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      Utkarsh India Limited is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-end engineering products and services in the infrastructure, agriculture and domestic water piping industry. Highly respected in both the Government and Infrastructure sector, Utkarsh brings along over 40 years of experience in high-end engineering and manufacturing, working with the leading raw material suppliers, offering only the best to its customers.

      Utkarsh India is one of Eastern India’s prominent names.

      The brand lacked a significant value proposition which could make it stand out in the radar.

      The brand’s positioning stood for –

      ‘Life demands. We deliver.’


      Objective : “Utkarsh is a significant part of our lives” – people should believe and advocate it


      The need of the hour was to bring alive the brand’s value offerings and services.


      How we were:

      A homegrown brand that re-engineers and enables modern essentials for the nation but often goes unnoticed by those who it serves.

      Where we wanted to be:
      A holistic brand that fuels the nation’s future.


      In life we often tend to ignore and take our closest and dearest people for granted. We tend to overlook their importance and contribution to our lives.

      The Utkarsh Connection

      Utkarsh provides solutions to our invisible problems.

      From pipelineto transmission towersto high mast polescrash barriers, Utkarsh has touched upon lives someway or the other, however, their presence get ignored as they are a part of parcel of our everyday lives.


      ‘The Invisible Force behind India’s development’

      Concept Note

      Utkarsh = The Invisible Force

      The true forces of nature that enables life are often taken for granted. The Pandemic has made us value the invaluable that we often overlook because of its consistent presence and unmatched service.

      Utkarsh is one of such sheer force that enables modern life silently, everyday. Now imagine a life without Utkarsh. The idea that routes from the core thought of that massive Vacuum it would create without this Invisible Force that enables India’s water supply, daily commute, safer roads, uninterrupted connectivity and much more

      From a macro view Utkarsh touches billion Indians everyday, it empowers a fruit seller sitting in the remotest interiors of India through its illumination every night. It shapes and changes lives diversely.



      Outdoor Branding – Urban and Rural

      This campaign would establish Utkarsh as the Invisible Force behind India’s Water Supply, for the first OOH campaign the Polymer was shown metaphorically as the giant water supplier that touches innumerous lives and stays durable everyday.


      We created a direct connect of strength behind India’s development reflecting that through a physical posture of a man.

      Master OOH Campaign Infra

      Digital Campaign

      Objective : This campaign would highlight how Brand Utkarsh is touching lives of every Indian being the invisible force behind modern essentials everyday.

      Digital Numbers

      • 63%Rise in organic reach in social media platforms
      • 340%Growth in organic traffic in the brand website
      • No 4 (Avg. rank)in Google SERP in more than 50 keywords
      • 93MAd impressions generated
      • 11.2kLead generated with 12% qualification rate
      • 28%Increase of social media followers

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