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Information Architecture & User Experience Consulting

We start a website with its detailed outline or wireframe. Our prime focus remains on the user experience while preparing the information architecture of a website. The usability of a website layout depends upon its intuitive navigation. Relevance of content is vital for attaining actionable outcomes. Sensible alignment of content grabs the consumer attention and sustains their interest in the website. This ensures hassle free experience of the consumer or target audience.

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Predefine User Personality

Understanding the personality of the user is vital to create a website that delivers great experience to the visitors. A research on the visitors’ personality provides a lot of information for the business. The age, education, skills, interests, location and background of the users who navigate the website opens up various opportunities for business growth. Charting out a step-by-step flowchart of the navigation of visitors, help in designing & mapping the website and its content.

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Wireframe Design

Efficient website design can only be achieved when time & effort is invested in creating its wireframe. Just as a retail store is designed in a way to make the customers’ browsing effortless right from the moment he/she enters the store; a good wireframe with diagrams to show image & content positioning, page navigation and the offers or display of the products or services is essential. For example – prioritizing the display of products and services for the consumers on the homepages and moving deeper into the website with less vital information as the site navigates further in is the among the most effective practices. A wireframe not just defines the navigation and the structure of the website but also determines the placement of other elements.

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Simplifying Navigation for Visitors

Easy, simple & intuitive navigation on a website with relevant information explaining about the company, its product/services, the offers and how to proceed and complete a purchase. Making the visitors comfortable with consistency is important. Once a visitor is familiar with the website, he/she spends more time exploring the site which eventually builds trust and results into conversions. Irrespective of the range of products or services offered by the company, the navigation should stick to the mantra of ‘less is more’ in order to keep the visitor engaged. Overwhelming websites confuse the visitors and lose them to their competitors who might have an easy browsing website. A cluttered website will make a visitor feel lost and he/she will exit the website without a purchase.

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Content Structure

Engaging visitors with interesting & relevant content is just the tip of the ice berg. The positioning of the content decides if the user will be able to see or interact with it. To grab the immediate attention of a visitor, the most relevant copy or content is placed on the left side of a page, at the top of the fold. This is a unique method for ensuring that the visitor is hooked to the website content. Overloading the page with a lot of content will burden the user and they’ll leave. To channelize potential customers into conversion, a website should have sensible content with relevant elements on each page.

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