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      Our Digital Marketing Services In India



      Are you ready to take your online presence to the next level? Then, scale up your success with PromotEdge, the leading digital marketing firm based in the “city of joy” Kolkata. As Kolkata is gearing up with start-ups and entrepreneurship, we fuel the new breed of young and innovative start-ups with the right marketing agency. As one of the fastest-growing digital marketing companies in Kolkata, we have the best professionals in our team who are enthusiastic and passionate about marketing and advertising.



      You may already be aware that hiring the best digital marketing company in Delhi helps majorly during the building process of your business. Moreover, digital marketing is also the best way of reaching out to more potential clients. However, that is not all, and there are several other benefits that you get when you hire a digital marketing agency in Delhi. Running a good business also calls for a consistent customer base. It also includes understanding who the potential customers are and promoting your products and services suitably. However, in this age of digitization, promotion techniques are also evolving, and that demands the services of an excellent digital marketing company in Delhi such as PromotEdge.



      Digital Marketing has forever changed the way how companies attract customers and generate revenue. Today, every business is going digital be it a tech giant or a small start-up. It is preferred by businesses because it offers a gamut of marketing strategies that ensure high conversion rates. It gives you the scope to reach out to a huge number of customers and capture a large number of leads within your budget. The scope of digital marketing in the future is going to get brighter. Mumbai has been witnessing tremendous growth in the number of startups. Hiring a digital marketing agency in Mumbai is definitely a smart decision.If you hire a premier digital marketing company in Mumbai, it will help you increase the traffic to your website by connecting with your target audience effectively. As we all are aware that smartphones are rapidly replacing laptops and computers, it becomes imperative for a business to target mobile users so that they can gain more brand visibility. Hiring a reputed digital marketing agency in Mumbai will help you achieve all this in a hassle-free manner.



      In the startup hub and Silicon Valley of India, a company's marketing plan decides it's path to success and it's future in a competitive marketplace. As the user behavior purchasing journey begins from online sources, digital marketing has became an unquestionable marketing tool today. PromotEdge understands the need of efficient digital marketing tactics for businesses to prosper in the current world as a leading digital marketing company in Bangalore. Any business that wishes to reach its target audience and grow its customer base in today's digital environment must have a strong online presence. Our skilled team is dedicated to offering the best digital marketing services to help our clients meet their objectives and stay ahead of the competition.



      Digital Marketing’ is a well-known term in the 21st century, where all your business promotions are done in quite an easy manner. Are you interested in boosting your business too? We are indeed the best digital marketing company in Bhubaneshwar. PromotEdge is here to help you out with the chance for your company to be digitally revolutionised. Joining a digital platform can be just the right thing for you to boost your business further. A digital marketing agency in Bhubaneshwar, we can help you figure out the way of your business and its growth in the future. We at PromotEdge, trust in the creation of strategy plans that really work. We also make sure that your strategy is on the right track.



      Have a business in Dhanbad? And want to scale it to the world? Then choose a digital marketing agency that is rooted in your region; PromotEdge. With the need to cater to a digital audience, your digital marketing Advertising strategies must be updated and in sync with the challenges your business needs to address. PromotEdge is an integrated digital marketing company and with the blend of design, technology and marketing, we help you thrive in the digital world If you are just branching out into digital marketing for your business, we deliver a few essentials while doing digital marketing for your brand.

      • Website Design and Development
      • Branded Assets (logos, etc.)
      • Video Content (video ads, product demos, etc.)
      • SEO
      • Brand Development
      • Social Media Marketing



      PromotEdge stands out as one of the finest digital marketing companies in Guwahati, the vibrant gateway of Northeast India. Renowned for its cultural richness, bustling business environment, and emerging tech scene, Guwahati serves as the perfect backdrop for innovative digital marketing endeavors. As your go-to digital marketing partner in Guwahati, PromotEdge brings a unique blend of local expertise and global strategies to the table. Our "Digitally Desi" approach ensures that we resonate with the vernacular essence while maintaining a global outlook in our strategies. With PromotEdge, you gain more than just a service provider – you gain a trusted extension of your in-house team. We create digital marketing strategies, select marketing platforms, and optimise ranking with SEO, email marketing, SMS marketing, WhatsApp marketing, mobile app marketing etc. We use organic and paid marketing strategies to support your goals. Ready to explore more? Scroll through our diverse range of digital marketing services in Guwahati and know how we elevate brand presence from Guwahati to put your brand on the global map! Feel free to reach out to us; we’re here to turn your marketing vision into reality.



