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      6 SEO Audit Tools to Keep an Eye On in 2023-2024

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      With Google rolling out a new update, you should conduct an SEO audit to make sure your website is relevant to the new algorithm. It is valuable to conduct website audits, but they are time-consuming. An SEO company must conduct a comprehensive analysis of a site to determine its on-page and off-page performance.

      Do you want to learn more about SEO audit tools? Then hang in there as we discuss the tools that you must know:

      Why SEO Audit is Important?

      SEO Audits are something you must do when onboarding a new client, or starting your new job in an SEO company in Kolkata. You can even make it part of quarterly checks to ensure you have a solid SEO strategy that includes all information required for making the strategy.

      If you don’t use good audit tools, you can miss out on opportunities to push the brand toward growth. So, here are some of the content audit tools which you can’t miss to map out the right SEO strategy for next quarter.

      Best SEO audit tools #1: Google Analytics

      Google Analytics is a free tool to install and easy to understand for users. Google Analytics comes with tons of benefits, that help marketers to learn about the people who are visiting the site, including interaction with the website.


      • Conversion rates: With goals set in Google Analytics, you can check whether your audience is just visiting the site for inquiry, becoming a mail subscriber, or taking action and converting into sales.
      • Bounce rates: It is important to know for any website, to understand what people are not finding on your page, and why they are bouncing back. You can check the page loading speed, or the quality of content to understand the cause behind the bounce rate.
      • Audience: It is important to know who visits your site. Tracking the demographics, and device type will help you learn about your audience group, and what action you need to stay relevant.

      Best SEO audit tools #2:  Grammarly

      In SEO audits, content plays a key role. To learn about the quality of content and whether or not it is plagiarized, you must check it once in Grammarly. A very generous free plan that consists of features such as checking the tone, grammar detection, putting synonyms, and checking the framing of content will give your blog a level up.


      • It checks the content quality
      • The premium plan provides suggestions to improve content quality
      • It checks plagiarism and engagement score

      Technical audit tools

      Best SEO audit tools #3: Ahrefs

      Ahrefs is a paid SEO audit tool that contains link building, keyword research, competitor analysis, and rank tracking. It is mainly utilized to analyze a website’s weak links and overall SEO health.


      • It analyses the overall content quality and finds duplicate pages with low word count.
      • The site audit on Ahrefs consists of crawls of all web pages and identifying SEO issues such as HTML tags, incoming links, and outgoing links.
      • The data explorer feature in Ahrefs helps you in filtering data that help to create custom views and report the views to audit the most relevant details.

      Best SEO audit tools #4: Screaming frog

      If you want to excel in a technical SEO audit, then Screaming Frog should be your close companion. Screaming Frog is a free SEO Audit tool that provides up to 500 usable URLs. The paid version also comes with a range of benefits and is very affordable. If you want a desktop app, yet don’t need all the features that come with SEO tools like Aherfs or SEO PowerSuite, then Screaming Frog is the answer for you.


      • It finds technical errors in the website, just like Ahrefs or SEO Power Suite.
      • After crawling the site, you will find the current state of your website. The section labeled as internal, provides information regarding XML Sitemap, identification of pages with thin content, pages with lengthy URLs, topics, or Meta description.
      • It also reports crawl overview, redirect chains, conical errors, and Hreflang

      Although cheaper, the Screaming frog doesn’t provide an extensive range of information like Ahrefs, and it is mostly suggested for an intermediate SEO audit.

      Best SEO audit tools #5: Google Search Console

      If you want to get into Google’s mind to get better results, head straight to the Google Search Console. From learning about sites which are not indexed to getting knowledge about page visitors, demographic and devices on which it is viewed, Google search console is important for SEO audit. Furthermore, as SEO optimizer you can learn about the queries of the searchers, and strategize further optimization of landing pages on that basis.


      • Creating inbound links
      • Search for spam links and disavow them
      • See which pages are sending traffic your way

      Best SEO audit tools #6: Linkody

      Linkody is the only tool that specializes in generating backlinks and helping in auditing the backlinks. If your only requirement is generating backlinks, then this paid tool would be the right fit for your wallet. It comes with a range of features for monitoring lost links or no-followed links.


      • The Linkody dashboard gives you complete access to view the website’s backlinks. It is filterable by using landing pages including anchor texts, and various metrics.
      • In addition to auditing your backlinks, it also checks those of your competitors.

      Here we have listed some of the most common SEO audit tools, but the list doesn’t end here as there many more tools which provide results for better optimization. From content audit to technical to link building…. The list goes on!

      Final Words

      Once in a while, it is important to conduct an SEO audit to ensure your website complies with Google’s terms. It improves the chances of ranking on the first page. As the joke goes in SEO “if you want to bury a dead body, bury it on the second page of Google” as no one goes there.

      Regular audits and tracking of SEO key indicators are essential to keep the brand’s ranking from plummeting to the second or third page. Best SEO Company follow the rule that give transparency to client about their website issues and solution which are required to elevate ranks on SERP results.

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