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      6 Tips To Find The Best SEO Company In Kolkata

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      Best SEO Company in Kolkata

      The world of marketing is shifting gears from a normative approach to digital. Every day consciously or unconsciously we are getting exposed to some sort of digital activity. You can’t lie. You check your phone the moment you wake up. Whenever you get bored you check your phone for entertainment. To get some information on a project or topic you are unfamiliar with, you go through the internet. It has become sort of a necessity to go online. Recent stats revealed by ICUBE 2018 say that more than 566 million people in India are active internet users and this number is only growing.

      So, what better way to pull the attention of your target audience than going online where they are in conglomeration and spend most of their times? Well, just like your offline business there is competition in the online world too. Your success rate depends on how likely your target audience is going to land on your page while searching a keyword related to your business. If your web content is not on par with what Google, Yahoo or other search engines are looking for then you are likely to lose traffic on your website. But don’t get the heebie-jeebies. The solution to your problem is SEO.

      SEO and its Benefits on Your Business

      Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

      As the authority or owner of the business, you would want a professional SEO company that can build up your online presence and result in brand awareness and a rise in sales. We have listed some essential tips that can help you find the best SEO company in Kolkata:

      1. Case Studies:

      Examining case studies on top SEO companies in Kolkata and their work with reputed clients can give you a broader view of the SEO companies’ previous work and success rates. Often SEO companies in Kolkata list their previous work on their sites. You can go through the work they have done and choose accordingly if they suit your brand.

      Case studies will give an overview of how an SEO company previously helped its clients with lower search engine rankings to reach higher rankings. How they helped propel brand presence with more engagement and traffic on the internet.

      Take an example, you to want have a pastry. You visit a local pastry shop and take a look at the pastries in display. If you like the way the pastries are presented or you remember what your colleague had said about the incredible taste of the pastries from that shop he had ordered for his daughter’s birthday, you buy it. Just like this, choosing the best SEO company for you should be based on a company’s notable works and the strong outcome of their efforts.

      One of the finest SEO companies in Kolkata, PromotEdge has been handling all the SEO and digital activities for SAI International group from the beginning of their online journey. With its campaigns and fresh communication, SAI International group became one of the most recognized education platforms with a modern teaching and learning technique. The enormity of the campaigns played its part to initiate word-of-mouth communications. The service company’s efforts bought sync with SAI’s marketing efforts and established itself as a key player in the education sector. The SAI International group also won several awards in its categories since PromotEdge came into play.

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      2. Deliverables Quality  

      Different SEO companies will have different catchy lines and mottos for alluring clients. But the big question is do they really deliver on what they promise? The best SEO company in the business would provide content that establishes a strong connection between the brand and TG and inspires them to take further actions like purchase, subscribe, social signals, page-wise clicks, enquiry or other desired CTA activities. The quality of the content can also be checked with the language used, the conjunction of ideas and preciseness. Creative pictures on blogs, other relatable videos and copies also add to the quality of the content. You can analyse these factors and check if they are suitable to handle your web presence.

      “Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue” – Andrew Davis

      3. KPI

      A key performance indicator (KPI) is the parameter that shows how a company is doing in terms of achieving its business objective. For an SEO Company, KPIs are used to measure how well your website or client’s website is performing in organic searches. The same goes for any company’s social media presence. They help in keeping the count of brand mentions, replies and retweets or click-through visits to your website. Using KPI you can keep on track of the change in performance of your web presence and if actually investing your money in that SEO company will be a smart decision or not.

      4. How Much Do They Charge:

      When it comes to funding the SEO company, the amount is actually resultant of various factors put together. Just like the price of any retail goods where their prices are combined based on the raw material charges, manufacturing charges, packaging charges along with transport and manual labour. The same goes for SEO companies. When you are associating with an SEO company you need to pay a definite amount per month.

      The cost of the content writer, creative costs execution and agency charges all sum up to a total that a company has to pay. They will give you services on the number of contents per month, different web page modifications, and creative social media posts for better traffic, engagements and indirect sales as per your need.

      5. Reviews and Testimonials:

      We will advise you to go through reviews of the company you are currently considering to get in contact. Check through testimonials and verify if they are from reputed clients and not some made-up story. If you see the reviews and testimonials are authentic and are from verified companies then you are possibly looking at a great SEO company.

       6. Ideology and Working:

      What separates a person from a crowd? Uniqueness! In this war of getting a step ahead of your competitors, making yourself stand apart is quite crucial. For a business as well, an excellent SEO company should know the clients USP’s and know how to tactfully use them while targeting the target audience. SEO companies should perceive certain techniques in their content that convert an audience to a customer.

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      Similarly, innovation and creativity are also an integral part of the content that SEO service providers put out. Google analyses the content of different web pages and shows them on the search page based on the readability and user experience. A key point that sets any good SEO company apart from the rest is the ability to adapt to newer trends that come along in the market. These points make them more relevant and appealing to the audience.

      After considering all these points the decision comes to you on choosing the best SEO service provider that can resonate with your brands voice doing so bringing positive results.

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