      What Are The Advantages Of Choosing A Digital Marketing Company? Outsourcing digital marketing services have become extremely crucial in today's time. The best digital marketing company in Hyderabad, PromotEdge can help to bring a huge difference in your business. If you want exclusive services for your business, you need to choose the best digital marketing agency. While you hire a digital marketing company in Hyderabad, you need to focus on their experiences and skills. At the same time, it is crucial to choose professionals who can cater to all your needs. The online marketing solutions offered by PromotEdge in Hyderabad



      Known as the “Steel city of India” Jamshedpur boasts thriving business in the industrial sector. With major steel companies, it is the city of India where business is soaring high. As the competition is thriving, the need for better awareness and marketing is prevalent, and to reach in target audience of Jamshedpur, we curate tailored marketing strategies. As a digital marketing company in Jamshedpur, our marketing solutions are designed and strategized based on your specific requirements.  We offer comprehensive digital marketing services that include SEO, Performance Marketing, Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, & Website Design and Development. Jamshedpur is the steel capital of India, where steel companies are thriving and growing. As a digital marketing agency in Jamshedpur, our collaboration with companies such steel companies like SEL Tiger TMT, Adukia Industries, and Shyam Steel allows us to know the challenges and opportunities in this sector making us a resourceful asset in your marketing plan.  Excited to begin your marketing plan? Get on a free consultation call with us today



      Digital Marketing Trends To Grow Your Business Remote working is the new normal today. Hence, digital marketing has become extremely important for many businesses. If you want your business to grow in today's competitive landscape, you need to hire the best digital marketing company in Pune. Digital marketing trends are changing with the passing time. Hence, it has become extremely crucial to manage these. If you want your digital marketing business to be on the top, you need to focus on getting the best through 2021. PromotEdge, the leading digital marketing agency in Pune, is dedicated to providing the best services. They are constantly updated with the trends and will help to grow your business.



      India's E-commerce has almost doubled in the past three years. Local businesses and companies not only have to face competition from other local companies but also companies worldwide. Every product and service has become available to the customer with one click on their phone. In a city like Ranchi, that is continuously progressing towards development with the incoming of new companies and industries, local businesses have to fight not only these new big companies but also a lot of online companies. PromotEdge, as a digital marketing agency in Ranchi, is here to help such businesses take their business online. We are here to help you become a known brand in the digital world. Having an online presence not only helps you reach out to a bigger audience it also helps us showcase our local culture to the world. With Ranchi being a hub of many Sericulture, Handloom, Handicraft, Khadi, Textile, etc. industries, digital marketing is an amazing option. As one of the best digital marketing companies in Ranchi, we have simple approaches and strategies to give you a great social media presence on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and other famous social media platforms.



      Siliguri is the “gateway of northeast India” playing a connecting hub for northeastern regions and eastern regions of India. In the bustling city of Siliguri, enterprises, small medium-scale businesses, and start-ups are thriving. If you are already running a business or an entrepreneur in Siliguri and want to tap into the right target group and scale your business to new heights, it is time to have a strategic partner–a digital marketing company in Siliguri, who knows “from how to who of the market”, and we don’t like to brag but that’s our forte and we know it! While navigating into the dynamics of the market of Siliguri, it is important your consumer can connect with your business. As a “digitally desi” digital marketing agency in Siliguri, we adapt ourselves to resonate with the nuances of the Siliguri market and develop strategies that resonate with the target audience and drive results. Our services in digital marketing entail digital strategy for advertising and branding, search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and PPC services.  So, want to scale your digital marketing strategies from “Good To Great” then get on a call with us!

      Case Study

      Turning Challenges into Success Stories


      Client Happiness Speaks Volumes

      I would just like to congratulate, PromotEdge Led by Sayantan and his Team who have done an absolutely fantastic job of branding for the Kolkata Thunderbolts, the Branding, the social media campaign was bang on, and I think it help not just the Kolkata Thunderbolts but its really helped me because in the East there was at least one Team that looking very well promoted and branded. Thanks guyz, well done.

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      Joy Bhattacharya

      CEO at Prime Volleyball League

      I had a great time in Kolkata, I met entire PromotEdge team and they are amazing. Design language that they follow is crazy, the copywriting is crazy. I think they are one of the best digital marketing agencies, not just in Kolkata, entire eastern region and I think brand should not leave the chance to interact with these guys, make stories together.

      So, if I had something here, I would have definitely collaborated with them and worked. Now is the time, I mean it’s not even a question whether digital is important or not you don’t have an option today. Go digital work with PromotEdge and create your brand stories. Thank You.

