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      Things You May Not Know About A Creative Advertising Agency

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      What do you think when you hear the word advertising agency? An organisation that advertises and promotes other brands. Well, at surface level, yes! But there are host of other things that goes behind in a creative agency in making of the ads we see. The city of joy has always been known for its artistic richness and the same thing is evident in its creative agencies as well.

      We have curated 9 things you may not know about creative advertising agencies in Kolkata-

      1. Thinking from the Customers End:

      Before working on a project for a client, the agency needs to think from the customers end. Questions like what the customers wants? What the customers looks for while buying a product? The potential things that can influence a customer of certain age, gender and livelihood and increase engagement. After addressing these questions, the team makes a plan to further proceed to design a campaign or ad.

      2. Idea Generation:

      Remember the story of the king and the spider? Where the spider inspired the king to try even harder when you fail?  There are no boundaries for inspiration. In order to create something unique and powerful, an advertiser thinks from all directions and through an open mind, even though if some of them may seem crazy. Advertisers often get ideas from daily life commutes, public crowds, or a place’s culture and the city of joy is flurrying with such things. So, you can expect great ideas coming from different creative agencies in Kolkata.

      “Curiosity about life, in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.”

      – Leo Burnett

      3. Designing the Look and Pattern:

      Everything revolves around design in creative agencies. The creative department makes illustrations, logos, brochures, billboards, TVCs, etc, all according to clients requirement and its target audience. Take an example of a launch of a mid-range smartphone phone. An agency is given the task to handle all the promotions for the phone. The agency will know that a mid-range phone has a spectrum of audience. Teenagers, young adults working women, men, even elders are potential buyers so they need to adapt a communication that speaks to all of them. The agency will go for ATL advertising in all mediums i.e. – digital, television, print, radio, billboards so that they cater to all the customers. Each ad will have an attractive and unique design, layout, copy for that specific medium but the same essence and message is always maintained along with the brands logo, colour palette for brand identity.

      4. Connecting the Dot Lines:

      A creative agency joins the missing pieces between a company and its targeted customers. The client gives a brief about a product or service and different agencies pitch in their ideas for the promotion. Which ever idea the client likes from the agencies or thinks goes with the brand gets chosen and the agency later works on the execution.This also bring us to our next point which is

       5. Strategize According to the Market:

      Agencies involve a lot of planning and handling. Whether you are talking about creating new and unique ideas for clients or implementing the right set of action for advertisements. Let’s take an example -suppose you are a part of creative agency and you are working on a campaign design for a clothing brand ‘X’, now your target audience is the youth so you need to tactfully decide on the all the psychological, behaviour and demographics. If we talk about the right media placements for these ads then, it is the internet that’s perfect for the youth as they spend most of the time on the internet.

      The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”

      – Peter Drucker

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      6. More than Just Selling A Product:

      Selling is not the only thing that matters in a creative agency. They establish a larger connection between the audience and the client by creating tangible advertisements. These ads not only create an image of the brand but also throws light to many societal issues that need awareness like sanitation, women and children health, dowry, smoking, HIV, sexual harassment among the people.

      This is a creative made by one of Kolkata’s leading digital marketing agency PromotEdge for International Women’s Day. The ad is really creative in cleverly inserting the image and the copy in harmony and delivers a strong message on how women are still exploited to till this day .

      7. Work Culture:

      It’s no 9-5 pm office job. An advertising agency work very differently than any usual office. Depending upon the clients wants things happen here. The job here is more flexible since it involves creativity and passion. If you are really passionate and hardworking about creating something new than no other job is as satisfying as working in a creative agency in Kolkata or anywhere else.

      8. Departments:

      On a more similar stature to other corporate offices, a creative agency also has many divisions inside the house for respective works. Accounts team handles all the finances of the company e.g.- payment from the clients, salaries of the employees, etc. The creative team does all the idea generation and artworks like story boarding, designing of logos, etc. Production team brings the idea to life.The marketing team helps propel more visibility and engagement among people about a product that ultimately leads to possible customer conversion. Some of the creative advertising agencies in Kolkata have media buying department integrated with the agency or the exist as a separate organisation.

      9. Keeping Up with New Trends:

      Creative agencies always have to keep up with new trends. Customers needs, desire constantly changes with time. Agencies can’t use same old methods with straight forward copies for advertising. New methods like memes, symbolical depiction, powerful copies, pop culture reference are what grabbing more attention from the audience nowadays.


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