a customised marketing approach and consider consumers as an individual with their own set of emotions, preferences and needs that need to be appreciated and catered to. Our team members target audience segmentation and message customization. It’s because each interaction between the brand and the consumer would be perceived as though it was tailored to the individual.

      Additionally, PromotEdge is superb in crisis management and public image building and it is the emotional intelligence (EI) that is a key factor in these processes. With a proven track record of catering to brands like TATA Steel, SANY Heavy Industries, Veedol Lubricants, WeiChai Engines, Utkarsh India, Aludecor, Austin Plywood,  Emami Zandu, Tea Junction, Ganesh Grains, ITC Cigarettes and more, we have proven time and again that the human element is not just essential but a must-especially in the digital age, when AI or artificial intelligence is flourishing. 

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