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      Manish Pandey

      Consultant & Coach to content creator
      The PromotEdge Agency stay with us all these 3 days, since when we arrived..more, more than 3 days. Since in the airport, they stayed together with us (FIVB team). Sayantan and his team is providing you to see this video. I just (want to say) _Shukriya_. Thank you so much for your team, because we are here in front of the camera but all the team is behind. The entire team together did this great job so that you can see how much volleyball is a lovely sport.
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      Brazilian Former Volleyball Player

      Hi, my name is Hitesh Malhotra. I'm working in FIVB. We are working with PromoteEdge (with Team Sayantan).

      I would like to give you a brief detail. So when we started this project, we had a good discussion with them. And personally, I feel PromotEdge is kind of a one stop solution for us. So basically, they provided us the whole storyboarding regarding the digital assets and how we can use those with our ambassadors programme.

      They helped us a lot to structurize the whole concept from our side. So in fact, there were a lot of great ideas they provided, guiding us...what we should do and what we should not do in this regard.

      And the best part was that they were very clear from there, from the whole blueprint. So they understood our request from the proposal and then accordingly they executed it.

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      Hitesh Malhotra

      Sports Development at Fédération Internationale de Volleyball - FIVB

      PromotEdge and their team did an excellent job with our website. They engaged with every team member, understanding their needs with great patience before collating them into a user requirement and a design spec. The result was both aesthetically pleasing and usable. PromotEdge continues to support us and our ever-growing and very demanding wish list. We hope to grow this relationship beyond website design and into content development. I am confident that PromotEdge's team will continue to guide us in delivering product content to our global customers, making the website an important tool for product awareness and lead generation.

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      Bimal Shah

      Executive Director at Fine Organic Industries Limited

      It’s been a pleasure working with PromotEdge. The team, led by Saurav, is enthusiastic and hands-on. Saurav ensures our brand is well-represented, understands and meets our needs, making our collaboration stress-free. The entire PromotEdge team has been instrumental in nurturing Utkarsh’s digital presence, always striving to deliver their best for us.

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      Utkarsh Bansal

      Director at Utkarsh India Limited
      I really want to thank Sayantan and his team from PromotEdge because what I find good in them is that, the team. When the team is wonderful, the outcome will definitely be wonderful. I have seen the first cut of the reel which they shot the first day, and they gave us on the morning of the second day. The entire first day they worked so hard and over the night they have edited and on the morning they shared it with us. This is just fabulous and the commitment they have shown. The FIVB team has said that they are very happy with team PromotEdge. And when I showed this clip to my friends, those who are from this industry, they (also said that they) have done a fabulous work. So happy and compliments to the team -- Sayantan and PromotEdge team. Thank you.
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      Abhijit Bhattacharya

      Former Captain Indian VolleyBall Team; and Founder of Brahmaputra Volleyball League

      In the city of Kolkata , there are very few full service advertising agencies which are compact, agile, quick and yet have the vision and creative /executional abilities of large reputed agencies. My experience with PromotEdge has been extremely satisfying and they have done world class job for Brand Building exercise of LION INDIA.In my professional life spanning over 4 decades I have always worked with leading agencies like Lintas, Grey, etc so my benchmarking was rather high. I am delighted to say that i did find the agency measuring up nicely on every parameter of our expectations. The team led by Avik Guha comes majorly from experienced staff who have had experience in large agencies. Added to this is the” young oozing with unique new

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      Hardeep Singh

      Marketing Consultant

      PromotEdge is one of the most hard working creative agency that LISTENS ! Do I need to say anything more ?!!!!

      Saurav is one of the most open person I have come across who is ready to speak abt the elephant in the room , that no body wants to talk about !

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      Harsh Gupta

      Managing Director at Rishta Foods

      I've known PromotEdge for quite a few years. PromotEdge is passionate, knowledgeable, and destined for success. What stands out is their positivity, energy, passion, and innovative thinking. They bring a warm presence to their work. Best wishes to PromotEdge.

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      Mahendra Sureka

      Founder & CEO at India MACJ - A Buyers Choice Home Inspections

      PromotEdge has been working with our organization for social media management and other creative activities. They are responsive, supportive and hard working. We look forward to a long and positive relationship with them.

      Show More

      Medha Sharma

      Strategic Head at TATA Metaliks

      I am delighted with the successful launch of our new website, thanks to the exceptional support from PromotEdge. I extend my gratitude to Benjamin and the team for their dedication and hard work, which has resulted in a new, fresh-looking site that perfectly meets our expectations."

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      Mom Mitra

      Marketing Head at Ilead

      It’s a great way to be back at PromotEdge. I had a great time working them in Kolkata Tunderbolts doing the Volley Biswas character and they all are like good friends like family Saurav Bhaiya, Avik Da, and as I speak, I see Sayantan da walking in. HA HA! But it’s been a great experience I am glad to again meeting them and being here at the PromotEdge. Make Calcutta relevant again.

