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      How does Psychographic Segmentation Benefits Your Marketing Strategy

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      Digital marketing is about understanding the audience you’re targeting. “Every decision is emotional” with this simple sentence Tom Synder, the founder of Vorsight BP, got a roomful of attendees to nod heads in agreement. As we establish, sales are emotional, the segmentation is conducted with every target audience, one of that is psychographic segmentation. If you are a performance marketer in a digital marketing agency you need to have a thorough understanding of this.

      It’s 2022, and most of the audience online is GenZ, who make the decision based on their psychological traits. In psychographics, marketers consider what people think, feel, believe, fear and desire. In this strategists build a buyer persona, which helps in marketing and customer success strategies.

      In this, it helps them to niche down the answers like who they are. What do they like? And what drives them to “add to cart”

      While you may be using some kind of segmentation to understand your traffic, psychographics help to go deeper and deliver more links between customers’ personalities to understand how they interact with the brand.

      What is Psychological Segmentation?

      If you are familiar with the term, you can skip to the advanced section that explains the benefits of psychological segmentation. While if you are unaware of the term, it is important for understanding the target audience.

      Psychographics is the study of interests, personality traits, beliefs, opinions, and lifestyles to get a better understanding of psychological attributes. So, instead of categorizing people for brand targeting based on gender or demographics, one can go a step further and target based on what they like.

      How does Psychographic Segmentation Benefits Brands?

      One of the major focuses of psychological segmentation is to draw insight into needs, wants, and motivations to upsell a brand in front of target consumers. To understand how it benefits the brands, you must check these benefits.

      Psychological profiling of the consumer

      Tracking the psychological profile of consumers helps to deliver clarity to the question of why consumers behave the way they do. Customer behavior changes a lot depending on various factors. As a brand marketer, you have to get deep insight into reasoning the sentiment of the consumer towards your brand.

      The core of marketing lies in communication, to market a product you need to understand people through communication. Diving into the needs of the consumer, and creating a brand campaign tailored to the right message create a bigger impact than generalized targeting.

      Efficient Use Of Resources

      When consumer interests and desires are better understood, it helps in saving resources, as more accurate targeting and product development can be done. If you discover through segmentation the audience that watches a movie on the online streaming platform and the ones who choose to watch comedy on TV, you can make choices on making a tailored brand campaign for different audience groups. It helps in cost saving and effort during A/B testing of ad campaigns.

      Improves Customer Loyalty

      When a brand speaks the way its audience does, they start trusting the brand over the competitors. Giving the consumer the feeling that you truly understand them and address their needs, helps in building a relationship with the brand and improves brand loyalty.


      By analyzing and collecting psychographic data you can develop a deeper understanding of the consumer, their interests, and their personalities. With a multi-dimensional view of the customer along with the client, as a digital marketer, you will be able to categorize them in a meaningful way.

      We at PromotEdge don’t limit ourselves when it comes to providing the best in service in digital marketing. Through brand study and market research, we get data on who is the customer and understand the why behind the purchase. Keeping that in mind, we curate brand awareness, consideration, and conversion funnel that helps in boosting ROI, and increase brand affinity.

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