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      SANY Heavy Industry India Pvt Ltd (SANY India) is a wholly owned subsidiary of SANY Heavy Industry Co Ltd (SANY Heavy Industry), China. SANY India was incorporated in 2002 and offers the widest range of Construction Machinery in India & South Asia. In 2012, SANY India invested more than INR 500 crore to develop infrastructure for R&D, Manufacturing, Quality Inspection, Testing and Service at their manufacturing facility in Chakan, Pune. Through this facility, the company operates in four Business verticals viz: Excavator, Heavy Equipment, Concrete Machinery, and Renewable Energy. Presently, SANY India offers products like excavators, truck mounted cranes, all-terrain and rough terrain cranes, crawler cranes, transit mixers, batching plants, boom pumps, trailer pumps, piling rigs, motor graders, pavers, compactors, reach stackers, rubber tyred gantry cranes, rail-mounted gantry cranes, mining equipment, wind turbine generators and many more. The company has already established a strong network of around 41 dealers & 205+ outlets across India to cater to the growing demand and provide Sales and service support to all its customers & associates.

      With its Chinese origin, Sany was often associated un-Indian. The brand entered the market in India 10 years back, however the origin remained a hurdle in a segment dominated by large and old players.


      Make Indians see Sany for what it is – one of the leading heavy equipment brands of the country. An essential partner for the nation building.

      “Sany – the Earth Movers of Tomorrow”

      One name for progress and nation building


      • Traditional big players dominating the Indian Market
      • Chinese origin
      • Lack of Brand awareness
      • Lack of Brand identity

      Getting To The Roots

      The origin

      The brand was globally positioned as the Leader of Tomorrow – focusing on shaping the future decades, not only in terms of infrastructure, but beliefs, mindsets and culture.


      Adding the Cultural Touch

      We needed to show how Sany is set to emerge as the Leader of Tomorrow – in context of our nation – solving Indian challenges and curating solutions across diverse geographies, serving the nation glocally.

      The Idea

      Make Sany a symbol of New India, Developing India, Growing India.

      A brand that would shape the coming decades, literally and philosophically.



      ‘Built to Change’

      Earth Moving industry in India is dominated by the traditional players who play the game on legacy and years of experience but with the same comes age old mindsets and technological fatigued perceptions.

      We have taken Sany’s freshness in the market as a feature and positioned the brand’s philosophy and goal to be ahead by reinventing technology and processes which help in building the India of tomorrow.

      New India = Sany

      Aligning Sany as the symbol of New India, we draw parallel from any form of change or vision towards building a new nation.


      Naya Bharat Ka Nirmata, Sany


      Drawing from our core positioning, we have created a brand campaign that was launched as an OOH campaign during EXCON (An international exhibition for leading heavy equipment companies of the world).

      This campaign aimed at establishing Sany as the builder of new India. Focusing on the brand’s technical know how and exhibiting how it is equipped to meet India’s demand in nation building.

      Key Visual

      Digital Amplification

      To build brand aspiration, credential and credibilty

      Content Buckets

      • Story Content
      • Podcast Content
      • Experential Content

      Story Content

      Organizational Pride

      Main Bhi Sany: Key project heads establish and talk about how Sany is impacting India’s tomorrow with the projects that they are involved in.

      Story Content

      Machine Features

      Naye Bharat Ka Nirmata: Nirmata:Talking about the new India building tools.


      Brand Voice

      Bharat Ka Awaaz Sany: 10 minute video podcasts with key influencers within Brand Sany, who would establish the brand vision.

      Experiential Content

      Exhibition Experience

      The Excon 2022 Experience: Showcasing Sany’s presence at an international exhibition for leading heavy equipment companies of the world.

      Social Media Creatives

      Digital Numbers

      • 195% Rise in organic reach in social media platforms
      • 98% Growth in organic traffic in the brand website
      • No 5 (Avg. rank) in Google SERP in more than 100 keywords
      • 21.9M Reach – The number of people who saw our ads
      • 35,450+ Lead generated with 15% qualification rate
      • 110% Increase of social media followers

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