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      Priyam Ghose

      Content Creator

      PromotEdge has always been and continues to be an absolute gem of a company to work with. As a digital marketing agency, PromotEdge’s never-give-up attitude and the unwavering willingness to go the extra mile for what they believe in set them apart from many other entrepreneurs I have come across in my life. As a fellow marketer, PromotEdge is extremely knowledgeable about the latest trends, what works, and what does not. They believe in trying out new things and suggesting them to their clients. I have had the pleasure of working with PromotEdge on many occasions, and every time, they have exceeded my expectations. They and their young team have achieved many laurels together, and I am sure there are many new achievements waiting for them in the days and years to come.

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      Suman Mukherjee

      Senior Manager, Brand & Marketing Communication at BAPL

      An aligned partner is always a welcoming step. Someone who can think deep through lines, understand the matrix of product management. Fortunate enough, PromotEdge has been a partner in progress for me. Their uniqueness lies in their hands down knowledge of delivering the strategy and communication needed for the hour. A practical approach to ensuring return of investment has been the day one mantra. An advisory to an executionist, the systematic approach by team PromotEdge has been the impeccable.

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      Bobby Srinivas

      Chief Manager Marketing & Brand Marketing at Utkarsh India

      We have been working with PromotEdge for almost a year. We have engaged them to manage our Digital marketing campaigns and are impressed with the outcome. Within weeks, we had noticed an increase in performance and they continuously worked on adapting to a new strategy if required to get the maximum mileage for us based on our requirements. A big thank you to their team, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering growing on their Digital Space.

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      Shubham Gadodia

      Deputy Brand Manager at Shyam Metalics Group

      PRAN & PromotEdge have been working together for last 1.5 years. Throughout, the work experience is good and satisfactory.

      As a client, we found PromotEdge very professional and dedicated towards any project assigned to them.

      Most importantly, They have a bunch of energetic young people who always think from clients’ point of view and come up with the solution which is appropriate for them.

      I would personally refer PromotEdge to those who want creative and contemporary work.

      We wish PromotEdge a successful journey ahead.

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      Sharif Rezwan Kabir

      Brand Manager at PRAN RFL Group

      PromotEdge has been a unique creative group amongst unique creativity world. Approaching, analysing, understanding the deliverables with ethos and transferring the same into a spellbound creative identity, just cut out for clients’ requirement are signature values of the team. A huge ROI, thy name is PromotEdge.

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      Rajat Chatterjee

      Head Business Development at Birdman Chemeng Pvt Ltd.

      Working with PromotEdge has been an enriching experience for ABP at many different levels. Your understanding of the digital space, customized brand solutions and prompt servicing have helped us achieve our brand goals with so much ease.

      I would like to especially thank the creative development team, the digital strategy team and above all the servicing team with whom I have worked in close association with, for their all-round support. I wish you all the best in your upcoming projects and I look forward to collaborating with you in future as well.

      Show More

      Satabdi Sahu

      Lead - Brand and Content at ABP Education

      We are thoroughly impressed with the extensive knowledge and professionalism demonstrated by PromotEdge. Their adept management of our digital and creative requirements has significantly contributed to our satisfaction with their digital marketing services and expertise.

      Show More

      Rahul Mishra

      Assistant Manager Digital Marketing & Ecommerce at Magik Lighting

      I commend PromotEdge as a content and advertising partner. I applaud their top-notch team, swift problem-solving, and outstanding digital media work for my brand. I express my happiness and eagerness for a long-term partnership.

      Show More

      Priyanka Gupta

      Director at Nitya Gold & Diamonds
      As a progressive and emerging digital marketing company, PromotEdge is doing something right to enhance the experience of companies associated with them. The format they have created is great, there is a smooth flow of communication, great brainstorming sessions and additionally super ideations and executions. Pritha, the account manager, has always been supportive. Whether day or night, weekday or weekend, she came through and solved the problems. Lastly, I’d recommend anyone who is planning to start or grow their brand, PromotEdge is the best digital marketing agency you can rely upon.
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      Anish Basu Mallik

      Marketing Executive at Unimark Group

      We worked with you for launching our Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil SPENOLIVA, and we are so happy that within months of its’ launching the brand image has caught eyes at the highest consumer level like best of Five Star hotels, Modern Trade and it is on its way to become the fastest growing brand in its niche segment.

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      Tushar Chatterjee

      Brand Consultant at Sunshine Incorporation

      Journey Into Ideas Unveiling Tomorrow's Insights Today