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      PPC Management Services in Guwahati

      PPC Management company in Guwahati

      If You’re Looking For Growth, We’ve Got Ideas And Technological Solutions For You!

      Pay Per Click, or PPC is a common internet marketing strategy in which an advertiser is charged a fee each time one of their online advertisements is clicked. PromotEdge is the #1 PPC agency in Guwahati, offering the best PPC Services in Guwahati. We recognize the importance of Paid advertising services for businesses seeking to generate significant leads and conversions in today’s competitive market climate. As such, we make every effort to provide the most accurate Paid or PPC Services in Guwahati.

      Our Paid Marketing Services In Guwahati

      Increase Your Traffic, Leads, and Sales with Our PPC Services –

      Search Ads

      A search ad appears in the form of text or image above the website listing on SERP. This is for high intent target audience, mostly created for lead generation or sales. PromotEdge, as a leading PPC ad agency in Guwahati conducts extensive keyword research and conducts bidding strategy to increase ROAS for your business.

      Display Ads

      A display ad is a visual advertisement on websites, social media, or apps that includes an image, video, or interactive element, mostly created for brand promotion, product showcasing, or driving traffic.


      Remarketing is also known as retargeting. This targets user who has previously visited the website, filled out form, or interacted with the brand online. This involves showing ads across various platforms online to re-engage the consumer and encourage them to take action, such as making a purchase.

      Google Shopping Ads

      These Ads showcase individual products along with an image, title, price, and store name. Google Shopping Ads are commonly used by e-commerce businesses to display their products to users searching for specific items.

      Advertising on Mobile Devices

      Utilize mobile advertising to engage your target audience actively and communicate with them directly.

      The Advantages of PPC Services For Your Business

      1. Attain Business Objectives

      Unlike any other kind of advertising, PPC services give immediate feedback on the effectiveness of the adverts presented. Advertising on Google gets you lots of traffic and helps you reach many people with just one click. It can help you achieve your goals, like getting more visitors, leads, sales, video views, or app downloads.

      2. Quick Results

      Google Display Network Advertising helps you reach millions of people on their favorite websites, Gmail, YouTube, apps, and mobile devices. It allows you to showcase your brand to potential customers without waiting for them to find you. This can help you grow your business. It allows you to showcase your brand to potential customers without waiting for them to find you.

      3. Measurable Outcomes

      PPC services are quite transparent since all aspects of your business’s advertisements may be tracked. Everything is transparent in our PPC agency in Guwahati, from expenditures to revenues to the number of clicks and visitors. In addition, you can easily calculate your PPC campaign’s conversion rate and return on investment.

      4. Audience Segmentation

      Our PPC agency in Guwahati helps you target specific audiences interested in a particular brand or product. This includes categories such as food, travel, or astrology. You have the option to select people based on their age, time zone, and location. This ensures that your product reaches the individuals who are most interested in it.

      5. Recognize Your Brand

      Increasing awareness of your product or brand via the careful selection of the proper keywords with the help of a PPC agency in Guwahati can assist you in remaining at the top. This creates brand recognition, which aids in sales growth. Social media advertisements might also be beneficial in this situation.

      6. Economical

      A PPC agency in Guwahati allows users to choose how much money they want to spend on per click ads. There is no fixed budget, and the investment can be adjusted based on the profits or returns generated by the business.

      Why Should You Choose Promotedge?

      Establishing a business may be simple in today’s competitive environment, but maintaining your business’s recall in the public eye is hard. Thus, you require a lethal weapon that will assist your organization in grabbing the target audience and educating them about your company and its offerings. It broadens the brand’s reach and improves conversion rates for the firm. Our PPC agency in Guwahati is designed to enhance your business’s online presence to ensure that you continue to reap the tremendous benefits of the vast internet market.

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